Chat Transcript: June 17, 2001

Year of the Artist: a new media writer's tale. Helen Whitehead received a Year of the Artist Award as part of a UK national scheme to get over 1000 artists working in unusual places around the country, focusing on everyday areas where artistic activities don't usually happen or appear, such as a market place, a riverbank, a hospital, a field in Hampshire, and a cross channel ferry. The main aim of Year of the Artist is to celebrate living artists and to promote greater awareness of the role and status of the artist in society.

The project, Web, Warp & Weft, concentrates on the resonances between the making of textiles and the making of the Web. Topics include the Luddites, designing out of the rectangle, names, threads, frames and prints. It aimed to be situated in the textile industry as well as cyberspace. Being awarded the money of course, is just the start... Come and find out more about this project, discuss the highs and the lows and get a sneak preview of the website (critical comments welcome)!

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Session Start: Sun Jun 7 20:57:58 200

Deena_Larsen says, ""Hi Helen."

Mike has joined #trace

Helen_Whitehead says, "Hi Mike."

Deena_Larsen says, ""Hi Mike, we are talking with Helen about her webwarpweft project. Helen, could you give that URL."

Mike says, "Hi Helen and Deena."

Helen_Whitehead says, " When you weave, the warp and the weft are the two perpendicular threads that develop into the cloth..."

Mike says, "I saw the info .. I'll take a look later."

Helen_Whitehead says, "I'm never quite sure which is which of warp and weft! But in my project warp is the original stories from textiles workers and weft is my response to them."

Mike says, "The chat logs me off."

Deena_Larsen says, ""Mike, are you having problems with the connection?"

Mike says, "No it's okay I was trying to add that URL to my favourites but .."

Deena_Larsen says, ""Hmmm today my computer is behaving and I have both up.

Deena_Larsen says, ""Oh neat. I love the comment/response idea. I confess, I hadn't actually seen

your site--I thought your site was the year of the artist....Helen, how did you get interested in telling the stories of textile workers?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "The Year of the Artist is the overall initiative that the Arts Boards sponsored for over a thousand artists."

Deena_Larsen says, "Ahh. Is this project sponsored by the Year of the Artist?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "I kept meeting women who were web artists and also knitters or weavers."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes, they're the people who gave me the money."

Mike says, "They were web artists and textile workers?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes Mike, they seemed to be both, creatively."

Mike says, "How do you combine an electronic and material mediums?"

Deena_Larsen says, "I love Alicia's quote on the front about merging the web and waft of wool and the computer..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "That's what the project is all a nutshell!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Alicia Felberbaum's project Holes, Linings, Threads was a BIG influence. Did you meet her at Digital Arts and Culture Deena?"

Deena_Larsen says, ""No I didn't. How did you find Alicia's project?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Because I'm interested in textiles and the Web -- and it was slightly connected with Leeds where I was born and it won a big media prize..."

Deena_Larsen says, "My first project Marble Springs was originally made of physical embroidery thread, I think that this medium does lend itself so well to the computer--the threads as the links that hold the piece together. I like the way that you weave commentary over the background images of a notebook in a 930s textile mill. It sounds like there is a lot of historical information here. How much research did you do?"

Mike says, "I thought it was going to be a social chat this week so I'll come back next week I have enough problems with words let alone threads see you later."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes Deena, I must quote you about the way you use threads to plan your hypertexts!"

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Mike says, "Perhaps you could try to make the chats more relevant to what's happening on the site."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Web Warp Weft IS happening on the site!"

Deena_Larsen says, "Hi Jean, we are relaxing and talking with Helen about her web project Web and Waft."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Hi Jean! Welcome to trAce/ELO chat."

Jean_Smith says, "Hi!"

Deena_Larsen passes around cool tall lemonades.

Jean_Smith says, "Wow! Me drink ginger tea!"

Deena_Larsen passes around ginger tea and ice cream and ices.

Elizabeth_James has joined #trace

Helen_Whitehead says, "TrAce supports many creative projects of which this is one."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Hi e

Deena_Larsen says, "Hi E, we are talking about one of trAce's creative projects, Web and Waft

elizabeth says, "Hi Helen (dinner is late so I can't stay; but very interested in your project."

