Chat Transcript: January 20, 2002
Literature and the Internet with Andrew Gallix

Andrew Gallix is editor of 3am magazine and is organising the International Conference on Literature & the Internet: New Forms of Electronic Writing (Colloque International Litterature et Internet: Nouvelles Formes d'Ecriture Electronique) at the Sorbonne, 15-16th March 2002 (in collaboration with trAce). Find out more about the conference and 3am.

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Session Start: Sun Jan 20 21:02:13 2002

[21:02] *** Topic is ' 20th January Andrew Gallix: Sorbonne conference & 3ammagazine'
[21:03] Everdeen_Tree says, Hello all
[21:03] *** Andrew_Gallix has joined #trace
[21:03] Margaret_Penfold says, Hi Andrew
[21:03] cahoots says, hi andrew
[21:03] Helen_W says, Hi Andrew - can you see us yet?
[21:03] *** Everdeen_Tree has joined #trace
[21:03] Feathers says, bienvenue, andrew
[21:04] Everdeen_Tree says, .nick Ev
[21:04] Andrew_Gallix says, Hi there
[21:04] Deena says, Has anyone signed up for the conference?
[21:04] *** Everdeen_Tree is now known as Ev
[21:04] Ev says, Hello Andrew
[21:04] Helen_W says, Hey success! That's great Andrew, you're really here! Is this your first time in chat?
[21:04] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, I'm here now
[21:04] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes it is. Can you tell?
[21:05] * cahoots wonders if the poor man knows what he's let himself in for
[21:05] Helen_W says, Hi Ev, Karen, Nicki, Margaret, Deena, Feathers and Ev!
[21:05] Helen_W says, You're doing fine!
[21:05] Andrew_Gallix says, Cheers
[21:05] Helen_W says, Welcome to the world of instant text communication
[21:05] *** Carrie_McMillan has joined #trace
[21:05] *** Carrie_McMillan has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[21:05] Helen_W says, Well, carrie wasn't here long!
[21:05] *** Carrie_McMillan has joined #trace
[21:05] * Ev s,iles at Andrew from Houston, Texas.
[21:05] *** Pauline_Masurel_SK has joined #trace
[21:05] *** Carrie_McMillan has quit IRC (QUIT: Goodbye)
[21:06] * Nicki repositions herself in situ
[21:06] Deena says, "hands round large glasses of the best french wines
[21:06] Helen_W says, Yes, would everyone like to say where they are to give Andrew a feel for his audience?
[21:06] Margaret_Penfold says, Andrew, do you live in France?
[21:06] *** Carrie_McMillan has joined #trace
[21:06] * Pauline_Masurel_SK greets guest speaker and all assembled.
[21:06] *** Pauline_Masurel_SK is now known as Mazzy
[21:06] * cahoots waves and grins from London, UK
[21:06] Andrew_Gallix says, Don't mention wine, I'm still hung over from last night!
[21:06] Helen_W says, Hi Carrie (do stya!) and Mazzy
[21:06] Helen_W says, (stya = stay)
[21:06] Deena says, Handing round great fresh french bread from Denver Colorado
[21:07] Carrie_McMillan says, had some trouble getting here...
[21:07] * Margaret_Penfold sends signals from Leicester UK
[21:07] * Nicki waves from Nottingham, UK
[21:07] * cahoots hands andrew a large glass of wine, "you need hair of the dog, mate"
[21:07] * Mazzy is in Berkshire, UK
[21:07] Andrew_Gallix says, I know!
[21:07] Feathers says, bonjour de montreal
[21:07] *** Kate_Pullinger has joined #trace
[21:07] Karen_King says, Karen King is in Cornwall, England
[21:07] Andrew_Gallix says, Salut, *a va?
[21:07] Karen_King says, Hello Kate
[21:07] Feathers says, bien, et vous?
[21:07] Karen_King says, You'd think we'd all had enough of chat wouldnt you Kate?
[21:08] Andrew_Gallix says, Tr*s bien merci. Que faites vous ˆ Montr*al?
[21:08] Helen_W says, Andrew is tyring it for the first time....
[21:08] Karen_King says, Tres bien, Andrew
[21:08] Kate_Pullinger says, I haven't been here before myself.
[21:08] Feathers says, i write user documentation for computer software
[21:08] Andrew_Gallix says, Interesting.
[21:08] Helen_W says, Everyone here is interested in online writing of one form or another
[21:09] Helen_W says, from help to hypertext :)
[21:09] Andrew_Gallix says, :-)
[21:09] Helen_W says, When did you first become interested in writing on the Net Andrew?
[21:09] Andrew_Gallix says, When I started trying to get my stories published
[21:09] Deena says, @URL
[21:10] Deena says, :Is looking at the conference announcement at
[21:10] Helen_W says, Fiction? or journalism?
