Chat Transcript: February 23, 2000
The Dinner Party

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--- Start log: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 7:00:00 pm CST

jenniferley says, "hi deena, my it's quiet ... am I early?"

Deena says, "Yep, about an hour early. I always come in early because I am forever screwing the time up."

Deena says, "Or someone is..."

jenniferley says, "ack !!"

Deena says, "But its 9 pm EST, 8 CEN 7 MST 6 PST"

jenniferley says, "aha"

Deena says, "While you are here, could you check on the general links and see if that is how you would like the link to Progressive to show up."

Deena says, "I am having fun linking through the frames"

melinda says, "daylight savings in .au 12 noon""

Deena says, "oh melinda! I spaced daylight saving!!"

Deena says, "ok. So when does Australia get off daylight savings?"

Deena says, "So you are where and it is what time?""

melinda says, "a ohh a few months i think..i can never tell till someone tells me..""

Deena starts figuring with a pen and paper, determined to get it right for once

Deena says, "Are you in Sydney or Perth?"

melinda says, "Sydney... but Ill come back later so you can fix up what ever you have to,,""

Deena says, "I am just hanging around because I thought folks would sow up early."

Deena says, "it is noon in Sydney, 1 pm in Perth now, and I will get that right the next time"

Deena says, "Melinda, have you seen progressive dinner?"

jenniferley says, "aha ... did you see anything I typed while I was at the links"

Deena says, "If you can spare the time to see it and go to that, that would be super!"

melinda says, "yep I've never been b4...""

Deena says, "Oh, no, Jennifer, I didn't see your typing. "

jenniferley says, "I'm still getting used to the interface"

Deena says, "I think it opens a separate room and you have to page across rooms"

jenniferley says, "the link looks good to me if it's ok with Margie to go through the frames like that"

Deena says, "Melinda, go check it out b y general e-lit chat links"

jenniferley says, "btw ... can we set the width of the text window? Mine goes off the side"

melinda arrives from General Elit chat links

Deena says, "Where are you coming from and"

Robert_M says, "Hi! Don't mind me. "

Deena says, "What time is it there?"

Deena says, "Jennifer, I can set the link to open in a new screen, but the screen width is set by the person';s browser, I think."

Deena says, "I used target=blank"

Robert_M says, "I'm early, in case there is a crowd."

Deena says, "Terrific. We have Melinda from Sydney (where it is daylight savings time)"

jenniferley says, "I'll go check out how to MOO ;)"

Deena says, "Click on click here to find out hoe to MOO"

Robert_M says, "Try typing: @word wrap"

Robert_M says, "It says here..."

Robert_M says, "Type: @linelength 40"

Robert_M says, "Type @word wrap on"

jenniferley says, "thanks Robert ... "

Robert_M says, "Then type @pagelength 0"

Robert_M says, "You're welcome!"

jenniferley says, "yep ... did that one"

jenniferley says, "now someone has to type a long line so I can see if it works"

jenniferley says, "it works"

Robert_M says, "Well okay, never at a loss for words, I ramble on, and on..."

jenniferley says, "do I know you Robert?"

Robert_M says, "Heh heh. Work?"

Robert_M says, "I don't think so. I'm not here much."

jenniferley says, "do you write?"

Robert_M says, "Yes, I do"

jenniferley says, "hypertext or text text ??"

Robert_M says, "I write non-fiction--all html ebooks"

jenniferley says, "aha ... tell me more about the ebook please?"

jenniferley says, "are they just black and white? do they support javascript, etc."

Robert_M says, "Okay. There are different formats, mine are cdBooks(tm)."

Robert_M says, "My publisher wants the (tm) in there!"

jenniferley says, "ah yes they would hehe"

Robert_M says, "CD Rom."

jenniferley says, "so do you write in regular html?"

Robert_M says, "I write "baby html" then they do the heavy duty Java stuff."

Robert_M says, "I'm only allowed to create with the words...<grin>"

jenniferley says, "do you know if the Rocket Book is like that?"

jenniferley says, "html based ... it's a dimwit question but what the hay"

Robert_M says, "The rocket is no different than writing for a print pub."

Robert_M says, "The rocket book is a proprietary language--not html."

Deena says, "yes, I am following the epub groups and ALL they have done is port the book into electrons."

jenniferley says, "I wondered about that Deena"

Robert_M says, "It's a problem for them. That's why I went cd rom."

jenniferley says, "I posted some propaganda for us today at the forum"

Deena says, "Great! I did some last night."

Deena says, "Let's see if we can stack the decks a wee bit :)"

jenniferley says, "yes I saw yours ... i hate to say it but ... if all it is is a print book with a search feature"

Deena says, "Robert, what did you put on cd-rom"

jenniferley says, "it's really not that innovative ... "

Deena says, "Yes, but Jennifer, we HAVE to keep reminding them that there is so much more out there."

Deena says, "it is the only way they will GET IT."

jenniferley says, "oh yes and we will ) "

Robert_M says, "The book about astronomy is packed with NASA pics."

jenniferley says, "astronomy?? who's your publisher Robert"

Deena says, "I have now gotten Disappearing Rain rejected from 4 e-pubbers, and am going to try more."

Robert_M says, "The one about geology is full of action ifs."

jenniferley says, "good for you ... I haven't subbed a thing yet"

Robert_M says, "And both contain my succulent descriptions, of course"

Deena says, "If you have a lot of pics, then cd-rom is a good way to go."

Deena says, "Do you have links, etc?"

jenniferley says, "hehe ... publisher url please"

Robert_M says, ""

Deena passes around succulent pieces of fruit based on Robert's cd

Robert_M says, "Tell em the rascal ranger sent you."

Robert_M passes--to much sweet stuff today.

Robert_M Molts, becomes The Surly Curmudgeon

jenniferley says, "thanks Deena, that watermelon looks great ;)"

Deena says, "Do you think they would do a hypertext on html?"

Robert_M says, "<grin>"

Deena Looks around for trick wires to see how Robert molted so fast

jenniferley says, "I've got it bookmarked Robert ... I'm going to disconnect for a it and set up my vcr"

Robert_M says, "lol"

Deena says, "Robert, what got you interested in electronic lit?"

Robert_M says, "Cool. Thanks Jenn"

Robert_M says, "I was standing here in electric land, and they built it up around me."

Robert_M says, "I started publishing on diskette in 1993"

Robert_M says, "I've always been a booster for e-pub."

Deena says, "Sorry about that I got disconnected"

Deena says, "How did you decide to do electronic lit?"

Deena keeps flitting in and out of reality

Deena says, "Just a sec here, rob"

Robert_M says, "I've always been a proponent of e-pub. Okay."

Deena says, "Ok I am back. I am also looking at your publisher page."

Deena says, "Are you on the e-pub and e-book list?"

Robert_M says, "I started with publishing on diskettes about six years ago."

Robert_M says, "I'm on the e-writers list, and e-ditor."

