Chat Transcript: January 26, 2000
Mez and Memmott

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scottrettberg says, "hi"

jenniferl says, "hi scott ... are we supposed to go visit the links?"

scottrettberg says, "sure"

scottrettberg says, "I'll do that as well"

scottrettberg says, "there was a kind of confusing message from deena about the chat being early"

jenniferl says, "I've only got a few minutes but wanted to say hi to Talan"

scottrettberg leaves for Talan Memmott links

jenniferl says, "ah maybe we missed it?"

jenniferl tiptoes out.

tupelo arrives from Talan Memmott links

tupelo has disconnected.

scottrettberg arrives from Talan Memmott links

[brick] quietly enters.

[brick] arrives.

Deena quietly enters.

Deena arrives.

scottrettberg says, " hi deena"

Deena says, "Hi brick, we are getting everything in place for the chat"

Deena says, "Do you use the moo often?"

Deena says, "Hi scott."

[brick] says, "cool, and no, never...I'm and irc kinda guy"

Deena says, "Scott, are you using a mac or a windows"

scottrettberg says, " mac"

Deena says, "Hmm...what browser?"

scottrettberg says, " was there some problem"

scottrettberg says, " MS explorer"

Deena says, "brick, the moo is fun, you can see how to use it by clicking on the icon how to use the MOO"

[brick] says, "I'm all over it, thanks"

Deena says, "Yep, I have been getting kicked off all night, and Talan has e-mailed me that he is having trouble getting on, too."

Ellie quietly enters.

Ellie arrives.

Deena says, "Then about 5 people showed up 2 hours early"

scottrettberg says, " that's not cool"

Deena says, "Hi Ellie, how was the class?"

Deena says, "Yes, 10 people had a class, at the same time, so I was really confused"

[brick] sits back

scottrettberg says, " so has talan managed to get back on?"

Ellie says, "Did you come in for a little while? I thought the class was mind-boggling--good and bad""

Deena says, "Scott, can you click on the Xpress button, then on log and see if you can record this?"

Deena says, "When I do, I get a javascript error."

Deena says, "I have the archivist recorder on as a back up measure, but I want to be sure."

Deena says, "Yep, for a little bit. What class is that?"

[brick] selects some stilton and a glass of wine

scottrettberg says, " ok"

Deena says, "help yourself brick, there is more where that came from"

[brick] says, "mmm, yummy"

scottrettberg says, " hey how"

scottrettberg says, " do you eat in a moo, anyway?"

[brick] says, "with gusto, if you're me"

[brick] smile

Deena says, "Sure. we can eat all we want here"

Deena Stuffs face with lots of chocolate

[brick] says, "all calorie free"

Deena says, "And delicious."

Deena says, "Brick, have you heard about electronic literature?"

scottrettberg says, " I still need to spend some time playing with the interface of mooing. "

mez quietly enters.

mez arrives.

[brick] says, "in what way, deena?"

scottrettberg says, "I'll be back in about 8 minutes"

Deena says, "See you then scott"

mez says, "hey again :)"

Deena says, "Hi again Mez"

Deena says, "Mez, what is the state of ht lit in NSW?"

tom says, "welcome back mez"

mez bows her hello

Deena says, "The school board there uses Patchwork Girl and Samplers, and I was wondering why..."

mez says, "hey tom"

mez says, "i think it's safer 2 talk about the state of hypertext in Oz generally..."

Deena says, "Brick, have you read any books on line or a hypertext--a fiction or poetry work that depends on links rather than sequential pages?"

[brick] says, "oh, of course"

Deena says, "Mez, probably. CAn you generalize for all of Oz?"

mez says, "a few institutions have picked up on its m-portance, but largely it seems an up-n-coming medium, there is some great work being done by artists like VNS Matrix and Electronic ensemble etc"

Deena says, "What do you think about this new field, brick?"

tupelo quietly enters.

tupelo arrives.

tom says, "deena, did talan get on yet?"

Deena says, "Hi Tom, he is still trying."

[brick] says, "in 25 words or less? 8-)"

Deena says, "The system evidently keeps kicking him off."

mez says, "is talan having trouble?? damn!"

Deena says, "Sure, you can make it 50"

Deena says, "Hang on mez, he'll be here."

mez says, "cool :)"

Deena says, "I am in touch through e-mail."

tom says, "i had to be real patient with the interface?"

Deena says, "I was having fun with the interface tonight, too."

mez says, "ah, the benchmark of the network..what wood we do without email??"

[brick] says, "i think it's like a tsunami, and those who don't learn to paddle far enough up to ride it will get crushed beneath it...and I also think there is a transitional piece missing"

[brick] says, "more than 25...less then 50 "

[brick] says, "8-)"

Deena says, "What do you think is missing, brick"

mez smiles

Deena says, "Yep. Any suggestions for Talan?"

[brick] says, "gosh, put me on the spot"

scottrettberg says, " deena, is talan en route?"

[brick] says, "what I think is missing is a bridge--between traditional texts and their strict lineariness, and the full non-linearity of elit"

mez says, "i'm curious as to the transitional piece too actually, whether u mean in terms of narrative gaps or simply the technique??"