Helen_Whitehead says, "And the challenges of undertaking an arts project online could be a useful experience to pass on to others who may try something similar."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Deena -- Web, Warp and Weft

Deena blushes.

elizabeth says, "I like Waft!

Helen_Whitehead says, "Well, you can have a quick glance at it at if you like before your tea goes cold!"

Mike says, "Well I will have to go and have a look.. what about writing--are they giving grants to writers?"

Deena_Larsen says, "Elizabeth, as you can't stay long, do you want to ask some burning questions?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Several writers got grants for Year of the Artist, that's one of the interesting things about it. Radio writers, poets, performance writers, all sorts. "

Mike says, "Glad to hear it."

Margaret_Penfold has joined #trace

Helen_Whitehead says, "Hello Margaret."

Deena_Larsen says, "Hi Margaret, we are talking with Helen who did a trAce sponsored project Web,Warp, and Weft."

Deena_Larsen says, "What are some of the challenges involved in writing this, Helen?"

Margaret_Penfold says, "Hi everyone."

elizabeth says, "I should look at Helen's site first ... but how easy was it to get the project accepted by the funders, and who had to sponsor/support it?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "I had been interested in doing a textile/Web project for a while, and applied to Year of the Artist with trAce's support -- but we were hoping to work with textile factories and others in the industry, but it was really difficult getting the industry to talk to me.They wouldn't talk to us, let alone contribute or sponsor!"

Deena_Larsen says, "Wow. I wonder why they wouldn't work with you... was the concept of textile as art new???"

Helen_Whitehead says, "We had to go back to YOTA and say we couldn't get a sponsor -- and that really delayed the project, which should have been finished by now."

elizabeth says, "Perhaps they're not doing so well themselves (the industry)?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "I could not believe how uninterested people were! Even members of my family who work in textile companies wouldn't let me come to them."

Deena_Larsen says, "So YOTA required a commercial sponsor as well as trAce?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes, it began to seem as if all I would be doing...would be chronicling the death of the industry...."

Deena_Larsen says, "Hmmm... did you ask why people weren't interested?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Many of the major players in the textile industry in Notts went bust during the year!"

Deena_Larsen says, "Notts is Nottingham, right?" Deena_Larsen runs round for a map

Helen_Whitehead says, "Notts is NottinghamSHIRE."

Deena_Larsen says, "Ahhh... so this had political the movie Roger and me about the death of the car industry in Detroit."

Helen_Whitehead says, "...or nearly went bust..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Huge factories closed..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "...factories that had been opened, like the one in Ollerton .. to provide work to women whose husbands had lost jobs in the mining industry...when that died

Deena_Larsen says, "So there were a lot of painful memories here. How did you handle these in your piece?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "I don't want it to be negative, but there are a lot of parallels between what is happening now -- the textile business moving abroad...and what happened at the beginning of the 9th century...when the Luddites were in trouble..."

elizabeth says, "Not to distract from your project Helen; but Jane Draycott has a YOTA residency at the River Museum in Henley-on-Thames ..... and she's been documenting, again, the end of the river trades on the Thames..Wharfs closing by the week etc. It's interesting that several of these projects have picked up on analogous things that way."

Deena_Larsen says, "So artists are documenting these economic upheavals. How do people react to these documentaries?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "That's interesting e, I'll have to look at what she's done."

elizabeth says, "That's right Deena.."

Helen_Whitehead says, "It's difficult to know yet.....

Deena_Larsen says, "E, do you have a URL?

elizabeth says, "Not sure Deena, I will check.

Deena_Larsen says, "Did you explain that you were not there to solely document the industry trouble, Helen?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "I think part of the problem is how insular this industry is. Even the organisations that had grants to help them set up websites wouldn't talk to me... I could HEAR them switch off... I don't know whether it was me, the word Artist, the idea of the Internet or what! I wanted to be POSITIVE! I wanted to promote anyone who'd talk to me...."

Deena_Larsen says, "Wow, it is hard to imagine people turning down positive promotion. Did you have a small sample you could show? How have industry representatives--and your relatives--reacted to the piece now that much of it is up?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "We haven't released it yet... you have the very very first chance to look at the website."

Deena_Larsen says, "Ahh.. it will be interesting to see people's reactions. If they are favorable, would you expand the site?"