[21:10] Andrew_Gallix says, Fiction
[21:10] * Helen_W nods at Deena
[21:10] Andrew_Gallix says, ?
[21:11] Margaret_Penfold says, I'm not risking leaving trAce to lookfor URLs I always get chuckied off
[21:11] *** Sue_Thomas has joined #trace
[21:11] Carrie_McMillan says, Andrew, what was your experience of trying to get published?
[21:11] Karen_King says, Hello Sure
[21:11] Ev says, Is the Call for Papers still open? I don't see a deadline on the announcement.
[21:11] Deena says, hands margaret a life preserver made of electrons and fine french cheeses
[21:11] Nicki says, I'm looking at URLs in netscape while here through IE
[21:11] Margaret_Penfold says, Andrew do you write stories in French or English or both
[21:11] Helen_W says, I should probably introduce Andrew -- He is organising the Colloque International Litterature et Internet: Nouvelles Formes d'Ecriture Electronique in March at the Sorbonne and is editor of 3ammagazine and onlien mag
[21:12] Kate_Pullinger says, Can you send private messages in this chat?
[21:12] Andrew_Gallix says, English
[21:12] Ev says, Kate - re private messages yes, but it's tricky and you may get chucked out the first time
[21:12] Helen_W says, Is all of this part of your job, Andrew, or do you do something else to make a living?
[21:12] Sue_Thomas says, Hi Andrew - sorry I'm late everyone
[21:12] Andrew_Gallix says, Hi Sue
[21:13] Kate_Pullinger says, Hi Sue. Is 'Ev' Everdeen?
[21:13] * Ev nods yes and polishes "Everdeen" badge.
[21:13] Kate_Pullinger says, Hallooo!
[21:13] Helen_W says, Hi Sue -- Andrrew is a newbie in chat so we oldies will have to cut him some slack!
[21:13] Deena says, says, hi to sue and all newcomers and hands round more chocolates
[21:14] * Ev smiles back
[21:14] Sue_Thomas says, ok helen !
[21:14] Sue_Thomas says, Sorry to interrupt- do carry on
[21:14] *** Helen_Whitehead has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[21:14] * Nicki thinks Sue neatly sidestepped the oldie comment
[21:14] * Ev writes on the chalkboard: "To Do Actions: Type /me and then the action"
[21:14] * Karen_King tkes a chocolate
[21:15] * Carrie_McMillan hangs on tighter seeing helen getting chucked off
[21:15] Helen_W says, Andrew, did you start the mag to publish your own stories?
[21:15] * Kate_Pullinger gives it a go.
[21:15] Andrew_Gallix says, No, I don't use it as a vehicle for my stuff
[21:16] Andrew_Gallix says, That would be cheating
[21:16] Sue_Thomas says, It's very nicely designed - who does that part of it?
[21:16] Helen_W says, A fine honourable attitude
[21:16] * cahoots applauds andrew's ethics
[21:16] Andrew_Gallix says, Jim, a Canadian
[21:16] Helen_W says, Why did you start it up?
[21:16] Kate_Pullinger says, Is this a private message?
[21:16] Sue_Thomas says, Jim who?
[21:16] Karen_King says, No Kate
[21:16] cahoots says, to kate, no
[21:16] Helen_W says, Was it just you or was there a team involved at the start
[21:17] Andrew_Gallix says, There already was a site launched by Kenny Wilson, a young American
[21:17] Andrew_Gallix says, Jim Martin is our webmaster
[21:17] Deena says, Shares the URL for 3 am magazine for later perusal:
[21:17] *** Everdeen has joined #trace
[21:17] Sue_Thomas says, ok, thanks Andrew
[21:17] Karen_King says, Thanks deena
[21:17] Andrew_Gallix says, You're welcome
[21:17] Helen_W says, And you joined the team, Andrew?
[21:17] *** Mike_Byrne has joined #trace
[21:18] Andrew_Gallix says, No, I sent Kenny a story. He posted it & I suggested turning his site into a webzine
[21:18] Nicki says, Hi Mike
[21:18] Deena says, hi Mike, all, we are talking with Andrew Gallix about beginning his magazine online, 3 am.
[21:18] Mike_Byrne says, Bon Soir, Nicki
[21:18] Helen_W says, 3 am has gone from strength to strength since
[21:18] Mike_Byrne says, Bon Soir touslemonde
[21:18] Andrew_Gallix says, Bonsoir Mike
[21:19] Andrew_Gallix says, Thanks Helen
[21:19] Mike_Byrne says, Bonsoir, Andrew
[21:19] Helen_W says, did that take a lot of work or did it just happen (because of the quality perhaps word can spread))
[21:19] Andrew_Gallix says, No, it took a lot of work!