[brick] says, "both, mez"

AndrewStern steps from the shadows.

[brick] says, "and the same"

AndrewStern says, "Hi all"

mez says, "right"

[brick] says, "hi andrew"

Deena says, "Yes, Talan is on his way, he is trying to log in now"

mez says, "high-hoe andrew S"

scottrettberg says, " hi andrew"

[brick] settles back

mez wants 2 warn all that her text style can be quite challenging @ times

AndrewStern says, "I was just checking out some of Talan's work, it's quite interesting"

Deena says, "Yes, we have Talan's link on the side here"

mez says, "sure izz, he's a master at wot he doez..."

[brick] finds it more natural, mez, better even

mez bowz b4 the brickman/womanish creature

[brick] curtsies...somewhat clumsily

Deena says, "yes, the graphics are really interesting, especially in Lolita's Apartment, which just appeared in Meridian"

AndrewStern says, "What's the url for Lolita's apt?"

Deena tiptoes out.

Deena leaves.

mez says, "sure, his mix of textual unitz and graphix is juzt wonder.full"

Deena quietly enters.

Deena arrives.

scottrettberg says, "I like the way he uses layering objects in some of his work to create a kind of new poetic"

Deena says, "Sorry about that Andrew. The URL for Meridian is"

LawrenceJClark quietly enters.

LawrenceJClark arrives.

scottrettberg says, ""

Deena says, ""

mez says, "shore, the layering is 1 charact.turriztick ov hypertext that i luv, whether it B in lange, sound, or hybrid..."

LawrenceJClark says, "howdy, people!"

AndrewStern says, "thanks"

scottrettberg says, " Hey LJC"

mez says, "highyahh LJC"

LawrenceJClark says, "hi scott"

LawrenceJClark says, "hi mez"

Deena says, " Meridian has some pretty interesting work."

Deena says, "Talan has a great way of using graphics s that the text is understood"

mez says, "Itz a great resource too, the linkz section is full of great stuph :)"

Deena says, "Yes. Have you also been to the Wordcircuits site? That is a great resource, too."

mez says, "talan's visual grasp is s-tounding, but his mix of fact/fiction is very n-teresting in itzelf..."

ceball quietly enters.

ceball arrives.

Deena says, "Scott, want to say bit about the electronic literature site"

mez says, "nope Denna, do u have the url pleze?"

Deena says, ""

mez says, "oopz meant deena sorri"

mez slapz her head

mez says, "heh"

scottrettberg says, " well we've got some of the basic components of the site up now. "

scottrettberg says, ""

Deena says, "Mez, my fingers slip ALL the time :)"

[brick] speaks typo

[brick] says, "fluently"

Deena says, "I wonder how nonnative speakers do with all these typos"

tom says, "what is planned scott?"

mez sympathizez with deena whole.heartedlee

margie arrives from Help Kiosk

scottrettberg says, "an events calendar, transcripts, news from the field, and some links. We've got the directory in development, there'll be some debugging for a couple of weeks."

LawrenceJClark says, "sounds good, Scott"

Deena says, "Hi Margie"

mez says, "hi m"

margie says, "hi everyone"

Deena says, "Margie will be our February guest on this chat, "

margie says, "hi mez"

Deena says, "discussing her hypertext finds"

LawrenceJClark says, "Wow, you ARE important, Margie! :)"

margie says, "many people I'd LIKE to be friends with, in any case!"

mez says, "still no talan?"

Deena says, "Talan is still having fun logging onto the system."

mez says, "damn..."

Deena says, "But he is trying. We've got to be a bit patient now"

margie says, "wasn't our start time 6:00?"

mez says, "sorry. i'm a taurean, i SHOOD b patient:)"

scottrettberg says, "so mez, you and talan collaborated on sky schratzes?"

mez champs at her wordbit

Deena says, "yes, and Talan has been trying to get on since 5:45."

Deena says, "This system doesn't like him."

mez yup, talan and i wurked on it, was a great project 2 do...

LawrenceJClark says, "where is he loggin in from?"

mez says, "oppz pressed emote :)"

Deena says, "Mez what is sky schratzes?"

Deena says, "San Francisco"

[brick] says, "time is all relative...and for me it's like a distant cousin, twice removed"

tom says, "?"

scottrettberg says, " /skyscratchez.html"

Deena says, "How was collaborating from across the world, mez?"

mez says, "Sky scratchez is a ht piece talan & hI did, a collaborative f-fort that really paid off..."

Deena says, "How has it paid off?"

Deena says, "brick, time in hypertext is always relative."

Molde_Guest quietly enters.

Molde Guest arrives.

Deena says, "Margie did an interesting bit on time at HT99."

mez says, "eye'm actualli preddy used to collaborating with o/s, so it didn't phase me, was great 2 B able to work with some1 of so much talent..."