Robert_M says, "E-editor, that is."

Deena says, "What is e-ditor for?"

Deena goes around snipping off the first initial s on every list

Robert_M says, "It's an e-mail group for electronic editors."

Deena says, "The voyage through the cosmos looks really intriguing now..."

Deena says, "Are most of the electronic editors associated with e-pubbers?"

Robert_M says, "Good! It's written to the tweeners market."

Robert_M says, "Sure. That's the population. I'm a publisher of an on-line writers site. I like to keep up with the trade."

Deena says, "The tweeners? so a college supplement text? How to make the cosmos come alive?"

Robert_M says, "OH--noo. "Tweeners as in the age 14 and up group"

Robert_M says, "I used a basic vocabulary, and explained the jargon."

Deena says, "What do electronic editors see as possibilities in e publishing to go beyond traditional books?"

Robert_M says, "Text books. A whole semester on a cd rom."

Deena says, "Ahh. I might get t hat for my goddaughter then. "

Deena says, "Is it a PDF file on the CD Rom?"

Robert_M says, "Versatility: Plenty of room for multi-media"

Deena says, "Yes, there is so much more you can put on a cd rom."

Robert_M says, "My publisher is exploring all sorts of stuff."

Deena says, "Marjorie Luesebrink, our guest tonight has a book coming out with over 40 song clips, 500 spaces, thousands of graphics, etc on a cd rom"

Robert_M says, "No--it's Java."

Robert_M | Deena How cool!

Deena says, "Java? better and better! I do hope the eeditors see the potential for hypertext, etc into books"

scottrettberg says, "hi deena"

scottrettberg says, "long time no speak"

Robert_M says, "Yes--interactive, animation--good stuff, java."

Deena says, "Hi Scott."

Deena says, "Robert M here, has a wonderful looking cd rom on the cosmos"

scottrettberg says, "cool what's it called?"

Robert_M purrs contentedly...

Deena says, "He is on the e-pub list and eeditor list"

Robert_M says, "A Voyage Through the Cosmos"

scottrettberg says, "great are you selfpubbing it?"

Robert_M says, "No--the publisher is doing the publicity."

scottrettberg says, "who is the publisher?"

Robert_M says, "I have to show up--that's about it."

Robert_M says, "waltsan publishing."

Robert_M says, ""

Deena says, "Do you think that Waltsan would publish a cdrom that used hypertext and html or other hypertext software?"

scottrettberg says, "deena can we drop in a link to the progressive dinner on the side over there?"

Robert_M says, "Yes."

Robert_M says, "The only limits.."

Deena says, "Great. I am of publicity"

Robert_M says, "Would be the OEB standards"

Deena says, "Yes, it would fit oeb standards"

Robert_M says, "Open Ebook standards, that is"

Deena says, "Scott, the link is up on general e-lit chat links"

scottrettberg says, "cool"

Deena says, "Rob, I am going to reconnect again. My apologies, but I can't seem to get a good connection tonight."

Robert_M says, "No problem"

carolyn quietly enters.

carolyn arrives.

scottrettberg says, "hi carolyn"

carolyn says, "hi scott"

scottrettberg says, "oh no where did deena go"

scottrettberg says, "hello again deena"

Deena says, "I am trying to reconnect so I have a good connection"

scottrettberg says, "so where are you at now carolyn, geographically ?"

Deena Shakes herself off and reenters the flow of things

Deena says, "Hi Rhonna"

Deena says, "Hi Surd"

Robert_M shakes hands rhonna

Rhonna grins and waves at all and sundry. "Hello."

Surd says, "Hi Deena, Jim Andrews here."

Deena says, "Great Surd. Glad you could come!"

scottrettberg says, "You and Margie sure put together an impressive showing on the dinner party"

scottrettberg says, "carolyn"

Deena Yes, and the assemblage list is really impressive!

Surd says, "Hi Cybele."

Cybele says, "hello all, lurking & cooking supper at the same time."

Surd says, "Still at work here, can't stay too long."

scottrettberg says, "my apologies, btw, on the chat section of the elo site . . . it will be streamlined soon"

Deena Sniffs into cybele's kitchen and smiles

Deena says, "That's ok--Marjorie should be here soon."

Surd says, "So what's shakin in Edmonton, Carolyn?"

Deena says, "Carolyn, Did you see any trends in hypertext as you were cataloguing the sites?"

carolyn says, "help"

Deena says, "Click on the link how to MOO for basic instructions"

Deena says, "You may have to scroll down a bit to do that"

carolyn says, "i already did that, but my monitor is too small for me to see what's happening..."

Surd says, "Or click on "say" down bottom middle then type""

carolyn says, "that seems to be working, yes?"

Surd says, ""yes""

carolyn says, "whew. thought that i was talking to myself."

Surd says, "am i double quoting?"

scottrettberg says, "? did you just send a sound "

Surd says, "ehehe and answering"

Deena says, "Carolyn, type @linelength 40"

Deena says, "then @pagelength 0"

Rhonna says, "Carolyn, you may also need to turn wordwrap on? @wrap on"

carolyn says, "apparently macs won't do that here..."

scottrettberg says, "hi Jennifer"

Surd says, "hi jen"

scottrettberg says, "congratulations on a really great issue"

jenniferley says, "Hi Scott, everyone :)"

carolyn says, "hey, jen"

Deena says, "Carolyn, I am on a mac and it seems to work. "

jenniferley says, "let me set my line lengths just a sec"

Deena says, "Did you click on the top square to maximize the window?"

Deena says, "Hi John!"

jmcdaid says, "hi deena"

Deena says, "Aileron is done by Ed Buffaloe."

Deena says, "It is a great job, and he is looking for more hypertexts, if anyone has any to send."

jenniferley says, "are your lines wrapping Carolyn? there are a bunch of commands under how to MOO to change that"

Deena says, "Also, Iowa Review is looking at new hypertext"

jenniferley says, "and thank you Scott ... "

Deena says, "Try @wrap on"

Deena says, "Carolyn, did you find any trends when you were cataloging the hypertexts for assemblage?"

Deena says, "Are there hot spots for hypertext and elit?"

carolyn says, "I'm still lost..."

Deena says, "What do you see on your screen Carolyn?"

carolyn says, "i tried the word wrap trick, but i see to be working with suddenly prehistoric equipment"

scottrettberg says, "jen you want to maybe talk a little about what your goals were in putting together the issue, and what you discovered along the way?"

jenniferley says, "I can do that ... I don't want to overlap Deena's question to Carolyn tho"

carolyn says, "it's okay. I'll just listen."

jenniferley says, "Carolyn try typing @pagelength 50 ... that worked for me"

mez says, "lo all:)"

scottrettberg says, "go ahead, I think, and carolyn or deena can ping . . . though carolyn, if you can see and say, please do"

Cybele says, "reading & listening morph in cyberspace."