Deena_Larsen says, "Elizabeth, could you explain how YOTA works?"

elizabeth says, "As I understand it, YOTA is funded by the national lottery but you have to have a sponsor or support from an organisation who will give you a placement, or whatever. Is that right H?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "That seems right e -- people are supposed to be in residence really -- mine has turned out to be in cyberspace rather than an industry and my sponsorship is in kind from trAce. But ARTISTS, textile artists and designers were very helpful -- as were the museums."

Deena_Larsen says, "Hmmm...what about women who were merging textile art and computers? How did your vision of the site change when you could not get industry help but could get artist and museum help?"

Helen_Whitehead says, " but I would have needed webspace and so on from somewhere if not trAce."

Deena_Larsen says, "So people are supposed to physically be in a location like a factory for YOTA?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes. but cyberspace is good, yes?"

Deena_Larsen says, "It sounds like trAce was pivotal in this project?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes, it needed trAce official support."

elizabeth says, "I'm really sorry I have to leave now ... Helen I look forward to seeing the results, great topic anyway; and well done. Bye Deena, Margaret, all"

Deena_Larsen says, "Thanks for coming e

elizabeth has quit IRC (QUIT: ) Everdeen_Tree has joined #trace and is now known as Ev

Deena_Larsen says, "The summer sun has taken a lot of the people away from this chat..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "It's not sunny here...."

Deena_Larsen says, "Hi Everdeen, we are talking with Helen about hr tAce project Web, Warp, and Weft."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Hi Ev."

Deena_Larsen hands out lots of sunshine from Colorado.

Ev says, "Hello all...yes I'm interesting in hearing about WWW."

Deena_Larsen wonders if it is a coincidence that WWW and WWW coincide

Helen_Whitehead says, "Everdeen was with me for some of the research! Last year we saw an old Indian loom in San Antonio!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Ev are you dry yet?"

Ev says, "It was a great loom. ::smiles::"

Deena_Larsen says, "How did you do the research for this project, Helen?"

Ev says, "We are drying out. Except for some of the yarn!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Now that I couldn't work so much in factories with MACHINES I have concentrated on the resonances between textile making and web making...."

Ev settles back to listen about project.

Jean_Smith says, "Can you give me a quick example of merging textiles with computers please?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Hi Jean, let's start way back -- the jacquard loom was one of the first machines to really make a difference in the textile industry. And it used punched cards to define the pattern. This very idea formed the basis of some of the early computers. Frames, threads, print, machine, all these words have meanings in both spheres."

Deena_Larsen says, "I like the pattern of colors that you weave in the Color piece."

Deena_Larsen thinks about Babbage.

Helen_Whitehead says, "Babbage -- now that's even more interesting, because Ada, who was the first programmer, was the daughter of Lord Byron, a very famous Nottinghamshire son. So it all comes back..."

Deena_Larsen thinks that warp and weft also mean something on the computer--the patterns of lines crossing each other...

Deena_Larsen hands out looms and threads and thoughts to all.

Jean_Smith says, "I thought this was the theme that was looming."

Helen_Whitehead says, "And Luddites -- now a term of derision for those who dislike computers --originally were framework knitters in Nottinghamshire and elsewhere who broke the frames to protest about bad working conditions..."

Deena_Larsen says, "How is this piece rooted in Nottinghamshire?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "The first frame was broken in the village (now a suburb) that I live in!"

Deena_Larsen passes around "Proud to be a modern Luddite" buttons.

Jean_Smith says, "I thought Ned Ludd's house was on the hill of Bradford

Helen_Whitehead says, "There were Yorkshire breakers too, but it started right here in Arnold, Nottingham."

Deena_Larsen says, "Yep, I am a few frames behind you, Helen :)"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Weaving the threads of the stories together...."

Deena_Larsen says, "Does the piece show the local Nottinghamshire history? Were you able to interview museums and others in Notthinhamshire?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "There are two framework knitting museums in Nottingham -- and fascinating local historians."

Deena_Larsen says, "How do you see the interactions in the piece between the historical Luddites and the modern weavers?"