Deena says, "Hi Molde, come on in."

scottrettberg says, "so how did the two of you handle the collaboration?"

mez says, "well, in terms ov a finished piece i think it's successful in merging text and image to a polished degree"

scottrettberg says, "it's nice, and smart"

LawrenceJClark says, "I'm looking at sky schrates right now--pretty cool so far."

mez says, "I did the text and actually posted it at the trAce website, talan luved it so i suggested he put images 2 it..he then added his text L-ementz and viola!"

Deena says, "So the text came first?"

marcel arrives from Courtyard

Deena says, "did you change your text to match the images?"

mez says, "yup, i did my usual trick of postin it to multiple websites too..."

Deena says, "Hi Marcel, we are looking at scottrettberg"

Deena says, "Sorry about that. I meant to post the URL to sea schrantz"

mez says, "nope deena, talam n-terpreted the test in2 m-mage form i gave him a heap of freedom :)"

ceball has disconnected.

Deena says, "at "http://www.temporal"

[brick] leaves for Talan Memmott links

Deena says, "at http://www.temporal"

scottrettberg says,"that sounds like a cool arrangement. did you communicate a lot during the process?"

Deena says, "http://www.temporal"

LawrenceJClark says, ""why multiple web sites, mez?"

Deena says, "http://www.temporal"

mez says, "itz great to actualli work thizz way, and uooh, we both send a heap of mails [kinda like volleyed bac and forth]"

Deena says, " /skyscr"

Deena says, "Have you seen Forward Anywhere, which is comprised just of e-mails?"

mez says, " eye shoulda said to multiple email lizts, i use listz as a kinda performance avenue 4 my work..."

ceball quietly enters.

ceball arrives.

Deena says, " /skyscratchez.html"

mez says, "no deena, soundz very n-teresting..."

scottrettberg says, "so are you in san fran too, mez?"

Deena says, "Its out of Eastgate. "

mez says, "heh, nope i'm @ the other end ov the world, in Australia :)"

scottrettberg says, "oh great."

mez says, "cool, i'll look itt up:)"

mez says, "so how mani ov u make ht fiction too?"

tom says, "or is it called web lit?"

LawrenceJClark says, ""most of us, I'd say--at least we try! :)"

Deena says, "Well, I write"

scottrettberg says, "i do , sometimes"

Deena says, "I think it is more of an addiction than anything, though"

mez says, "x-cellent, and y this medium and not another?"

LawrenceJClark says, ""you got that right, Deena!"

Deena says, "I like the complexity this medium offers. Good question!"

mez says, "denna - shore, can get that way when the urge to create mixez with various technolementz..."

Deena says, "I like being able to have one word resonate in a hundred ways, depending on links, images, sound, etc."

LawrenceJClark says, "I find it allows me to express myself through many different mediums at once."

[brick] arrives from Talan Memmott links

ceball says, "i find it especially works well with poetry and the lyrical quality, etc."

Deena says, "Can you find the separate edges of the technologies, or do you find that it blends together in a synergy"

LawrenceJClark says, "the combinations are endless, and fascinating."

Deena says, "synesthesia"

scottrettberg says, "and it allows collaboration, in an easier way than in print"

mez says, "the resonanting ideer i can definietlee relate to, as to the medium as differnce.."

tom says, "i was hoping to hear from talan abt graphics/text but i'm having trouble staying connected?"

tupelo has disconnected.

Deena says, "tom, please shut down your machine and restart."

Deena says, "You are probably having the same problems as talan"

margie says, "the best thing is that when you get writer's block, you can worry about the technical details for a day or so!"

scottrettberg says, "I guess talan is as well"

Deena says, "Well, yes margie. But there are so many technical details."

mez says, "the collaboration side is fantastic, is so easy to make links/connections on a purelee work lvl and play..."

LawrenceJClark says, "yeah, Margie, or just fiddle around with graphics or something or work on a different node . . ."

Deena says, "How do you guys deal with the technical side when you collaborate?"

ceball says, "i tried to check out the URL you gave earlier, but I got disconnected. Can anyone describe it a bit for me?"

mez says, "margie>>for sure!"

Deena says, "Cheryl, which one?"

Deena says, "Mez and Talan's work is at"

ceball says, "then, gawd, now i have to spell it. schwartz thing, sorry."

ceball says, "yeah, that's it"

ceball says, "scratchz"

LawrenceJClark leaves for Talan Memmott links

mez says, "mi collaborative technique liez in mail, bouncing ideerz bac & back and forth, then tryin to concrete and ideer..i alzo luv given a lot of freedom in n-terpreation..."

DavidKnoebel quietly enters.

DavidKnoebel arrives.

Deena says, "Hi David"

[brick] says, "hello david"

mez says, "Scratches is from wot it sounds like..scrtaches:)"

mez says, "hi david!!"

Deena says, "Who has the site? Or do both of you work on it at once?"

mez says, "oopz i mean scratches"

margie says, "mez, I hear you are doing a huge colaboration with Christy, Reiner, and others Tina, etc. Can you talk about that?"

margie says, "Hi David!"

mez says, "talan hosts the site for the sky collab"

ceball leaves for Talan Memmott links

scottrettberg says, "rob wittig always talks about email as being the center of the whole thing, both of the internet and the change of the status and meaning of writing, a kind of cultural style shift"

scottrettberg says, "sorry i'm like five lines behind"

mez says, "the collab with christy, reiner, Tina etc is called current, and revolves around the ideers of personal n-terp of a current state, in geophysical terms...we can make wot we like really and n-hances others work/use m-mages from them or simply slot in stuff"

Deena says, "Yes, the new literacy is e-mail..."

ceball arrives from Talan Memmott links

Deena says, "What did you think, Cheryl?"