Surd says, "hi mezianac"

mez says, "how r we all?:)"

jenniferley says, "ok, the goals for the issue crystallized after many of us met at DAC"

mez n-gagez her listening sphere

jenniferley says, "I asked Carolyn to help because she has so much experience in the field /a really remarkable knowledge base"

jenniferley says, "and Margie and she decided to do the Progressive Dinner Party"

Margie arrives.

jenniferley says, "and here she is to talk about it :)) yay"

scottrettberg says, "perfect timing"

carolyn :blushes

Margie says, "hello all!"

Deena says, "Welcome Margie"

jenniferley says, "hi Margie :)"

carolyn says, "hey there, Margie"

scottrettberg says, "hi Margie"

Margie says, "sorry I am late--please forgive"

Deena says, "We are talking about the Progressive Dinner party, which is up at Riding the Meridian."

Deena says, "You can all take a look at it by clicking on the general chat links"

Margie says, "good! where are we?"

scottrettberg says, "at the start"

carolyn rummages in her dufflebag

scottrettberg says, "talking about the concept of the whole issue of RTM"

Deena says, "Carolyn, Jennifer, and Margie have done an incredible job of listing the works in the hypertext field and pointing us to great stuff"

Deena says, "Hi Russ"

Margie says, "OK--I hope many of you have been able to take a look at the collection of works by women, gathered by Carolyn G. and myself in this Women and Technology issue of RM, Jennifer's great zine"

Deena says, "Margie, did you see any trends in hypertext as you were compiling this work?"

cleo arrives from ComMOOnity (Second Dimension)

Margie says, "A couple of things really stood out, first the level of technical expertise in these pieces, and second, the incredible variety of expression--so much talent"

mez is getting lozt b-tween the spacez ov wurds

bixbyru says, "I see a trend... most of the authors in the field are women. I mean in hypertext and electronic literature in general."

Deena says, "Well, actually, Jennifer, aren't you going to do an analogous men in ht issue soon?"

Cybele says, "ahem"

Margie says, "by the way, do I know everyone--who is Snapdragon, russ, rhonna, "

jenniferley says, "Margie and I plan to do a Men's Progressive Dinner party"

Rhonna says, "Forgive the interruption, guys, but some of us are in the dark about "RM." Can you give a full title?"

jenniferley says, "if we all live that long ;)"

bixbyru says, "I mean in other frames as well... at least such as I've seen."

scottrettberg says, "the women are smarter"

Margie says, "Ah, Riding the Meridian--there must be a link there on the left hand page?"

scottrettberg leaves for General Elit chat links

bixbyru says, "Margie, I'm Russ Bixby - a friend to Deena."

Deena says, "Yes, click on the General Elit chat links"

Margie says, "hi Russ"

cleo says, "hello all, Claire here"

Deena says, "Ahem, scott..."

Robert_M leaves for General Elit chat links

bixbyru says, "Ooohoo! Well, if the shoe fits, chew it."

scottrettberg says, ""

jenniferley says, "what do you think scott wants buttering us up like that ?? hehe"

mez says, "hey claire:)"

scottrettberg says, "like what?"

Margie says, "I would like to say that the --jeepers I'm running behind alreaady"

Deena says, "Margie, what about the backgrounds of the writers? Are they "

Margie says, "hi Rhonna"

bixbyru says, "scottrettberg says, "the women are smarter..."

Deena says, "I noticed that many people are coming from an artistic background, others from a web background"

Deena says, "Why do you think so many people with such varied backgrounds are flocking to this new medium?"

Margie says, "then, scott--I don't think this is a gender contest at all. it's more that women were already written off in technology before--too complicated for them, etc. it was a surprise to see that this was not so"

bixbyru says, "Deena - are they what?"

scottrettberg says, "obviously for the free twinkies"

Deena throws twinkies to everyone

bixbyru says, "It's why computers took off in the first place; unlimited potential for creative expression. Also, the eraser doesn't make holes in the keyboard""

Deena says, "Hi Robert and Jennifer. We are talking about the new issue of Riding the Meridian, women in technology."

Deena says, "Carolyn, how did you identify people for assemblage?"

Jennifer-F says, "thank you Deena"

Margie says, "The number of women working in the field, as reflected in Carolyn's Assemblage attests to a lively field, though "

carolyn says, "i set a standard that is fairly high, looking for works that are well written, well programmed and well designed"

mez thinks her engage.ment with the whole hyper.mediamatic realm is 1 of x-plortaion, ov being able to x-pand on notionz of play and make then in2 a cohesive art platform....

Deena says, "Mez, I think that really is the key, that we can play with this new medium and stretch it beyond anything in the physical realm"

carolyn says, "mez's is among the playful"

Margie says, "And they seem not to be limited by any conventional notion of what should go on with electronic presentation--"

cleo says, "for me it is the all-inclusiveness of the medium - I always felt so many limits before - here i can play with image, music and text, as well as have a kinetic element, sometimes of change, that makes it very alive for me, shall we say"

Surd says, "nice typo, Margie."

Deena says, "Yes, Margie, do you see the works in the dinner party as ignoring conventions, or flouting conventions? in other words, what is the relationship between hypertext and traditional art conventions"

carolyn says, "Yes, indeed. they burst the boundaries of word and image"

Deena says, "pre-set action. I like it."

scottrettberg says, "it's beautiful that so many different forms are being created, kind of smashing borders"

Margie says, "help, I never could type--enough monkeys"

Deena passes around typ-o fluid

Deena (or is that type -o blood?

jenniferley says, "I know I was impressed by how many women are working in the field"

Deena says, "Yes, but are they smashing borders deliberately or just acting as if borders don't apply?"

mez grabs the type-oh fluidy and uses it as a magical leakage, wurd balm and cat-ah-lyst...

Margie says, "the thing about these works is the difference of vision. as though no one told any one of the writers what had to be--upstart stuff"

bixbyru says, "women were never 'not in technology.' that misconception has cost millions of promotions, but women have been in computing technology from day zero."

scottrettberg uses a verb

carolyn says, "it's not just breaking things, scott, it's setting new things up to replace the old..."

cleo says, "I imagine that depends on the individual"

scottrettberg says, "yes, not breaking but blurring borders constructively"

mez says, "I'll B back in a minute or 2.."

Deena says, "So as we set new thinks up, Carolyn, are we looking at the potential in the new work as an entity in and of itself?"

bixbyru says, "what is the relationship between hypertext and traditional art conventions...? What is the relationship between Salvadore Dali and Mark Twain? This is just progress."

carolyn makes bricolage

Deena says, "Or are we working off the resources that have come before this?"

jenniferley says, "I like the idea of new 'thinks'"

Margie says, "but the way that the layers of technology each form new language, as though you had both multilinear and multivocal things going on at the same time--but reflected in this technology fun house of mirrors--"

Deena looks up bricolage in dictionary and doesn't see it

carolyn sifts sediments

cleo says, "very nice m :) ..."

jNet says, "I know what bricolage is!"

bixbyru says, "we think in three dimensions. now we can write what we think."