[21:20] Helen_W says, :)
[21:20] cahoots says, is it self sufficient - or do you do other things as well to make a living?
[21:20] Andrew_Gallix says, No, I haven't made a single penny, let alone a euro, out of it
[21:20] Sue_Thomas says, Andrew can you say something about the spread of nationalities you write about - are they mostly US, would you say, or not?
[21:21] Andrew_Gallix says, I teach at the Sorbonne University, hence the conference
[21:21] Deena says, Who are you trying to reach with 3 am? and the conference internationale litterature et internet?
[21:21] Helen_W says, It must be a lot of work keeping such a sophisticated mag up to date
[21:21] Andrew_Gallix says, No, in our news and interviews it's mainly English
[21:22] Carrie_McMillan says, how did/do you promote 3am Andrew?
[21:22] Karen_King says, I've got to go now. Nice to meet you Andrew. Au revoir!
[21:22] *** Karen_King has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[21:22] Sue_Thomas says, is there much of a webwriting scene in France?
[21:22] Andrew_Gallix says, With 3am, we're trying to reach as wide an audience as possible by publishing quality fiction wirth a contemporary feel
[21:22] Andrew_Gallix says, See you
[21:22] *** Mike_Byrne is now known as Mike
[21:23] Deena says, The conference sounds very interesting...International Conference on Literature & the Internet:
[21:23] Deena says, New Forms of Electronic Writing
[21:23] Deena says, Colloque International Litterature et Internet:
[21:23] Deena says, Nouvelles Formes d'Ecriture Electronique
[21:23] Deena says, 15-16th March 2002
[21:23] Andrew_Gallix says, There are quite a few webzines in France, including 3 in English, here in Paris
[21:23] Mike says, Karen King wasn't she in the Carpenters ?
[21:23] Ev says, Is the CALL FOR PAPERS still open?
[21:23] Helen_W says, but a webzine with traditional articles and es says, is not the same as writing specifically for the Web....
[21:23] Mike says, excuse moi.
[21:23] Andrew_Gallix says, There's also a novelist called Daren King
[21:23] Mike says, je vous en prie
[21:24] Kate_Pullinger says, And of course the little know Stephen King
[21:24] Deena says, how will the conference tie into webwriting in France?
[21:24] Kate_Pullinger says, littlen known I meant
[21:24] Kate_Pullinger says, Oh dear
[21:24] Andrew_Gallix says, No, but we're going to branch out into web-based fiction
[21:24] * Sue_Thomas smiles at Kate!
[21:24] Helen_W says, That's great! Can we submit work for consideration or will it be commission only?
[21:24] Carrie_McMillan says, but a webzine has the beauty of fast responses to what you've written, fast pace
[21:24] Mike says, What do you teach at the Sorbonne, Andrew?
[21:25] Andrew_Gallix says, No, you can submit
[21:25] Andrew_Gallix says, Mainly translation, bit of lit
[21:25] Kate_Pullinger says, Good to meet everybody. I'll be back.
[21:25] * Mike nods
[21:25] Andrew_Gallix says, CU
[21:25] *** Kate_Pullinger has left #trace
[21:26] Helen_W says, When is the deadline for receviing papers for the Colloque?
[21:26] Andrew_Gallix says, February
[21:26] Deena says, What kind of subjects are you looking for?
[21:26] Andrew_Gallix says, We're leaving open as long as possible
[21:26] Deena says, Call for papers
[21:26] Deena says, We are pleased to invite proposals for the Sorbonne's first International Conference on Literature & the
[21:26] Deena says, Internet. We aim to focus on all forms of electronic writing from webzines and e-books to new forms of
[21:26] Deena says, web-based fiction.
[21:26] Deena says, Possible topics:
[21:26] Deena says, E-books and their impact on the publishing world
[21:26] Deena says, Hypertext and the redefinition of the reader's role
[21:26] Deena says, The death of the author? Interactive and collaborative fiction on the Internet
[21:26] Deena says, Beyond hypertext: the future of web-based fiction
[21:26] Deena says, The emergence of new literary genres on the Internet
[21:26] Deena says, Is the Internet blurring the boundaries between the art and literary worlds?
[21:26] Deena says, Design writing and the post-literary scene
[21:26] Deena says, The Internet and the rival tradition
[21:26] Deena says, A round-up of literary and academic webzines
[21:26] Deena says, The impact of the Internet on literary criticism
[21:26] Deena says, Round tables with Internet writers
[21:26] Deena says, Copyright issues and other legal matters
[21:26] Deena says, The Internet and globalization: the political and economic consequences of the digital revolution
[21:26] Deena says, Teaching literature / writing on the Internet, online universities
[21:26] Andrew_Gallix says, Anything related to literature on the Internet
[21:27] Deena says, Who are you trying to reach with this conference?