Deena says, "Mez, what do you mean by geophysical terms?"

ceball says, "Didn't quite get there. This is my first MOO experience, so I'm still trying to get everything straight."

DavidKnoebel says, "hi all. just figured this out."

mez says, "i like that email is the kind ov basic link, the s-sence of communicative nuances in this space we have created..."

[brick] says, "are creating"

ceball leaves for Talan Memmott links

Deena says, "Yet e-mail is essentially linear to you, to me to you, etc. How do you connect between the emails"

mez says, "yup brick, yr right :)"

scottrettberg says, "it does have a profound effect on the way we use language, and the frequency of text(S)"

Deena says, "Please click on the click here to fnd out how to moo for MOO instructions"

mez says, "david k is in curent as well, u wanna chat about that david?"

DavidKnoebel says, "lemme think a sec"

Deena says, "David, how do you see the collaboration?"

mez says, "email is also n-terestin becoz of the m-mediacy, the collapsing of geographicaul boundariez etc"

Deena says, "What elements of the work are most important to you?"

Deena says, "yet, email also depends on human vagaries--I must pick up my mail to respond. So there are time lags, still"

scottrettberg says, "it's also been something that has driven a lot of people into writing often, typing in words"

DavidKnoebel says, "I like the time lags. They make time for ideas to"

tom has disconnected.

mez says, "denna definite.lee, but this b-comes part of the mist, the sense of a time shift that dependz on idiosyncratic elemntz, habits etc"

DavidKnoebel says, "develop"

Deena says, "So ideas develop off-line and in human time, and come together in the timeless cyberspace?"

mez says, "david yeah, the time lags r good too, they make for gaps and n-terps that may not occur in rt communication..."

Deena says, "David and Mez, What kind of conventions (iconography, tacit understandings) do you see"

luigi quietly enters.

luigi arrives.

Deena says, "do you see"

scottrettberg says, " plus you can choose not to check your email for a while, if you want to be sane for a while."

margie says, "hi luigi!"

mez says, "denna kind ov, though i tend to think that this coming together of m-maginary/colluded space and real time n-teraction createz something else all.2gether..."

Deena says, "do you see developing in electronic mediums that are distinct from other, traditional mediums? Can you give us some examples?"

mez says, "hi luigi!!"

ceball quietly enters.

ceball arrives.

margie says, "I agree with mez--we hardly know yet what this means....being able to make a new social space--"

Deena says, "Yet it is exciting to define the space!"

Deena says, "How do you see this space developing in ways that are different from traditional print or other communications"

[brick] says, "it means, to me, you stay closer to those you are closer to...and further from those you are further from"

Deena says, "hmm. Brick, that is interesting. Is that because you can keep in more constant communication with those you are closer too?"

[brick] works for the department of redundancy department

Ellie has disconnected.

mez says, "denna, i think the code conventions m-bedded in language pop up in email trialogical speex, and also pepper our use of autobiographical writings...we can make emails personal or not, then have the option of send this to another medium state complete, into fiction..its like a mix of infomation and narrative..."

margie says, "I agree with brick, but on the other hand, I feel more human all around being able to find the like-minded at least some of the time!"

DavidKnoebel says, "I like the fluidity. we're all moving targets and"

[brick] says, "yes. I have friends in tokyo and chicago (I'm in Indiana), that I "speak" with all day, all hours"

DavidKnoebel says, "the collaborations develop without a fixed ground"

Deena says, "Also, we can reach each other easily. Here we are chatting at different ends of the globe"

DavidKnoebel says, "it's like einstein on the train"

mez thinks she kneed a deena spelling lesson...

Deena says, "so we can more easily find people we feel closer to."

[brick] says, "i agree with margie as well, it's doubly beneficial"

mez says, "and relate 2"

scottrettberg says, "and write with"

Deena says, "Mez, I changed my name in first grade to what people were spelling it as... used to be Denna"

margie says, "and look at our work and give really good feedback--key"

Deena says, "David, how is it like Einstein on the train? is it all relative?"

ceball says, "yes, and learn from"

mez says, "eheheh mebbe i'm picking up on that vibe then deena [or izz it now denna?] ;)"

DavidKnoebel says, "yes, that's what I'm getting at, it as though"

Deena says, "yes, margie, and we get the select audience, as well"

Deena says, "Now its still Deena."

Molde_Guest has disconnected.

mez says, "i like the filtered communication aspect 2, b-ing able to select knowledge via mailing lizts and conference selectionz..."

AndrewStern says, "Yes"

Deena says, "There is an awful lot to filter through"

scottrettberg says, "so I'm interested in the border between design and writing,if it even exists. talan's stuff breaks it down pretty well, brings out the text in the image and vice versa"

DavidKnoebel says, "it's as though we're hurtling through space ourselves"

mez says, "yeah, i somethymez have upwardz of 200 mails to get thru a day..."

