Raine Koskimaa

Raine Koskimaa, PhD (b. 1968) has published four monographs and some forty
articles, review articles, and essays dealing with digital literature, hypermedia, cyberpunk fiction, postmodernist fiction, narratology, and empirical reader-response studies. His doctoral thesis "Digital Literature. From Text to Hypertext and Beyond" is available at:

Koskimaa is currently working as a professor of digital culture at the University of Turku, Finland.

Koskimaa has formerly worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Digital Aesthetics & Communication (IT University of Copenhagen), and before that, in the Research Center for Contemporary Culture (University of Jyvaskyla) as a researcher, where he worked to develop the Studies in Digital Culture program for the Research Center.

Koskimaa co-edits the Cybertext Yearbook publication series with Markku Eskelinen, and he is involved in a Finnish national research program studying the ongoing changes in the field of literature production, heading the project "The New Forms of Book and Their Reading".

This speaker will participate in the Navigating the Borders - Edges and Interfaces panel.



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