[21:27] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes...all that
[21:27] *** Everdeen_Tree has joined #trace
[21:28] Andrew_Gallix says, Well, we'll probably reach the usual audience of students & scholars
[21:28] *** Mazzy has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[21:28] Helen_W says, writers of web works? academics and critics? print writers?
[21:28] Andrew_Gallix says, And the expat community, no doubt
[21:28] *** griff has joined #trace
[21:28] cahoots says, will papers be published online after the conference?
[21:28] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, all of those, hopefully
[21:28] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, and in a book
[21:28] griff says, good day, all
[21:28] *** Mike has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[21:28] Deena says, Is this conference working in tandem with other conferences slated, such as

ELO symposium in April 2002
HyperText02 in June 2002
Incubation2 in July 2002
ISEA in October 2002
[21:28] Andrew_Gallix says, Hiya
[21:29] cahoots says, hi griff
[21:29] Margaret_Penfold says, Hi Peter
[21:29] griff says, good day, all
[21:29] Andrew_Gallix says, Who's going to ELO?
[21:29] Deena says, Hi Griff, we are talking with Andrew Gallix about his upcoming conference, iterature et internet
[21:29] Sue_Thomas says, moi
[21:29] Sue_Thomas says, hi peter
[21:29] Deena says, I am as well..
[21:29] * Nicki thinks of differences in meaning of word "slated"
[21:29] Sue_Thomas says, are you going to ELO Andrew?
[21:29] * griff waves to margaret
[21:29] * Deena hands round slates to write notes
[21:29] Sue_Thomas says, helen, kate and myself are going
[21:29] Andrew_Gallix says, No...
[21:30] Andrew_Gallix says, What are you going to talk about?
[21:30] Margaret_Penfold says, I don't think so
[21:30] Andrew_Gallix says, Mmmh
[21:30] griff says, thanks for the update, Deena. hi sue
[21:30] Sue_Thomas says, several topics inc webwriting in academia
[21:30] Deena says, This sounds like a great idea, to expand the notion of literature and the internet. How did you come up with the plan for the conference?
[21:30] * Helen_W smiles at Nicki
[21:31] Deena says, ELO is more focused on liteatureat that can only be read online...or on a media stuff...
[21:31] Andrew_Gallix says, Nobody had yet organised a conference on this subject at the Sorbonne
[21:31] Margaret_Penfold says, I must be off. Bye everyone
[21:31] Andrew_Gallix says, Byeee
[21:31] *** Margaret_Penfold has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[21:31] * Deena hands out banners congratulating Andrew on starting a wonderful Sorbonne tradition...
[21:31] Andrew_Gallix says, Thanks (he gloated)
[21:32] cahoots says, have you had a good response so far to the call for papers?
[21:32] Carrie_McMillan says, better go too. Cheers everyone!
[21:32] Andrew_Gallix says, Hopefully it won't be a one-off
[21:32] Helen_W says, Have you got any definite speakers yet to whet our appetities?
[21:32] *** Carrie_McMillan has left #trace
[21:32] Andrew_Gallix says, Tom Bradley, the US novelist
[21:33] Andrew_Gallix says, Andy Campbell (Digital Fiction site, UK
[21:33] Andrew_Gallix says, Dusan Velickovic from serbia
[21:33] Deena says, Have you worked with the oulipo and other french hypertext/literature potentialles groups in France?
[21:33] Helen_W says, sounds interestingly varied
[21:34] Deena says, .applauds the lineup
[21:34] Andrew_Gallix says, Wendy Perkins from the US,Jason Nelson, US...
[21:34] Andrew_Gallix says, Jesse Glass from Japan
[21:34] Andrew_Gallix says, Michela Ledwige
[21:34] Andrew_Gallix says, Miranda Mowbray
[21:34] Andrew_Gallix says, Sue Thomas
[21:34] Andrew_Gallix says, :-)
[21:35] Andrew_Gallix says, Adrienne Eisen
[21:35] Sue_Thomas says, Miranda will be fun
[21:35] Sue_Thomas says, Adrienne? great!
[21:35] Sue_Thomas says, Adrienne is great fun too
[21:35] Andrew_Gallix says, Will she? Look forward to that
[21:35] Sue_Thomas says, Oh she is very risque :)
[21:35] Sue_Thomas says, I like her a lot
[21:35] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, Adriene seems very interesting
[21:35] cahoots says, sounds like a really good mix
[21:36] Andrew_Gallix says, There's going to be a German contingent too for some reason
[21:36] Sue_Thomas says, She is rather fullon - and so is miranda - so you have a strong female contingent there!
[21:36] Deena says, Terrific. Hope folks like Reiner Strasse can make it.