Deena says, "Andrew, could you talk a bit about selecting that audience? Finding the commercial interactions?"

DavidKnoebel says, "and the brief gravitational attractions that determine our orbits"

Deena says, "And we feel the need to look at everything. Information overload!"

[brick] says, "i think it's been especially beneficial for writers/poets, most of whom (in my experience, but certainly not all) are pretty non-social. ecommunication is both social and nonsocial at once."

margie pouring some champagne

Deena says, "even introverts can join in"

[brick] says, "to Deena exactly"

Deena Clinks a glass with margie--to the new communication order

mez says, "scott, i think itz x-tremelee difficult to get the design/writing mix down pat, and talan seemz to have done this.."

DavidKnoebel says, "are the collabs we have along the way"

AndrewStern says, "whoops, I haven't been keeping up with the conversation, I will join in soon :)"

mez says, "itz like tryin to merge mediums in a multi state without loosing their n-trinsic qualitiez and n-hacing them whilst creating another creative zpace all.together..."

scottrettberg says, " deena could you email talan the low end url on the moo"

Deena says, "How do you see imagery merging with text to create new forms of literature and meaning? Can you give us some examples?"

luigi leaves for Talan Memmott links

ceball says, "i'm trying to think of ways of helping others write by using images as a basis for their own writing, but, as usual, I'm out there by myself at my school"

LawrenceJClark quietly enters.

LawrenceJClark arrives.

scottrettberg says, "what school are you at ceball"

LawrenceJClark says, "sorry, got cut off"

ceball says, "Virginia Commonwealth in Richmond (I think Marcel, if he's still around may be there too)"

mez says, "@ the risk of sounding self-promo-ish its somethink i've been tryin to do 4 a while now...kindov parallelling the styles..making them equivalent through aesethicz and also being aware that the visual izzn't the B and end all..."

marcel says, "yes, i'm here, just "listening""

ceball says, "I'm using Hypertext is a comp class to teach sophomores how to write better essays. And I approach it from a graphics/image standpoint. They can relate to pictures, photos. Then turn it into words that are more informative. I know its been done before,just sort-of new at my school"

mez says, "i'm currentlee wurkin on a piece for the next riding the Meridian called e<MOTION>all<WEAPON><LOADER>"

luigi arrives from Talan Memmott links

ceball says, "hey marcel. good to *see* you"

Deena says, "Mez, will this also merge the aesthetics and narration?"

margie says, "for me, the hardest problem is to integrate text into the mix. mez seems to be able to do complex things with words--"

Deena says, "Cheryl, yes, we are all out there alone physically, but it is great to have an online community"

mez says, "I'm trying to n-tegrate the text & animation without making ah heavy m-phasis on either..."

LawrenceJClark says, "ceball, how do you think hypertext teaches students to write better essays?"

Deena says, "Mez, what is your philosophy on balancing the two?"

mez says, "margie onlee sometimez:)"

Deena says, "I tend to say --each has to provide meaning, but that is hard to put into practice..."

ceball says, "I'm still learning that myself, but I've seen how it can help them break away from those papers they had to do in high school -- boring stuff. They are more creative. Can see more possibilities in their work."

DavidKnoebel says, "and text and image shouldn't be redundant"

mez says, "denna, my outlook is the most m-portant thing i think, that is 2 constantlee x-periment and play with the raw material..i alwayz have a mixture of raw text and graphix and tri differening technology till it merges and seems can't be underestimated "

ceball says, "If they learn, especially, that links in HT and connections of ideas in a print essay are related, it helps them tremendously"

Deena says, "right, but how do you balance repetition with parallel meanings?"

luigi has disconnected.

Dirk2 arrives from Courtyard

margie says, "yes, David, exactly, but we also have such a mixed audience--some more adept at getting text messages, some better at reading visual--it's tempting to want to satisfy both!"

Deena says, "Mez, do you test your experiments--how do you know what works?"

Deena says, "Margie, right the far is that a visual only approach will miss some key message, and vice versa"

LawrenceJClark says, "ceball, yes, I see how that would be helpful"

Deena says, "Hi Dirk"

Dirk2 says, "hi!"

margie says, "hi Dirk two? where is one?"

mez says, "deena i suppose i have a background that enablez me to judge the end result...being a professional painter & writer helpz....the concept and the technquie muzt balance perfectlee to create something, x-citing..."

mez says, "heya Dirk:)"

Deena says, "Mez, do you show others your work in progress and get ideas back?"

mez says, "doez that make sense?"

Deena says, "Having that background does help a great deal!"

mez says, "no, unlezz i'm collaborating that is:)"

LawrenceJClark says, "mez, you are fortunate to have that background--I use a lot of graphics but always feel like a sub-artist. :)"

Deena says, "It is just as difficult to explain when something is right in ht and elit as it is in traditional text and painting!"

scottrettberg says, "LJC have you ever worked with a designer?"

mez says, "i also don't think that being overtly conscious of the end result helpz produce the wurk, like havin a concrete picture, the variationz of a networked environment make those un4seen partz a real bonuz..."