Deena thinks of uncle buddy's fun house and the mirror worlds locked behind passwords...

Deena pokes jNet and whispers what is bricolage?

carolyn says, "bricolage is building from a bunch of eclectic materials. a sort of art of all trades..."

bixbyru says, "deena - BTW, the quotas are fixed now... 5000 nodes."

jenniferley says, "let's face it ... there just aren't rules yet for hypertext ... which makes it a lot more fun to work with"

carolyn says, "a bricoleur is a handy(wo)man"

margie says, "Deena, I think so much of the web work, at least, represents a new blending of many different traditions--from art, poetry, typesetting, tech, lit, and, as Kate points out elsewhere, even artists books--lots of things"

Deena says, "Russ, it's much more than three dimensions."

scottrettberg says, "amen to da . . . a lack of rules can be a good thing"

Deena nods sagely. "And electronic lit is building from everything in sight."

jenniferley says, "Margie .. what was the hardest part of the project for you?"

jNet wondering what normal, say and emote do?

bixbyru says, "I was being simplistic; in actuality, we no longer need to be linear. We can jump around as easily in text as in thought. that's a big wow... big."

scottrettberg says, "normal gives you kind of a fifties look"

cleo says, "we are greedy little beavers aren't we?!"

Deena says, "margie, this blending then is really apparent in the backgrounds of the writers. Have you seen a lot of collaborative work that uses the skills of many creative people?"

Deena says, "Yep. its an n-ary dimensional universe, and anything is possible"

Deena hands out the incisors and some aspen logs

mez floats back, then prepares to run out again....

margie says, "Jennifer--the project was not really hard (although it would have been much harder without Carolyn's work to go on. It was a very fun time-consuming. Hardest was just getting the map to work cross-browser!"

mez says, "sorry all, must dash, congrats to jen for a great pub and all who helped with it..."

Deena says, "Mez, thanks for checking in with us. "

bixbyru says, "besides, hypertext does have rules. we must use real words, it helps if there is entertainment value, et cetera. what there ain't are conventions - yet. it's kind of like movies do not suffer the limitations of the stage.'"

Deena says, "Margie, what kinds of relationships did you see between graphics and sound, text and motion, etc?"

jNet says, "hypertext can also be perceived as a way of working within very strict limitations"

jenniferley says, "they did in the beginning tho Bix ... and I think that speaks to how much evolution we can expect in hypertext don't you?"

margie says, "Deena, the blending was evident everywhere, in the genre blends, in the fact that so many of the people do many things, write, edit, promote, support, collaborate, etc. and then, the blending of techniques"

Deena says, "So we have a blending of backgrounds, a blending of arts,"

carolyn blends between dimensions

Deena says, "jNet, yes, many times, we set up very small worlds and have to work within them."

Surd says, "surd comes back from beavering"

Deena says, "Welcome back Jim"

cleo says, "welcome!"

margie says, "funny about freedom and constraint. most of these artists are doing what we would call very formal work--it is structured, meaningful, dense, intellectual--and yet, there is a certain freedom of application?"

carolyn says, "a literacy, margie? or a playfulness?"

scottrettberg says, "or freedom from constraint of genre"

Deena says, "Isn't this why we set up forms like sonnets?"

jNet says, "must have boundaries to have freedom, I suppose"

margie says, "I am with those folks who point out that html, browsers, coding, all very unforgiving--and so it is double surprising to see so much creativity"

Deena says, "There are so many possibilities that we need to set out, or carve out the space we will work in"

scottrettberg says, "with plenty of other constraints, arbitrary and improvisationally made"

Deena says, "Yes, we have to work within a very limited number of criteria--like web safe colors, etc"

snapdragon has disconnected.

bixbyru says, "how about stake out. that way, we can move should the need arise."

carolyn thinks about dry clean only fabrics

scottrettberg says, "stake out how"

margie says, "oh, yes, and colors, sizes, platforms. We had almost every sort of base line--from Shockwave to straight-vanilla html"

bixbyru says, "as in put down stakes... mark a few points, but no definite borders. not a cave or walls, just a loose idea of 'home.'"

Deena says, "How did you deal with browser issues and works that required plugins?"

jNet says, "perhaps it has to do with experimenting with available tools ..."

scottrettberg says, "home is where the art is"

jenniferley says, "I think that's often true Jean"

margie says, "Well, since we were opening separate windows, we let the chips fall. Not everyone will be able to enjoy everything--but that is in the nature of the web, too, eh?"

Deena says, "Yes, that is my main frustration is not being ABLE to read everything."

margie says, "when you think about it, this medium is a lot about giving up control, too"

Deena says, "It is a matter of time available, but often, I give up after the first system crash"

bixbyru says, "an important consideration is bandwidth; if it takes forever to download or you a bazillion plugins, people will read elsewhere. things should be elegant, as simple as possible that will still function. in simplicity there is strength."

carolyn nods energetically

jenniferley says, "it certainly loosens you up as a creator to realize people won't necessarily see everything as you wish them to"

Deena says, "And then of course, there are the works that are on obsolete machines, too, so we are only able to see a narrow range of the field"

Deena says, "Yes, you have to give up so much authorial control"

margie says, "this is true, but some of these works are way out on the cutting edge--someone is surely bleeding from not getting seen, but that is her choice"

Surd says, "don't nod too hard, carolyn, it'll break your mac."

Deena says, "Do you think that artists have more of a difficulty in giving up that minute control than text works"

scottrettberg says, "you want to walk through a few of the works in the party, speaking of different windows? What works surprised you the most, M and C, "

jNet dreams of streaming media that works cross platform, sigh

bixbyru says, "probably - everyone sees their situation as 'the way things are.'"

margie says, "anyone working in this field has already made the decision to let some things roam free--or she/he has left the field in a fast hurry--the first time you see your beautiful blue rendered on the other platform"

carolyn says, "bandwidth will resolve itself (as it always does), so size, speed, etc. are temporary problems"

bixbyru says, "what's a 'slow hurry?'"

Deena says, "Yes, but we will get more and more goodies to fill up more and more bandwidth"

Deena Chases a never ending tail

bixbyru says, "and what's the 'other platform?' I'm on a Sun SPARCStation right now..."

scottrettberg says, "Virginia Woolf walked about in one (slow hurry)"

Deena says, "Carolyn, what surprised you the most in compiling these works?"

margie says, "Scott, since there are so many, I will only mention a few that surprised me. first, I had not seen Angie Eng's work, and the first time I saw that little car in Empty Velocity with the arrows jumping all over, I nearly died"

margie says, "the other platform is whichever one you don't use"

carolyn says, "Deena, it was the joy and the exhilaration in them. "

Surd says, "So the Dinner Party is a subset of Assemblage?"

carolyn says, "the pleasure and pure creativity..."