[21:36] *** Mike_Byrne has joined #trace
[21:36] * cahoots wonders if the female contingent will meet the german contingent head on
[21:36] Andrew_Gallix says, Ahhh strong women
[21:36] Andrew_Gallix says, We could organise a football match
[21:37] *** Mike_Byrne is now known as Mike
[21:37] Helen_W says, only if it's virtual :)
[21:37] Sue_Thomas says, pourquoi?
[21:37] Mike says, I play football
[21:37] Andrew_Gallix says, Virtually?
[21:37] Mike says, Andrew can anyone go to this conference ? No really
[21:37] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, of course
[21:38] Andrew_Gallix says, Are you coming Mike?
[21:38] *** cahoots has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[21:38] Deena says, Will there be an online component for us overseas folks?
[21:38] Andrew_Gallix says, What? Do you mean live? That would be a good idea
[21:39] Andrew_Gallix says, Is it feasible Sue?
[21:39] Mike says, I'd have to lookathe info again.
[21:39] Helen_W says, a chat perhaps.....
[21:39] Feathers says, webcams
[21:39] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, that would be something
[21:39] Helen_W says, When will costs and registration be available for the conference Andrew?
[21:39] Deena says, Yeah, or an asynchronous bulletin system s we can enter questions of spoeakers, others
[21:39] Sue_Thomas says, andrew we will jhave to look at the tech you have available
[21:39] Andrew_Gallix says, There are no costs
[21:40] Nicki says, no costs?
[21:40] * Nicki wakes up
[21:40] Deena says, and have something to archive on trace
[21:40] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes Sue
[21:40] Mike says, Paris wasn't on my list this year. Andrew. but I can be flexible
[21:40] Sue_Thomas says, we arre going to discuss a live chat with alan sondheim i think, when i come next week
[21:40] Deena says, wow, that is great.
[21:40] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes
[21:40] *** cahoots has joined #trace
[21:40] cahoots says, hello?
[21:40] Andrew_Gallix says, Hello!
[21:41] Helen_W says, welcome back cahoots
[21:41] *** Everdeen_Tree has left #trace
[21:41] Andrew_Gallix says, Bye bye
[21:41] cahoots says, sorry - i seem to be having all sorts of problems tonight
[21:41] Andrew_Gallix says, Aren't we all?!
[21:41] Deena says, Hi again cahoots. now we are talking about the possibility of an online component to the conference literature et internet
[21:41] cahoots says, oh - brilliant
[21:41] Mike says, I can come for a football game
[21:41] Andrew_Gallix says, Please do
[21:41] Helen_W says, Presumably travel and accommodation will still need to be paid for -- is there accommodation at the Sorbonne or will attendees need Paris hotels?
[21:41] Sue_Thomas says, deena it all depends on what is available there
[21:41] Nicki says, does table football count?
[21:41] Ev says, Hello Andrew, that was a doppleganger leaving (Everdeen Tree says, Everdeen says, Ev)
[21:42] Mike says, five a side, no Nicki real football
[21:42] Andrew_Gallix says, Table football? Definitely
[21:42] Mike says, real bone crunching grasseating
[21:42] Andrew_Gallix says, No, people will have to rely on hotels
[21:42] Feathers says, stop it mike, you're turning me on
[21:42] Helen_W says, well there are plenty to choose from!
[21:42] Sue_Thomas says, I used to be good at table football when i was at art college
[21:42] * Deena kicks round online footballs to all
[21:42] Sue_Thomas says, it was THE game
[21:42] Mike says, i'd better stop then
[21:42] Nicki says, no spinning allowed, though
[21:42] Mike says, Feathers
[21:43] Nicki says, in table football that is
[21:43] Sue_Thomas says, not sure how you play it in french
[21:43] Andrew_Gallix says, No spinning? That's not table football then
[21:43] Mike says, I don't want to turn anyone on tonight
[21:43] Nicki says, pure skill, sensitivity and wrist ...
[21:43] Deena says, What results are you hoping for with this conference?
[21:43] Helen_W says, I think everyone who can should get on Eurostar/transatlantic flights and see Paris in the Springtime!
[21:43] Mike says, I've got a headache
[21:43] Nicki says, I don't want to turn anyone on either
[21:43] Sue_Thomas says, so andrew can you tell eevryone a bit more about the cost of the colloque?
[21:43] Andrew_Gallix says, You've been spinning too much Mike
[21:44] Mike says, j'ai mal a la tete
[21:44] Mike says, oui c'
[21:44] Andrew_Gallix says, :-)
[21:44] Mike says, est ca
[21:44] Andrew_Gallix says, what costs?