Mike says, "See you later." Mike has quit IRC (QUIT: )

Deena_Larsen says, "What references and meaning do you want people to draw from this work?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "It's often been said in Arnold that the area is non-radical politically because the radicalism was beaten out of the people in Luddite times. Nottinghamshire 's history is full of not making a fuss... it stood slightly apart. In the Miners' strike for example, setting up their own union."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Now I can't believe how little fuss is being made about all these factories closing down and people being thrown out of work."

Margaret_Penfold says, "Same in neighbouring Leicestershire, Helen."

Deena_Larsen says, "Perhaps this tradition of not making a fuss is why people were not interested in your project..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes, it's the textile industry throughout the East Midlands and beyond (Yorkshire too)."

Deena_Larsen says, "People are still screaming over NAFTA any time anyone tries to shut down a textile factory here..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Marks and Spencer buying from the Far East and whole factories in England die."

Helen_Whitehead says, "I tried to get the radio to do a phone-in.... nope. It's like a conspiracy of silence."

Deena_Larsen says, "How do you balance these politics and the art resonances in this piece, Helen?. Are the changing cleaning gloves a symbol of the disintegration of the industry?"

Margaret_Penfold says, "My brother-in-law couldn't believe how docile his co-workers were when he moved to Leicester."

Helen_Whitehead says, "I just think the Luddites got a bad press, and I would like to vindicate them."

Jean_Smith says, "Did you consider using a publicist/promo-oriented person to work on your behalf?."

Helen_Whitehead says, "As for modern politics, I don't think I can comment on it -- not enough information! So it's more about the processes of making."

Deena_Larsen says, "How will your piece help vindicate the historical Luddites?"

Helen_Whitehead says, Jean -- that was supposed to be what trAce was for, but we just couldn't get going."

Deena_Larsen says, "So weaving the waft and warp is like creating a computer piece?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "No interest anywhere."

Jean_Smith says, "Right."

Helen_Whitehead says, "If I knew then... I think you are right jean I should have been more aggressive about marketing the project!"

Margaret_Penfold says, "On the other hand even in social situations people here don't give an argument here just agree politely to something they don't really go with."

Deena_Larsen says, "Even if you had been more aggressive, I think you would have come up against this history of not making a fuss and the fear of publicizing the economic upheaval."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Deena -- I have their real stories -- the REASON why they took to direct action -- it wasn't that they disliked the machines, but that the machines' owners were causing them to starve."

Deena_Larsen thinks England is a little civilized... at times... but goes on to something else.

Helen_Whitehead says, "Go listen to the real audio pieces."

Margaret_Penfold says, "I am considered very rude here for arguing the toss."

Deena_Larsen says, "Yes, and the economic upheavals today are causing people to lose their jobs--maybe not starve, but not live well..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Hmmm, there IS a history of direct action here, just not much!"

Deena_Larsen says, "What is the toss?"

Deena_Larsen says, "Thanks Margaret, I'll define the toss as arguing frequently for the log...nice statement..I will never understand English politics."

Mary_Percival has joined #trace

Deena_Larsen says, "Hi Mary, we are talking about Web, Warp, and Weft--Helen's art project sponsored by trAce and Year of the Artist."

Mary_Percival says, "Hi all."

Ev says, "Hello Mary."

Helen_Whitehead says, "but politics is not what the piece is about... it's about the way that textile designers are now trying to design in 3D -- to escape from the rectangle...."

Deena_Larsen says, "This project has political implications as it describes the textile industry...How do textile designers design in 3d? And how does that interact with the computer?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "In the same way that Web designers are moving into 3D environments, and are trying not to be limited by the rectangle of the screen. Both sets use Photoshop.."

R_Adams has joined #trace

Deena_Larsen says, "Hi Randy, we are talking about how Web, Waft, and Warp intersects textile and computer art. This is Helen's project, sponsored by trAce and YOTA."

Helen_Whitehead says, "In both cases you have to stop students using hackneyed filter effects and get them to do something original."

Deena_Larsen says, "Hmmm.. do textile designers use CAD and other programs to design materials?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "..hence the cleaning products as print for men's clothing."

Deena_Larsen passes out hackney effects cleaner uppers."

Helen_Whitehead says, "It was a student project that caught my imagination!"

Deena_Larsen says, "That is a cool print--the gloves disintegrated into a pattern..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Then again, textile designers are limited by the colours available on their printers, just as web designers are limited by the colours available within the websafe palette."