Deena says, "Carolyn,why do you think there is so much life and joy in these works?"

bixbyru says, "ahhh... point taken. I'm heterogeneous here, but of course that's not the case everywhere."

Deena says, "Bix, we tend to think of the platform that we ourselves use to create the works as the only platform around. "

cleo says, "unfortunately ..."

carolyn says, "sorry, too many questions. i can't keep up. "

Deena says, "Jennifer, do you see that same enthusiasm in the works you receive for Meridian?"

margie says, "I had started the piece from a list that I had used in several classes that I had taught on Women on the Web--I went to Assemblage for ideas, and realized that I didn't need to reinvent the wheel--asked Carolyn if she would agree to co-author. then we could feature Assemblage all along"

Deena says, "Cleo, do you see that in Cauldron and Net?"

jenniferley says, "If I thought too much about how the colors I labor to create get smashed on other systems I'd be manic ;)"

Deena says, "Yep. I settle for legibility--if I can get it :)"

bixbyru says, "i know - that can lead to some hard calls. and i thought the web was s'posed to be easy..."

carolyn says, "the dinner party is a conglomerate of highlights from Assemblage 's English language works, but it is quite parate..."

Deena says, "Carolyn, what do you see happening on the international scene?"

jenniferley says, "Deena ... I hunt down quite a lot of the work, I'm a pretty aggressive editor ;)"

jenniferley says, "and I look for work that illustrates different aspects of a whole ... like Adrien Junkies desktop theatre "

cleo says, "I'm sorry - too many questions - your intended one?"

Deena says, "Have you guys seen an explosion of work on the net? It seems like there was very little in 97, a lot in 98, and then so much in 99 I couldn't keep track at all..."

bixbyru says, "we should all have Macs. they have colorsync, and that can be used by a browser, too...'"

Deena says, "Maybe this tracks the general usage,"

jenniferley says, "I've felt that way Deena"

Deena says, "Carolyn, are the newer works more exuberant, do you think?"

jenniferley says, "Carolyn, it must drive you nuts trying to keep Assemblage up to date"

carolyn says, "In Germany, work is being very much influenced by the work of Michael Joyce and by performance art--equally."

Deena says, "yes, how will we keep track?"

carolyn is going crazy trying to keep up with the conversation in a postage stamp sized window...

Deena says, "Hmmm, that is interesting. How is work influenced by Joyce? guard fields, recursion ideals?"

cleo says, "wb"

Surd says, "sorry, have to go, thanks all!"

Deena says, "Carolyn, I know how hard this is to do. But I have not found a way to resize the chat window yet..."

cleo says, "bye"

margie says, "bye Jim, good to see you"

carolyn says, "Assemblage requires work every day, but it is pleasure,not work"

Deena says, "Cleo, it was great to see you"

jenniferley says, "bye Claire"

Deena says, "Carolyn, do you go after links for assemblage or do people come to you?"

margie says, "claire--you still here, yes"

cleo says, "no, I was saying 'bye to Jim"

carolyn says, "intertextual references mostly refer back to Joyce"

Deena says, "Oh sorry, I misread in the tiny window. By Jim, Hi claire"

margie says, "Carolyn--I think this is the result of the phone charge in Germany--they tend to rely more on autonomous media, yes?"

carolyn says, "both deena"

scottrettberg says, "i like the idea of Michael Joyce influencing a generation of German writers there's a kind of poetry in that"

Deena says, "Interesting. I wonder why"

bixbyru says, "work should be pleasure. if it's not, find other work."

Deena says, "Yes, how does the high cost of internet access affect the hypertext and electronic lit in Europe?"

carolyn says, "i monitor many lists and try to keep up on the news, but folks contact me directly as well"

jenniferley says, "that's an issue for a lot of the European countries ... we're spoiled in the us don't you think?"

Deena says, "Carolyn, is there a list of these lists?"

margie says, "oh geez, soon the web will be cheaper everywhere, and then the web writers will be better appreciated, me think"

cleo says, "indeed, but I have to admit I'm damned glad!"

jenniferley smiles at Deeba

carolyn says, "Michael has spoken in Germany a number of times. The power of voice?"

jenniferley or Deena as the case may be ;)

Deena says, "Jennifer, yes, and we think everyone has the bandwidth, which gets back to Margie's point about sacrificing audience for technique"

carolyn says, "the only list is Assemblage."

carolyn says, "but, deena, i can give you some urns privately if you like"

Deena says, "I monitor about 5 lists and go nuts doing that, so it is mind boggling to think about the sheer increases in communication about hypertext and elit"

bixbyru says, "exactly, deena. the widest possible audience requires the most accessible media, but of course if it's too bland/simple you lose audience. the happy medium is on a drunkard's walk."

jenniferley thinks that Deena's energy always amazes her in that regard :)

cleo says, "brb"

margie says, "the audience/technique issue must needs be a private decision by each artist--always a dynamic choice, yes?"

Deena Qucily stitches a drunkards walk quilt for everyone.

scottrettberg dances in french

Deena says, "It is very dynamic, as the web techniques change every six months."

jenniferley does her interpretation of the Flight of the Bumblebee

margie says, "I am curious if others here had a reaction to DP"

carolyn says, "ah."

Deena says, "I have been overjoyed to find a list of works so that I don;t have to hunt through them."

jNet tries to watch Grammies and read the screen at the same time - (multi-tasking attention deficit disorder)

Deena says, "Having someone lay them out is wonderful"

Deena says, "It will take a long time to go through DP for me, though..."

carolyn says, "part of the pleasure is in recognizing and allowing all of the different styles and agendas"

Deena looks up at the daunting task

Deena says, "Carolyn, what are some of the agendas u see?"

carolyn says, "...not imposing personal 'taste' so much as a quality measure"

scottrettberg says, "yeah, loosening up definitions and having fun"

jenniferley says, "but ... can quality measure ever be that impersonal?"

margie says, "as long as so many folks are working in varied directions, the standards might stay fluid a while?"

carolyn says, "feminism, post-feminism, visual arts background, technoweenie (sic) views..."

Deena says, "Quality is somewhat subjective and hard to pin of those, I know it when I see it things"

bixbyru says, "and how shall we define 'quality...?'"

Deena Rides off on a zen motorcycle

margie says, "the quality issue did not come up, surprisingly, each work was finished in its own way"

jNet says, "if it doesn't crash everyone's browser, maybe?"

jNet says, "unless that is the goal, of course"

Deena says, "Well, grammatron is great every time I see it demoed, but it crashes my crashing can't quite be it"

carolyn says, "right, scott. breaking out of the old definitions of genres, genders, points of view..."