Deena goes back in time to ask Michelangelo if he got the chapel just right...

ceball laughs

DavidKnoebel says, "mez how much do you think about your audience?"

mez says, "hey LJC mebbe i'm juzt a bit arrogant 4 mi own good too:)"

margie says, "the thing here is that this medium is a different phase-state. no one is tops at art, writing, design, technology, all of it at once. so what we get are new-medium artists who are best at the synthesis. Like people who know how to blow glass...."

LawrenceJClark says, "yes, Scott--I actually took a course in Viz Sciences and got a lot of great feedback from the instructor and the other students. Unfortunately, there is no class or professor with that background at my present institution."

Deena says, "I think that everyone reacts to the work differently as well. So we try to appeal to one audience, lose the other... hard to maintain a balance when you listen to all sides..."

Deena says, "Mez and David, what kind of an audience are you trying for?"

LawrenceJClark says, "good point, Deena."

mez says, "david, i suppose i'm a bit selfish there, i let the work take over and don't really have the view in mind most ov the time ore i find myself self-censoring and producing really crappy projezts..."

scottrettberg says, "I think that more complex the projects get, the more we'll want (and have) to work with designers."

LawrenceJClark says, "yes, Scott, I agree."

DavidKnoebel says, "that's me too. I'm mostly trying to clear my own mind."

Deena says, "mez, actually, me too. I tend to just create for the work's sake, and forget who may be seeing it--or how they will see it "

mez says, "deena, i hope most audiencez can get something from my art, whether it B a resonance with the colours or the m-mages or the complex conceptual bent...."

Deena says, "how can we work with designers when we are so wrapped up in creating our vision?"

ceball says, "which is great, and how I work, but what about when it comes time to produce something for a publisher, etc. Should we not worry about that?"

Deena says, "At the same time, how do we share that vision so it is understandable?"

Deena says, "Cheryl, I think we have to worry about that."

ceball says, "a better way to put it, Deena"

mez says, "denna that'z y i do the whole thing, n-cluding design..argh mebbe i'm a huge control freak!! :)"

DavidKnoebel says, "well, if you want it done right..."

Deena says, "mez, oh dear. I didn't mean to get you re-guessing yourself!!"

scottrettberg says, "yes some times it hard to share vision"

Deena comforts mez and puts mez back on the right track.

mez says, "ceball i don't let myself b 2 concerned with if a wurk will b published, accepted etc, but then again i work as an arts journalist too, can afford 2 du that..."

LawrenceJClarkAgain quietly enters.

LawrenceJClarkAgain arrives.

Deena says, "Scott, especially when there is no tradition.l You can;t just say, well I am doing what so and so did in such and such...yet."

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "damn, got booted out again . . ."

mez says, "eheeh juzt joking really denna, "

ceball says, "mex, always a day job. Sigh"

ceball says, "Oops, mez sorry"

Deena says, "ok as long as jokes are going around..."

scottrettberg says, "technology. anybody want to knock technology? where's Talan?"

[brick] has disconnected.

mez says, "yeah ceball. it sux, but otherwise i coodn't do mi art and live, and hey, i'm realli in2 livin.. ;)"

Deena stands on head and sticks her tongue out

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "I hate technology"

Deena says, "Talan is still trying to get on. I sent him the low end telnet and still..."

mez says, "ARGHH!!Luddites!"

Deena says, "Want to reschedule?"

DanWaber arrives from Courtyard

margie says, "no slamming the day jobs. writers have rarely made any money, print, stone, or otherwise"

mez jokez

Deena says, "Yeah, me too mez. Have a bad habit of easting."

DanWaber fall go boom

Deena says, "and westing. and eating"

Deena says, "Hi Dan."

>> DanWaber is now known as [brick].

margie says, "was along?"

LawrenceJClarkAgain is hungry--where's the snacks?

mez says, "in all seeriousnezz, technology is my curse and my mentor and my love..."

[brick] points to the butler

Deena passes around an infinite variety of cheese and wines and chocolates

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "THANKS, dEENA!"

mez thinkz she soundz slightlee psychotic-tock ;)

ceball says, "no, not limberger"

Deena says, "mez, yes. We couldn't do without the stuff."

mez grabs the camembert

Deena tosses out the limberger through the window, where it lands on the moat monster

[brick] says, "to ceball s'good w/ vidalias"

Deena listens to the burps below.

ceball says, "where's the garden?"

margie says, "where are the crackers?"

mez says, "there'z a moat monster here too?"

Deena says, "We are very luck to live in this age where we can use the technology to embody our visions..."

Deena passes out an infinite variety of crackers, heavy on the french bread and triscuts

[brick] says, "and to envision our bodies"

mez says, "i think we've adapted to technology like other gens have b4 us, juzt not at such n x-cellerated pace..."

ceball says, "Um, hypermedia poetry thesis is waiting. Will have to join y'all another time. Wish me luck!"

