Rich Gold

Rich Gold is the manager of the PARC lab RED (Research in Experimental Documents) which studies the future of reading, writing and publishing. Their most recent work, XFR (Experiments in the Future of Reading) created 15 "totally written" pieces where the author authored both the content and the media simultaneously creating highy evocative knowledge objects (EKOs). These EKOs are now on tour in throughout the United States (currently in Phoenix) where they are being read by hundreds of thousands by museum goers.

Rich Gold was also the founder of PAIR (The PARC Artist in Residence Program); a toy designer a Mattel Toys; a coin-op video game designer at Sega USA; and the creator of Little Computer People, the first artificially intelligent person you could buy. As an artist he was known for "Live Writings" a form where he wrote and published books in a day in a gallery setting, conversing with a computer in a constructed language.

This speaker will participate in the Tools for Cross-Fertilization and Interactivity panel.