Deena crashes her zen motorcycle and comes limping back to the discussion

margie says, "oh, these pieces were not really browser crashers per se, I didn't have any trouble, for example"

scottrettberg says, "if you walk away saying i waited an hour and really mean it, but otherwise"

scottrettberg says, "wasted"

Deena says, "scott, wated --wasted or waited"

bixbyru hands Deena some Zen training wheels and a side car

carolyn says, "crashing works for Jodi"

margie says, "I think people are willing to wait, too, for content they think they will get a pay-off from"

jenniferley doesn't see the value in crashing but then ... I like content

carolyn cringes and rubs her peg leg at the thought of a motorcycle crash

Deena says, "I think so. But often I feel like it is eye candy unless I can see a meaning and relationship in the text"

Deena hands carolyn some good peg leg polish from to zen koan

carolyn smiles and sighs

bixbyru says, "exactly! it's the difference between Fantasia and 'Phantom Menace.' One was CGI on parade, the other had substance."

Deena says, "so the technique can be used well or poorly"

scottrettberg tries to think of a certain term, thinks it's sfumatta but doesn't know how to spell it

margie gives Carolyn a hug

carolyn eats quality eye candy with relish

carolyn hugs margie back

Deena says, "Good point, carolyn. Sometimes eye candy is delicious"

bixbyru says, "yes, at least so say I. Form should follow function, in my totally impartial, non-judgmental view..."

jNet says, "didn't Fantasia have nice music?"

cleo says, "eye candy need not mean content-less"

Deena says, "Speaking of, Margie, did you see a lot of pieces that merged sound and graphics?"

bixbyru says, "Fantasia was the one with substance, jNet."

margie is trying to figure out why eye candy can't precede substance

jenniferley agrees with cleo

Deena passes out dishes of eye ball gum

jNet mumbles oops

bixbyru says, "no, but neither is it in itself content. at least not usually. "

scottrettberg is grossed out by the very concept of eye ball gum

jenniferley thinks it probably makes a difference if the person creating the work has an arts or literature reference

carolyn says, "it depends on the goal of the piece. if the piece aims to be aesthetic, then it might be called eye candy..."

Deena puts nice little glasses and shades on each piece of eyeball gum

margie says, "Almost every piece we used had graphics, many very lavish. Claire's design, for example, is incredible. Most of the pieces had graphic content that WAS the text"

Deena says, "Which goes back to the agendas."

bixbyru says, "jNet, I'm the one who swapped the names; for all you know, I've no taste and thought PM was great and F was a waste of film..."

Deena says, "What do you all see as agendas in various pieces?"

Deena says, "to be aesthetic, to get across a point, ??"

jenniferley says, "yes, margie ... wasn't it you who said something about reading images?"

cleo says, "I'm afraid I do not agree, but that depends on how visually inclined you are - I think aesthetics are a language and ethic for some - many a visual artist anyway"

Deena says, "How do you interpret the images in an aesthetic language"

carolyn says, "Aesthetics are about an emotional response, more than an intellectual one."

margie says, "The agenda was almost always to show rather than tell, to let the reader discover something in the Process of manipulating, reading, viewing, playing"

carolyn says, "Yes, aesthetics are a language but a personal one"

margie says, "the interesting thing is how much that aesthetic did permeate--the whisper, the delight, the slow revealing of depth"

Deena says, "so this is back to the browsers almost, you can;t really control what a person will interpret your piece as..."

bixbyru says, "cleo, I agree. I'll not criticize Picasso for lack of a plot. What I mean is that appearance of a webpage (special effects, et cetera) do not *always* make it worth a visit."

carolyn nods at margie

cleo says, "you got it Margie - they are often meant to create an atmosphere conducive to contemplation"

Deena says, "So we are leading people on individual voyages of discovery"

jNet says, "hmm, terms like eye candy and worry over aesthetics perhaps imply an inferiority of the visual? Bit o' text bias?"

Deena says, "good point bix"

margie says, "the fact that most of the web work is non-preach, rather play, and the message, if we dare call it that, is revealed through the action of the reader"

carolyn thinks that no response to art can be controlled...

bixbyru says, "thanx."

Deena says, "Guilty as charged jNet. I think I like the control of text, where I can read something and say this is what this word means."

Deena says, "But there is a lot of word candy out there too,"

Deena says, "Delicious to eat, but not so much substance"

scottrettberg says, "actually, the word is not the word in my view, but the word as interpreted"

jenniferley says, "but as a poet ... yes Deena ... words can be interpreted so many different ways ... and then there's that darn context issue"

jNet says, "then you get the boundaries of language, oh la la"

cleo says, "it's about discovery, incitement (hopefully!) - an "open-system' (oxymoron noted"

Deena says, "yep, you're right there, you two"

scottrettberg says, "but a hundred good words is worth a picture sometimes"

Deena says, "Open in many ways--from creator to viewer, from interpretation to interrelation"

margie says, "if we are looking at a field in which the interactive is the first conduit of sensory pleasure, then we have to give up the notion that there is a definitive reading, yes? especially on the web, where conditions will vary"

jenniferley says, "do you think that hypermedia authors, because they espouse non linearity and give their audience more control, are more open to the idea that the work can be interpreted on a lot of different level"

cleo says, "and vice versa scott"

Deena says, "Welcome Nolan. We are talking about the works listed in the Progressive Dinner party (see the links at the general chat links)"

jenniferley vows to stop reading Margie's mind

carolyn thinks that we don't yet have the vocabulary to talk about this new aesthetics. it's not that we devalue images...

jmcdaid leaves for General Elit chat links

scottrettberg says, "i was thinking about this today--that for instance images from the news have a fleeting quality, but that images recorded and interpreted in words tend to last longer than uninterpreted images"

bixbyru says, "jNet, what I mean is that a poetry page does not necessarily need loud music and movies. maybe, but 'taste' should come into play somewhere. when a thing is possible, it does not always follow that it is desirable."

margie margie thinks it's ok to read her mind--that's why she wants to write anyhow

scottrettberg says, "from the news that is"

cleo says, "I think that's very subjective"

jNet says, "loud music could use some poetry"

jenniferley just built a whole batch of work ON the premise of loud obnoxious music

scottrettberg says, "well like guernica means more because its written and talked about"

Deena says, "And it depends on what you are listening (looking) to, and what you are listening (looking) for"

margie says, "many of the pieces in DP had sound, and some might not have always found this pleasing--but it is part of the text, too"

Deena says, "So Scott, the interpretations ADD to the meaning as well..."

margie says, "we can't always assure that the reader will like everything in that cozy way"

carolyn listens attentively

margie says, "hello mcdaid"

Deena says, "Margie, it sounds like there is a wide range of tastes in DP.. Co"

scottrettberg says, "there's a symbiosis"

bixbyru says, "sound is a trick; the MIDI and other abilities of hardware vary so widely that what is pleasant on one might be offensive on another."