[21:44] Nicki says, we're all amazed at no costs
[21:44] Mike says, I wouldn't worry about it , Nicki ...ahem
[21:44] Sue_Thomas says, well, you say there is no registration fee
[21:45] Andrew_Gallix says, No, that's right
[21:45] cahoots says, i'm sorry, i missed that - did you say it's free?
[21:45] Sue_Thomas says, will there be food?
[21:45] Sue_Thomas says, how will ppl eat at lunhctime for example?
[21:45] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes it's free. There'll be food and lots of booze
[21:45] cahoots says, dates, dates, give me dates
[21:45] Nicki says, free booze?
[21:45] Andrew_Gallix says, Plus table football
[21:45] Mike says, this is interesting...
[21:45] Andrew_Gallix says, Free booze
[21:45] Nicki says, and table football!
[21:45] * griff perks up
[21:46] Sue_Thomas says, and will you be able to recommend places for ppl ro stay or will they have to arrange that themselves?
[21:46] Andrew_Gallix says, and table football!
[21:46] cahoots says, do you have to play table football before drinking?
[21:46] Andrew_Gallix says, I can suggest various places
[21:46] Andrew_Gallix says, No, after drinking
[21:46] Sue_Thomas says, sounds good to me!
[21:46] * Helen_W looks at diary for march
[21:46] Andrew_Gallix says, What the table footbal?
[21:47] Sue_Thomas says, all of it :)
[21:47] * Deena thinks real parisian food might be better than the online version...
[21:47] Andrew_Gallix says, That's because you're going to beat us all, Sue!
[21:47] Sue_Thomas says, ha!
[21:47] Sue_Thomas says, does Francois play table football?
[21:47] Andrew_Gallix says, I shouldn't think so! But you might be able to tempt him
[21:47] * Helen_W fondly remembers the most wonderful chocolate mousse in the whole world in Paris many years ago
[21:47] Nicki says, is anyone offering a paper yet on table football?
[21:47] * cahoots would only be capable of playing table football after much wine
[21:47] Sue_Thomas says, ok, put it on the agenda
[21:48] Sue_Thomas says, nicki why dont you offer a paper on the Sims?
[21:48] Andrew_Gallix says, Nicki you can come & talk about it
[21:48] * griff is planning to ask someone what this table football is all about
[21:48] Andrew_Gallix says, Don't ask!
[21:48] Nicki says, The Sims - now I bet they play table football
[21:48] Sue_Thomas says, dont they have it in India?
[21:48] cahoots says, to griff - i find nodding and smiling alot helps
[21:48] Sue_Thomas says, Peter it
[21:48] Sue_Thomas says, s obvious - uou play football on a table
[21:49] * Mike will have to find out how to do a paper
[21:49] griff says, er, one presumes you need rather large, sturdy tables, or am i missing something?
[21:49] Deena says, Have you gotten many papers so far?
[21:49] Nicki says, at least you don't need studs in your boots
[21:49] Mike says, wahts that in English? a paper?
[21:49] * Deena hands out paper thin tables guaranteed to hold up under any football match
[21:50] Andrew_Gallix says, About 23 papers
[21:50] Feathers says, peter, a very small ball, with little plastic players that you manipulate on rods
[21:50] Mike says, the sunday times
[21:50] Nicki says, a proposal instead of paper, perhaps
[21:50] Sue_Thomas says, Peter do you really not have that in India? Maybe you have table cricket instead?
[21:50] cahoots says, is there a website with relevant info on this?
[21:50] griff says, ah, those! yes, i've seen that.
[21:50] Feathers says, the canadian equivalent of table football is called air hockey
[21:50] Helen_W says, hey hey -- did you know it's now called foosball?
[21:50] cahoots says, er, on the conference, rather than table football
[21:51] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes there is one
[21:51] * cahoots sighs and rolls her eyes, helen, do keep up, that was years ago
[21:51] * Mike to self
[21:51] Andrew_Gallix says, Can someone give the url again?
[21:51] Mike says, they dont believe that idont know waht a paper is
[21:51] Deena says,
[21:51] * cahoots prepares to catch the url, thereby avoiding an owngoal
[21:51] Nicki says, I believe you Mike
[21:51] Andrew_Gallix says, thanks
[21:51] cahoots says, thnx
[21:52] griff says, we once made up a game called foosball... played on a carrom board with a table tennis ball. and you're only allowed to blow the ball
[21:52] Mike says, thanks Nicki
[21:52] Sue_Thomas says, andrew next week we must talk about putting some tourist info on the website
[21:52] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, that would be a good idea
[21:52] Mike says, I can find out anyway i'm sure ots not beyond my capacity
[21:52] Mike says, Paris is in Europe
[21:52] Andrew_Gallix says, Who knows Mike?
[21:52] Mike says, Europe is in Asia.