Deena chuckles at brick's play, and tosses a nerf brick at brick

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "good luck, ceball"

scottrettberg says, "i guess we'll have to reschedule wit Talan for next time."

[brick] says, "what are words for if not play?"

mez says, "cya ceball :) "

Deena says, "Next time will be Sunday Feb 12 at noon Eastern time"

margie says, "bye ceball...."

Deena says, "We can have Talan join us then."

ceball has disconnected.

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "yeah, I would like to hear what Talan says about his work and his collaborations"

mez says, "eye'd better dazh 2. thanx for the chat evry1, nice to text-out with u all :)"

Deena says, "Technology is not quite ready for prime time."

margie says, "Isn't Sunday the 13th?"

[brick] says, "bye mez"

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "same here, mez"

mez fades into the technosphere

Deena says, "Yep. Sunday 13"

mez has disconnected.

Deena says, "We can stay and chat, or go off and wait for Sunday."

scottrettberg says, "chat away"

Deena says, "I'll stay as long as folks want t type.o"

Deena says, "and typo"

margie says, "This is our technology being pouty--"

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "well, I actually AM hungry, so I think I'll go eat . . ."

Deena says, "Margie, I keep saying that it is like an old model t still"

margie says, "see you in a week, Lawrence"

Deena says, "Larry, see you in a week"

scottrettberg says, " I would swear so much if it weren't for computers"

[brick] wonders off, trying not to sigh too abjectly

marcel has disconnected.

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "nice talking w/y'all--see Deena and Margie in ABQ!"

LawrenceJClarkAgain says, "bye scott"

scottrettberg says, "I thought linguamoo was choke-proof"

Deena says, "I would not swear at all except for these things!"

AndrewStern says, "deena, i'll be back on Feb 13; please let me know if you'd like to schedule a session about interactive virtual characters ;0"

Deena says, "See you!!"

scottrettberg says, "say bye LJC"

Deena says, "Yes, we will do that."

margie says, "Bye Andrew!"

LawrenceJClarkAgain has disconnected.

AndrewStern says, "Great , bye all!"

Deena says, "Thanks for coming Andrew!"

[brick] leaves for ComMOOnity (Second Dimension)

AndrewStern says, "thanks, by"

AndrewStern has disconnected.

Deena says, "Andrew does very interesting interactive characters, so I think he would make a great guest."

margie says, "yes"

DavidKnoebel says, "what's his URL"

scottrettberg says, "that sounds great."

Deena says, "Let's reschedule Talan for the 13th, and Margie for the 23rd"

scottrettberg says, "that's okay with me if it's okay with margie"

Deena says, "Margie, I am flying back right now on the 12th at 1:35."

Deena says, "So we have to figure out the ALB thing here."

Dirk2 has disconnected.

Deena says, "You are going to Sante Fe on Friday??"

Deena says, "Or sat?"

Deena says, "Sorry for the real world interruption, folks"

margie says, "Deena and Scott--I am flying back on the 13th, and will not be home that Sunday, anyways. But Deena, won't you be in Santa Fe with us for Saturday>"

scottrettberg says, "Have a good time in ALB. I'll be in touch. The laptops just about out of juice"

Deena says, "Scott, would the Wed be better starting at 8 eastern?"

scottrettberg says, "for what?"

Deena says, "I think I will drive down with you on Friday and then come up on the bus early sat morning"

Deena says, "the wed chat. Start at 8 eastern time"

margie says, "ok, that sounds fine. We are invited for dinner on Fri night with Jeff and Ronni"

Deena says, "which makes it 5 California time,"

Talan_mM quietly enters.

Talan mM arrives.

scottrettberg says, "Sure."

Deena says, "Noon East Australia and 2 west Austrialia"

Deena says, "Hi TALAN!!"

Talan_mM says, "wow"

scottrettberg says, "Talan"

margie says, "talan!! you here??"

DavidKnoebel says, "did you bring the beer?"

Talan_mM says, "about time, i guess... telnet, finally"

Deena says, "ok that sounds good. I will spend the night at my mother's probably"

Deena says, "telnet worked, eh?"

Deena says, "What kept happening?"

margie says, "You are invited to stay with us--"

Deena says, "hmmm. knowing my mother, that might be best :)"

margie says, "Big guest house, three beds--"

Deena says, "I will peel off at Santefe then and come over to the house"

Talan_mM says, "only prob. with the telnet is resize"

Deena says, "Talan, folks have mostly gone home, but we thought we wold reschedule for Sunday 13"

Deena says, "Would this work?"

scottrettberg says, "I've unfortunately got to go pretty soon, forgot to pack the plug and am just about out of juice. Talan would you be able to do the 13th"

Talan_mM says, "i was having all kind so of network issues on this particular machine"

DavidKnoebel says, "what time on the 13th? "

margie says, "are you going to be driving a car? we are renting one in ABQ"

Deena says, "At 1 pm pacific time?"

Talan_mM says, "i'll be focused in a minute here"

Deena says, "no, I won't drive"

Deena says, "Scott, good to see you here. take care"

margie says, "Later, Scott!"