Deena says, "Back to the browser wars again, bix"

jNet says, "midi isn't necessarily music, is it?"

bixbyru says, "no, but it's one approach."

margie says, "russ, you are right. but there is the issue of context, too. the web is a place to play with the given. I like to use sound files that are free on the web, Midi junk, cuz I tend to write Calif trash"

Deena says, "Margie, how did people use sounds ? Was it mostly music, sound effects, words?"

jNet says, "I enjoy sound on the web, but then I keep my speakers on low volume"

Deena says, "What surprised you about the use of sounds?"

carolyn thinks about getting a sound card installed

margie says, "Deena, I don't know how to say back--like to cover the commentary, see what folks thought of Talan, Kate"

jNet thinks Carolyn must have a sound card soon!

Deena says, "Margie, how did you create the commentary? How do you see the commentary in DP?"

carolyn nods

margie says, "I loved the little song file in Olia Lialina's piece, for example, silly little song"

Deena Vows to go out and get us both sound cards

bixbyru says, "If the poetry is apocalyptic, a sound file of 'bloody synday' might be indicated... what I'm trying to say is that the author needs to know *precisely* what they wish to say, in *all* media which they use. a great writer might be a lousy graphic artist and verse versa."

Deena says, "Note that people also have to think that their pieces will be seen by luddites without sound cards"

Deena says, "So the sound sets the tone..."

margie says, "I didn't write commentary, too busy doing the coding, but Kate Hayles and Talan Memmott did such job of putting this in context, no?"

carolyn thinks, 'like me'

bixbyru says, "deena, Macs don't need sound cards."

Deena says, "What did people think of the commentary?"

scottrettberg says, "precision is pretty durn near impossible in this medium"

jenniferley wonders if her opinion on this could be considered objective

cleo says, "lol!"

margie thinks sure J.

jNet says, "I enjoyed the commentary - the Dinner Party by Judy Chicago meant a lot to me when I first saw it - felt very happy to be involved with anything with similar ideology"

carolyn wonders what jen's opinion is

jmcdaid says, "isn't it cool that precision is impossible in a computer?"

jenniferley says, "I found both commentaries very insightful ... "

margie says, "jnet--so good to have you here --want to talk about your work in the DP?"

jNet just figured out what DP stands for

margie says, "good!"

carolyn laughs

cleo says, "who is jnet?"

scottrettberg says, "it's pretty cool. it's like everything else is, only it's right there embodied in the medium"

Deena Throws around some more acronyms

carolyn catches a cliche in the eye

bixbyru says, "By the way, you folks don't have to listen to me. I'm almost a Luddite myself..."

jNet says, "er, uh, it uses lots of images and some text - a collaboration I did with Raquel Rivera - I'm jeanNet"

margie says, "like the question of precision, for example. jeez, you can"

scottrettberg says, "DP= British Petroleum concern bought out by German Petroleum concern"

cleo says, "is that why you're on a sun?!"

Deena says, "Yes, all chats will be at the link shown in the General elit chat link"

cleo says, "lol!"

margie says, "can't make a mistake at all in the coding or it's Katie bar the door, but you can't do a thing with the product that it doesn't want to do on an individual machine"

bixbyru says, "I use computers as a tool and a toy, but i don't take them as a religion... they are wonderful servants, but I'll not serve them."

Jennifer-F has connected.

jNet says, "maybe if you had a PC .."

carolyn thinks toys are pretty cool

scottrettberg says, "i pet mine regularly like a furry godhead"

jNet says, "they say Macs are for Catholics, PC for Protestants"

carolyn says, "are we all slaves to toys?"

jenniferley says, "now Scott !!"

Deena says, "We can stay as long as we want here folks, but I do want to announce that the next chat will be Sunday march 11 at noon Eastern time. We will talk about the database that e-lit or has set up for writers"

bixbyru says, "jNet, I do; it usually runs Unix. and a Ma. And a machine I built in 1974... but I'm a Luddite!"

margie says, "In the Dinner Party, the computer became transparent, because it was the universal medium--the question then moved to the use of technique, not the presence of the tool it self."

Deena passes around furry luddites

carolyn likes mirages insight

Deena says, "somewhat like paper--no one sees the boo or the canvas, but notices the art itself"

jNet says, "yes, 'DP' has a nice interface"

jenniferley says, "it's good to think we've come to that"

bixbyru says, "Is it a Luddite perspective, or Calvinist, to seek elegance? To say in a brace of words what others say half as well with a whole page of text and pix?"

margie says, "exactly. by the time you have 39 works, in DP, and hundreds in Assemblage, all using the computer, it is not a factor any more. I was intrigued to see HOW something was being done, but not focused on the fact that the computer was the conduit"

jNet says, "minimalism is probably Calvinist, but I dunno about it being elegant necessarily"

Deena says, "It is amazing, actually, when you think about it that we have as much commonalty in the computers as we do..."

scottrettberg says, "thanks for a lovely evening, everyone. I've got to go"

bixbyru says, "We all have computers, but the actual medium is more focused. HyperCard and its variants, the Web, stand alone apps... the list is long."

Deena says, "considering only a decade ago there were very few places where computers talked to each other."

margie says, "russ, I hope you have seen how elegant some of these things are--quality didn't seem to be an issue, either, as I have said"

Deena says, "Thanks for coming scott"

margie says, "bye scott"

cleo says, "that's an exceedingly relative vision bix, proust or james are exceedingly long winded, but the excess of their language is, for me, a drug that has it's own meaning - "

bixbyru says, "people, I must go as I'm watching a friends kids. that's and have a happy night one and all."

margie says, "bye russ"

bixbyru says, "see you all on the eleventh..."

The housekeeper arrives to remove bixbyru.

Deena says, "Margie, do you see the Progressive Dinner Party as an ongoing endeavor, "

Deena grins wickedly

jenniferley says, "I'm having a hard time typing longer thoughts into this interface ... had wanted to finish that thought beyond insightful, but the meds I'm taking seem to be making her dopey"

jNet thinks aha! it should be PDP

carolyn says, "say yes, margie. say yes."

margie says, "Ah, ongoing--yes, it would seem that one could hardly abandon all this"

cleo says, "it could be an annual event, or a biennal -"

Deena says, "I think that we need to keep up with this field --"

carolyn feels tired

Deena says, "Assemblage is great but it is so large that it is daunting indeed"

margie says, "but it all depends on Carolyn. Her insight and detective work is the thing that made the piece work"

jNet hands carolyn an espresso

carolyn thinks assemblage is enough work on a daily basis

Deena says, "It really helps to have dinner size chunks"

carolyn thinks mirages idea for a theme party was brilliant

Deena gives carolyn a big injection of caffeine

carolyn sighs

margie says, "I had hoped that a little sample would encourage folks to look further--or at least to know what is out there--after all, we can't have folks disparaging net work when they don't have a clue"

Deena says, "We really need lists like assemblage"

Deena says, "DO you think that teachers will base curriculums on DP and assemblage?"

Deena says, "Yes, this provides a wonderful starting point"

jenniferley agrees with all the typing ... sorry guys ... I'm losing it ... have to go

cleo says, "mmm, wouldn't that be nice!?"