[21:53] * Helen_W has never played table football (or foosball)
[21:53] Andrew_Gallix says, And vice versa
[21:53] Feathers says, if it's about writing for new media, why do you call them "papers"?
[21:53] Mike says, Asia is that big hen shaped continent ...
[21:53] Andrew_Gallix says, Because we're old-fashioned
[21:53] Nicki says, I like the idea of doing something on The Sims but can't see how it fits
[21:53] cahoots says, i suppose because it's a familiar term - people like them
[21:53] Nicki says, but table football fits perfectly
[21:53] Deena says, Good point--why are there never any new media works on new media and literature in the internet in these conferences?
[21:53] * griff thinks fethars has a point
[21:53] Andrew_Gallix says, There will be some
[21:54] Andrew_Gallix says, There will be qyite a lot in fact
[21:54] Andrew_Gallix says, Almost all of them so far
[21:54] Mike says, Thnks, Andrew.
[21:54] Feathers says, maybe we also need a new vocabulary
[21:54] Deena says, Nicki--how has the sims game changed the internet? How has writing about sims on the net changed the game? what attitudes and trends do you see with sims and the internet?
[21:54] * griff swears at his keyboard and apologises to Feathers
[21:54] Helen_W says, the number of internet conferences i've been to with no interent access -- demoing online courses without access to's a strange world!
[21:54] * Ev nods in agreement with Helen
[21:54] Mike says, whats the Sims ?
[21:54] Mike says, Simpsons ?
[21:54] Nicki says, Yeah - but it's not literature
[21:54] * Ev would admit to playing foosball in the 70's......
[21:54] * Ev laughs
[21:54] Nicki says, But it could be a "new literature"
[21:54] Nicki says, What is literature after all says,
[21:54] * Deena won't admit to playing...but has anyway
[21:54] cahoots says, to mike - computer game
[21:54] Helen_W says, For Incubation we have avoided the word "papers" altogether (proudly)
[21:55] Mike says, ah
[21:55] Deena says, are there any papers on games as lit yet?
[21:55] Sue_Thomas says, we also avoided the word literature :)
[21:55] Andrew_Gallix says, What word do you use?
[21:55] Nicki says, games as lit? - that interests me
[21:55] Mike says, a paper on the Simpsons would be good ( if I knew what a paper was )
[21:55] Nicki says, games as life - that interests me
[21:55] Andrew_Gallix says, Do you use any words?
[21:55] Andrew_Gallix says, Life as games, that's me
[21:55] cahoots says, me too. did anyone follow The Trail leading up to AI film?
[21:56] griff says, i once did a presentation on why computer games should be allowed in the office environment.... this was long ago, before the things became ubiquitous
[21:56] Sue_Thomas says, AI? worst film this year
[21:56] Sue_Thomas says, what a load of *********
[21:56] Deena says, probably a good idea. but does literature imply just linear works, or can it encompass much more?
[21:56] cahoots says, absolutely agree, sue, but the marketing was fantastic
[21:56] Mike says, they're making a game of Lord of the Rings ?
[21:56] * Ev sweeps up all the discarded words and puts their letters in the recycle bin
[21:56] Helen_W says, OK, we're running out of official time here -- you can carry on chatting, but would Andrew like to make a closing statement? (Come to the Colloque!?)
[21:56] * cahoots apologises - she used to work for an advertsising agency
[21:56] Sue_Thomas says, cahoots - yes i saw the website but didnt have time to do it
[21:56] Mike says, the game of the film of the book
[21:57] Deena says, Thanks so much for joining us Andrew and talking about 3 am and the upcoming conference. I hope we can tie all these terrific events and happenings together :)
[21:57] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes: come to the colloque to play table football and drink free booze
[21:57] * griff looks sympatheically at cahoots. me too
[21:57] Helen_W says, :)
[21:57] * Nicki cheers
[21:57] * cahoots grins at griff
[21:57] Sue_Thomas says, thanks andrew - very enlighten ing!
[21:57] Andrew_Gallix says, Who's coming then?
[21:58] Andrew_Gallix says, I'm like that, me
[21:58] Sue_Thomas says, well, me, obviously
[21:58] Mike says, I'll have to consult my psychic
[21:58] Andrew_Gallix says, Obviously
[21:58] * Ev smiles....thinks ""
[21:58] cahoots says, i'll have to check my bank balance and visa acceptablility, but yes, i'd love to come. it sounds really interesting
[21:58] Andrew_Gallix says, Me too
[21:58] Mike says, but Paris ..tempting.
[21:58] * Nicki wants to seriously think about it now and promises not to be a football lout
[21:58] Sue_Thomas says, there is a cheap offer in the UK atm - 2 eurostar tickets for 90 quid
[21:58] Feathers says, online access would be the next best thing
[21:58] Helen_W says, I would like to congratulate Andrew on not only coping with chat as a newbie but becoming a complete hand by the end :)
[21:58] Sue_Thomas says, yes well done!