Deena_Larsen says, "How did you integrate the textile designer's search for 3d with the web designers."

Deena_Larsen searches high and low for 3d.

Helen_Whitehead says, "Now that bit I haven't done yet... I'll let you know!"

Deena_Larsen says, "How far along is this project? What are the future plans?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "We plan to launch the website in September."

Deena_Larsen says, "How long does the Year of the Artist last?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Although strictly Year of the Artist finished at the end of May 2001."

Helen_Whitehead says, "I don't suppose I'm the only one delayed!"

Deena_Larsen hands out indulgences for everyone's late projects."

R_Adams has quit IRC (QUIT: )

Deena_Larsen says, "What other parts of the project do you have in mind?"

Deena_Larsen says, "Any suggestions for Helen, you guys?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Names.... very important in naming textiles and in the internet world -- domain names."

Helen_Whitehead says, "What''s in a name?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "International co-operation - a lot of that!"

Deena_Larsen says, "Hmmm... and the names of the fashion colors--aspen gold, peach cream, lemon shine...never just yellow."

Helen_Whitehead says, "I think that's enough for 20 days' worth of project!"

Deena_Larsen says, "International cooperation will have a lot of resonances with the politics...."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes, I have looked at colours..."

Deena_Larsen says, "Yes, how long was the project designed to take?"

Deena_Larsen says, "I love your color page with the blue just before waking..."

Margaret_Penfold says, "Could you give the URL again please, Helen?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Http:// -- just a work in progress at present

Helen_Whitehead says, "What I really wanted to say was that even the most wonderful idea for a project, that's got its grant and everything, isn't necessarily plain sailing..."

Deena_Larsen says, "You have a lot of evocative work here."

Jean_Smith says, "Helen, you're right to keep things in perspective!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "TrAce and I have learned a lot."

Deena_Larsen says, "Yes, there is a lot of work AFTER getting the grant, getting the book accepted for publication, publication, etc.!"

Deena_Larsen says, "It never seems to end!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Thanks Jean, I have stressed out over this project enough....I will stick with the people who ARE interested!"

Jean_Smith says, "There is a sense of Direct Action, at Quebec City, Seattle before that..."

Deena_Larsen says, "Helen, how long was the project supposed to take?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "20 days over about months."

Jean_Smith says, "...but it is easy to see the negative of our own approaches..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Yes Jean... go on."

Deena_Larsen says, "How much time (I hesitate to ask!~) have you spent?"

Jean_Smith says, "Keep working and trying new angles of getting interest while integrating what you learn about rejection into your work!"

Deena_Larsen says, "Jean, what is the Direct Action?"

Jean_Smith says, "Direct Action is a term for action that results in achieving its goal, rather than lobbying or voting..."

Deena_Larsen says, "Right, how can you distinguish between "TrAce"Time and "Project time?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "but I have also made several new friends on the web."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Friday is trAce day off = web warp weft day!"

Jean_Smith says, "Like at Quebec City, they took the wall down..."

Deena_Larsen says, "Coping with rejection and noninterest seem like some of the biggest challenges on this [project. You seem to have trooped trough it very well--there is no hint of this on the website."

Jean_Smith says, " opposed to carrying a sign about the wall."

Helen_Whitehead says, "For this project it was important that I had real stories of real people who worked with textiles, before I could take the stories and add my creative response."

Deena_Larsen says, "Maybe you could do that internationally--ask textile workers in US, Mexico, Thailand.."

Mary_Percival says, "I think I'll go now."

Helen_Whitehead says, "OK Mary, thanks for coming, bye!"

Mary_Percival says, "bye. Good luck I wish I was clever like you."

Ev says, "bye Mary."

Margaret_Penfold says, "Before you go Mary."

Mary_Percival says, "bye Everdeen."

Helen_Whitehead says, "If you know any textile working types who might be interested in contributing, there is a form on the website for people to answer questions."

Deena_Larsen says, "Mary, keep working on your projects--they will be wonderful."

Mary_Percival says, "Thank you Deena."

Jean_Smith says, "I am struck by the original description of looms, punch cards, computers and social revolution!"

Mary_Percival says, "Oh yes see you there."

