The Electronic Literature Directory

The Directory provides an extensive database of listings for electronic works and their authors. Bibliographic information on pre-Web and other offline work is included, along with links to a great deal of work that is only a click away. The descriptive entries cover poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction works of electronic literature, including hypertexts, animated poems, interactive fiction, multimedia pieces, text generators, and works that allow reader collaboration. The directory allows readers and students to easily list all of an author’s works and to browse through different genres of work.

Previous Programs


The Preservation, Archiving, and Dissemination (PAD) project sought to identify threatened and endangered electronic literature and to maintain accessibility, encourage stability, and ensure availability of electronic works for readers, institutions, and scholars. PAD worked to supplement and contribute to the efforts of other projects aimed and preserving digital media, and other projects dealing with textual materials, by focusing on the particular problems of electronic literature, which can combine the complexity of a multimedia compter program with the demands of a literary text. The project resulted in the e(X)literature conference at UC Santa Barbara, the pamphlet Acid-Free Bits: Recommendations for Long-Lasting Electronic Literature, and the report Born-Again Bits: A Framework for Migrating Electronic Literature.

MACHINE Reading Series

With the Kelly Writers House, the ELO is presented readings in the MACHINE series in Philadelphia. The series began in 2004.

With the UCLA Department of English, UCLA Design/Media Arts, and the Griffith University Centre for Public Culture and Ideas, the ELO sponsored a presentation/reading by digital poet/artist Jason Nelson at UCLA in November 2005. The video of this event is archived at the UCLA Design/Media Arts Experimental Digital Arts (EDA) website.

With New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., the ELO put on the readings Re:Writing – Writers, Computers, and Networks in Providence and Boston in April 2005.

HyperText: Explorations in Electronic Literature was a reading series at the UCLA Hammer Museum which ran from October 2003-May 2004.

The ELO was a sponsor of Self-Organizing Systems: rEvolutionary Art, Science, and Literature at UCLA in April 2004.

The ELO sponsored one academic and one creative session at the May-June 2003 ACH/ALLC (Association for Computers and the Humanities Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing) conference.

The ELO sponsored online chats, hosted at trAce and at LinguaMOO, in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. The archives of these online discussions are available, listed by year.

The State of the Arts Symposium at UCLA on April 4-7, 2002 brought together a crowd of electronic literature authors and critics for panels, papers, and an e-lit gallery.

The 2001 Electronic Literature Awards in fiction and poetry provided two $10,000 prizes, one in each genre, for outstanding electronic literature works.

The ELO also sponsored the highly successful Boston T1 Party in April 2001 and the Chicago readings GiG in December 1999 and GiG 2.0 in December 2000.