[21:58] Andrew_Gallix says, Thanks Helen
[21:58] Deena says, Yes, please think about tying in a live chat or bulletin board or something...
[21:58] Andrew_Gallix says, Thanks Sue
[21:58] * cahoots applauds andrew
[21:59] Deena says, Good night all
[21:59] * Nicki does more cheering
[21:59] Andrew_Gallix says, Thanks Cahoots
[21:59] *** Deena has left #trace
[21:59] cahoots says, oh, great site by the way - i've been browsing through it while chatting
[21:59] Mike says, nigth
[21:59] Andrew_Gallix says, Bye Deena
[21:59] Ev says, merci Andrew
[21:59] Sue_Thomas says, Night all - I must go too
[21:59] Sue_Thomas says, a bientot andrew
[21:59] Nicki says, Thanks Andrew
[21:59] Andrew_Gallix says, De rien
[21:59] griff says, bye Sue
[21:59] Mike says, aurevoir
[21:59] Andrew_Gallix says, A bientot
[21:59] Feathers says, a la prochaine, andrew, et bonne chance
[21:59] Mike says, a bientot
[21:59] Nicki says, and thanks for being so open to football suggestions too
[21:59] Sue_Thomas says, bye all
[21:59] Andrew_Gallix says, Take care Feathers
[21:59] Mike says, bye Sue
[21:59] *** Sue_Thomas has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[21:59] cahoots says, confuses all by saying goodbye in a completely different language "tot siens"
[22:00] *** Feathers has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[22:00] Mike says, tot strachs
[22:00] Helen_W says, Thanks for coming Andrew, it's been really entertaining!
[22:00] * cahoots exits to check her bank balance
[22:00] griff says, helen... did you manage to download dupeless?
[22:00] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes it was fun talking about table football
[22:00] * Nicki smiles
[22:00] *** cahoots has left #trace
[22:00] Helen_W says, ah, yes Peter, thank you for that! It seems to work very well :)
[22:00] * Ev sings "and another one bites the dust!"
[22:01] * Ev winks...meaning one of me!
[22:01] Andrew_Gallix says, Thanks all of you. I hope to meet you in the three dimensional world some time. Cheers
[22:01] *** Ev has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[22:01] Nicki says, Thanks again Andrew - maybe I will get there. Who knows?
[22:01] griff says, yes, it's brought order to my hard disc!
[22:01] Mike says, Ev I got my assignment done
[22:01] Everdeen says, Hooray Mike!
[22:01] Andrew_Gallix says, Hope to see you there Nicki
[22:01] * Everdeen online if not else, Andrew
[22:01] Mike says, why is everybody flying off jees yeh thanks ev
[22:01] Everdeen says, bye all!
[22:01] Nicki says, See you everyone
[22:01] *** Everdeen has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[22:02] Andrew_Gallix says, CU
[22:02] *** Nicki has left #trace
[22:02] griff says, what, no brownies today?
[22:02] Mike says, ou est le brownies ?
[22:02] griff says, ah well.
[22:02] Andrew_Gallix says, The female scout variety?
[22:03] Mike says, especially
[22:03] * Mike laughs
[22:03] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, where are they?
[22:03] Andrew_Gallix says, Where have all the brownies gone?
[22:03] griff says, with the flowers
[22:03] Andrew_Gallix says, Wasn't that by Slaughter & the Dogs?
[22:03] Mike says, I believe they're on hoilidays in France
[22:03] * Helen_W hands round brownies -- of the american cookie variety though
[22:03] Andrew_Gallix says, Yes, they're all at the Sorbonne
[22:04] Andrew_Gallix says, We're using them as waitresses for the conference
[22:04] Mike says, probably
[22:04] griff says, hmm... cultural divide.... here they're soft, gooey, chocolate cakes, with walnuts in them some times
[22:04] Mike says, i haven't seen any for a numberof years
[22:05] Mike says, i'm becoming very browny deprived
[22:05] Mike says, chocolate !!
[22:05] Mike says, no thats aidfferent matter Helen, Yes.....
[22:05] Mike says, now
[22:06] griff says, think i should get off too. meeting tomorrow, amd it's 3.30 a.m. now. g'night Hele, Andrew, Mike
[22:06] Mike says, night Griff
[22:06] Helen_W says, Well, I'm afraid I have to go too! Bye all!
[22:06] Andrew_Gallix says, CU. I'm off too. Bye
[22:06] *** Andrew_Gallix has left #trace
[22:06] Mike says, am is that morning
Session Close: Sun Jan 20 22:06:40 2002


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