Deena says, "David, I think 4 pm eastern, 1 pm pacific, 9 pm GMT, 7 am Sydney time"

DavidKnoebel says, "OK 1pm pacific sounds good."

Deena says, "See you then David"

scottrettberg says, "have a goodnight everybody. talan could you email me your fone# want to talk about a show too."

Deena says, "email me the phone, too."

Deena says, "We will figure this out :)"

scottrettberg has disconnected.

DavidKnoebel says, "thanks deena, margie, talan. night all."

Deena says, "Talan, the first time, were you connected at work?"

Deena says, "Good night David"

DavidKnoebel has disconnected.

Deena says, "Margie and I are going to ALB next week."

Deena says, "My mother will try to come up to see the conference presentation"

Deena says, "she lives in Sante fe"

margie says, "that will be very cool!"

margie says, "Talan, are you there?"

Deena says, "Talan, let's practice the MOO before hand, unless this is the first time there have been problems?"

Deena says, "Thanks for all your patience in trying to get through!"

margie says, "Talan?"

Talan_mM has disconnected.

Deena says, "I dunno Margie"

Deena says, "Do you think this set up works ok?"

Deena says, "Or should we find another way to chat?"

Deena says, "Also, I am going to send out CM tonight. I haven;'t heard any comments."

margie says, "well, I think setup works great--this is a slick program--Talan was having different kinds of network trouble"

Deena says, "I have 5 people signed up for HT00 so far."

Talan_M quietly enters.

Talan M arrives.

Deena says, "I think you are right. He was also having trouble with email"

margie says, "I saw the call for more papers--they didn't get enough?"

Deena says, "Talan, was it a network problem or a M'oo problem?"

Talan_M says, "OK, here for real now..."

Deena says, "I didn't see the call. please forward"

margie says, "hey Talan!"

Talan_M says, "net and browser"

Deena says, "Hi Talan. We are just sweeping up the remains of the party."

margie says, "Deena, you sent it to us!"

Talan_M says, "irgggg..."

Deena hands Talan a fresh glass of champagne

Deena fresh

Talan_M says, "thanks"

margie says, "and we were just saying what a fickle handmaid that lady tech is, eh"

Talan_M says, "sorry i missed the fest..."

Deena says, "Yep. Were you having network problems or MOO problems"

margie says, "we missed YOU"

Deena says, "Can you make it next Sunday?"

Deena says, "People said great things about you :)"

Deena says, "Talan, do you have this trouble on defib?"

Talan_M says, "Networking on NT"

Deena says, "What do you guys use there"

Deena says, "oh, a networking problem."

Talan_M says, "I am not involved in the tech on Defib"

Deena says, "Do you host those chats?"

Talan_M says, "there are intermittent issues with the Java client"

Deena says, "yeah, seems like nothing is foolproof"

Talan_M says, "no, I do moderate the webartery list... I was the first guest..."

Deena puts on a jester's cap and cavorts around giggling mindlessly

Deena says, "oh, right. What is the webartery list?"

margie laughs, rubs her sore feet.

Talan_M says, "webartery is a pretty lively list concerned with in general... there are lit folks, artists, tech heads... "

Deena Gets a bucket of ice water for everyone's feet

Talan_M says, "lot's of theories get bantered about"

margie says, "oh folks, need to wrap up now--go read papers!"

Deena says, "cool, can you get me on that?"

Deena says, "Right, I am dead beat now, too. We will do the Wed chats an hour earlier than this."

Talan_M says, "sure thing"

PbN arrives from Courtyard

margie says, "me too?"

Deena says, ""

Deena says, "Hi PbN"

margie says, "whoPbN?"

Deena says, "Are you here for the chat?"

Deena says, "We are rescheduling for Sunday 13"

Deena says, "Where are you at PbN? (I probably messed up the time factor on the note..."

Talan_M says, "Sunday Feb. 13..... so, i guess i blew everyone's nite"

LawrenceJClark has disconnected.

Deena says, "Nope, we had a great chat."

Deena says, "But it will be even better when you come on Sunday"

Deena says, "This was our first on a week night, and we are still experimenting with the optimum times"

Deena says, "I couldn't believe it when people showed up two hours early!"

Talan_M says, "i am very sorry"

margie says, "yeah, when I whoed on, people had already been chatting for 35 minutes.!"

Deena says, "No problem. We'll reschedule"

Deena says, "I've been on now for four hours."

Deena says, "And my neck is sore."

margie says, "Talan, will e-mail you later, OK?"

Deena says, "@who"

Talan_M says, "amazing -- i was so excited.... ok, margie... "

Deena says, "PbN, are you still there"

margie says, "Night Deena--will talk with you, too."

Deena says, "Talan, do you want to practice some time?"

Deena says, "night Margie, please call me this weekend"

Talan_M says, "yes...."

margie says, "Night Talan, look forward to the next one"

Deena says, "When is a good time?"

Talan_M says, "nite"

margie says, "will do"

margie has disconnected.

Talan_M says, "I will email you... I have to wrap on a project or two this weekend"

Deena says, "Talan, that works for me. Thanks for trying :)"

-- End log: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 9:20:33 pm CST


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