Deena Glugs down the typo fluid

carolyn knows of several course lists that the PDP is on

margie says, "I wrote Jen today about a couple of messages I have already from teachers--it looks like they will use both, one to entice students, the other for a resource"

The housekeeper arrives to cart scottrettberg off to bed.

jenniferley says, "applauds Margie and Carolyn for their PDP :)"

cleo says, "bye jen, and thank you. hope you're okay ...?"

Deena Three cheers hip hip hooray

The housekeeper arrives to remove jenniferley.

margie says, "jen, sleep well"

Deena Last call for thoughts for Margie and Carolyn--

carolyn wonders what meds jen's computer is on...

margie says, "what do you all think of the Men's issue?"

cleo says, "rest ..."

Deena says, "I think it is a great idea, and will help to not segregate the women's stuff"

margie says, "Claire, want to say something about Cauldron?"

cleo says, "I for one like the idea of upsetting the image of men only as tech-heads and pointing out that they are artists also"

Deena says, "It does seem odd to separate by gender, but people are still always doing it..."

carolyn says, "was so amazed by everyone's reaction to the PDP. I get users at Assemblage, but very little feedback. it was wonderful to see how astounded people were by the quality of work that was out there."

Deena says, "good point"

Deena says, "So the two issues will really put stereotypes to rest"

carolyn says, "hopefully."

margie says, "Carolyn--I can't believe that you were working on Assemblage all those months and weren't just jumping with joy about the quality--isn't it something"

Deena says, "Carolyn, I think Assemblage needs to be noised about more, as I am not sure how many people are aware of this great resource"

jNet says, "I think people who LinguaMoo are tech heads"

margie says, "the trAce exposure is great, too"

The housekeeper arrives to remove felice.

Deena Puts a tech over her head

Deena says, "Most of this tech stuff is way over my head"

margie says, "jNet, do you mean us?"

jNet says, "yep - and I still don't know what the 'normal' button does"

cleo says, "cauldron doesn't have a major agenda, it's chiefly about evincing the vast diversity of significant voices to be found on the web"

carolyn says, "these two issues will show that gender is no limitation..."

Deena says, "normal lets you do both say and emote, if you preface say with a quote mark and emote with a colon"

margie says, "yes, good claire, how wild and crazy things can even get"

carolyn says, "Assemblage has had hundreds of visitors, but it was only officially announced in January."

Deena says, "And we go full circle to the joyful point that ht and elit have no limits"

Deena says, "What is the URL again?"

Deena Smacks her head, should have asked earlier, but will put it on the chat links

margie says, "I think we will see even more astounding things as we get more familiar with the medium--so many goodies to explore"

cleo says, "yummmmm..."

carolyn says, "Assemblage lives at:"

margie says, "you can get to Assemblage from dp"

margie says, "thanks C."

carolyn says, "one of the real pleasures of the new web.arts is their ability to surprise."

Deena says, "Great, I will add a separate link to it."

carolyn says, "the unexpected nature of their experiments and visions."

Deena says, "We live in an incredible time, and I can;t wait to see what happens!"

cleo says, "do we ever!"

carolyn nods happily

jNet agrees

Deena Passes out reverses for the chinese curse may you live in interesting times

cleo says, "cauldron & net lives at"

margie says, "tries to do a cheerleading move from the old days"

carolyn thinks about chinese food. it's dinnertime in this part of the world.

Deena hands over the liniment

margie rubs it on back, head

Cybele says, "you had to mention chinese."

carolyn thinks about egg rolls, shanghai noodles.

Deena says, "You don't get much chinese food out on a wisconsin farm, do you?"

Deena sneaks over and steals some cheese from Cybele

margie says, "wiscnsn"

Cybele says, "I have one chinese restaurant that I go to repeatedly"

carolyn thinks that she wouldn't know what you would get on a wisconsin farm.

Cybele says, "lotsa eggs"

carolyn laughs

Deena now rubs her empty stomach, has not yet eaten

margie says, "we need the eggs"

jNet ponders egg drop soup

Deena with wontons

Deena Passes around enough chinese food for everyone

carolyn's cat dreams of mice noodles

Deena :'s cat has taken over the keyboard and says hi to Carolyn's cat

margie wishes we were all out to dinner together, too

carolyn 's cat is too busy dreaming to notice

margie says, "fortune cookies"

jNet has a cat that wants to join the CDP

Deena says, "Anyone going to either HT00, Trace, CyberMountain, DAC?"

cleo says, "well folks, I'm off ..."

Cybele says, "trace"

Deena 's cat adds her favorite chicken soup to the CDP

margie says, "later days, Claire--soon"

Deena says, "Good night cleo"

carolyn says, "night, cleo"

cleo says, "back to delueze and the infinite rhizome ..."

Deena says, "Claire that sounds like fun"

margie says, "thanks for coming over"

carolyn thinks about irises from this side of the north pole.

Deena says, "Margie and Carolyn, thanks so much for coming to talk about DP"

Deena 's cat adds and CDP

cleo says, "thanks for the chat friends -"

margie says, "Deena, good job, many thanks"

jNet says, "gonna go too - it's been real!"

Deena says, "You guys are welcome--it was great to have the chance to talk with you!"

carolyn says, "bye jn"

cleo says, "bye all - talk soon ..."

carolyn is obsessed with the thought of dinner.

margie getting coats, hats, galoshes, boxes of leftover chinese to pass out

Deena says, "yep, see you on the second Sunday March 11 at noon eastern"

carolyn says, "must go and eat folks."

Deena starts sweeping up

margie says, "bon appetit all"

cleo says, "wait, what's that?"

Deena Gets her hat and coat to go to a real chinese restaurant

carolyn says, "what's what?"

Deena says, "Claire, what "

Deena says, "Claire, what is what"

cleo says, "march 11th?"

carolyn says, "bye all."

Deena says, "Yes, March 11th, noon Eastern time USA"

Deena says, "5 pm GMT"

margie says, "Deena, won't you be in Kansas, toto?"

cleo says, "another chat?"

Deena says, "oh fudge. So I will. I will send out a message about the chat to you all."

Deena smacks her head against the nearest wall.

Deena says, "Claire, I will e-mail you the real date for the chat as soon as *I* figure it out!"

cleo says, "fare well --"

Deena says, "thanks!"

bixbyru says, "I'm back..."

cleo says, "thanks --"

Deena says, "Hi Russ, we are grabbing our coats to get some real Chinese.."

Deena says, "In different parts of the globe, of course"

Cybele says, "I'm off too, thanks all...."

bixbyru says, "oh... well, have a splendid meal and evening, my friend."

Deena says, "Did we get a room?"

Deena says, "Thanks for coming Miekal!"

Deena says, "Thanks Russ, you too."

bixbyru says, "cheers."

margie says, "Night for now--more later"

-- End log: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 9:45:12 pm CST


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