Deena_Larsen says, "Any other burning questions for Helen--we've gone from political to artistic to technological to writing implications--whew!"

Helen_Whitehead says, Jean, it's a personal view!!"

Deena_Larsen says, "Art is always a personal view, Helen."

Mary_Percival says, "I have just been watching about Picasso."

Deena_Larsen passes around nice cold ice teas and pitchers of Guinness and genius for the road."

Mary_Percival says, "Thank you."

Deena_Larsen wonders how Picasso would have woven 3d patterns...

Jean_Smith says, "Official grants can stymie interest in the 'real world'."

Mary_Percival says, "Ah with erase I would think and intrigue."

Mary_Percival says, "Ease."

Deena_Larsen erases with ease.

Helen_Whitehead says, "It was explained at CADE earlier this year...."

Deena_Larsen says, "Helen, what was explained at CADE? What is CADE."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Designing in 3D -- Computers in Art & Design Education

Deena_Larsen likes to think about using the erase tool for 3d--absence and presence

Deena_Larsen says, "Helen, thanks so much for sharing your incredible project with us.

Deena_Larsen says, "It is good to hear about the travails and the successes. This is a really important, lyrical project that I hope you continue with, and I am glad trAce and YOTA found it worth while.."

Mary_Percival has quit IRC (QUIT: )

Helen_Whitehead says, "Were you at DAC in Atlanta Deena -- Regina Frank was using computers and threads in a performance.... I LOVED it [ and the performance is at]

Deena_Larsen says, "No, I wish I had seen that..."

Margaret_Penfold says, "I suppose a silkworm is weaving in 3d."

Ev says, "Good-bye all....see you next Sunday.....thanks Helen....interesting :)

Helen_Whitehead says, "She invited the audience to unravel skeins of thread/wool and to "bind" up her and us all, while she tapped at her computer and words were displayed on a big screen."

Deena_Larsen says, "I am looking forward to seeing more of it. Wow. I love the skeins of binding and connections!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "bye Ev!"

Ev has quit IRC (QUIT: )

Margaret_Penfold says, "When we were children we used to make silkworms weave these fantastic patterns instead of the dull cocoons. I am sure."

Helen_Whitehead says, "The threads of community, of hypertext...of textiles."

Margaret_Penfold says, "It was very cruel and would be stopped now."

Deena_Larsen says, "Margaret, you mean physical silkworms? Wow. How did you do that?"

Helen_Whitehead says, "How did you do that Margaret? (we had some -- over 7, but they all died before we got any silk)."

Deena_Larsen says, "I didn't know you could grow silkworms!"

Jean_Smith says, "If you get a chance, Helen, I posted a story called Women In Art on the prose board."

Helen_Whitehead says, "We ran out of mulberry leaves, it was all they would eat."

Deena_Larsen says, "Jean is that on the trAce board--is there a separate URL?"

Margaret_Penfold says, "It was in South Africa. We used card shapes and the silkworm went over it. I forget exactly how we did it but we finished up with these woven silk shapes."

Helen_Whitehead says, "It's in the Prose Workshop?"

Deena_Larsen thinks about the poor starved silkworms mourning over lost patterns...

Jean_Smith says, "It's on the TrAce board."

Helen_Whitehead says, "How fascinating Margaret -- would that link with computer worms......

Jean_Smith says, "Prose, yup."

Deena_Larsen says, "There is the punchcard link again, Helen!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Mmm."

Deena_Larsen says, "There are so many interconnections and resonances between computers and textiles!"

Deena_Larsen says, "Computerized silkworms..."

Deena_Larsen says, "Silken capacitors and diodes..."

Margaret_Penfold says, "No nor Trojan horses but the most fascinating weaving pattern I came across was down by the river Soar next to a hosiery factory."

Jean_Smith says, "See you later, keep going with your good work Helen!"

Deena_Larsen mind whirls with new patterns."

Margaret_Penfold says, "A bird had picked up many threads of nylon chucked out by the factory and made its nest out of them."

Deena_Larsen says, "Thanks for coming!"

Margaret_Penfold has quit IRC (QUIT: )

Helen_Whitehead says, "Anyway, we are over time now. I suggest we finish. My husband has just suffered a bereavement and I must go talk to him!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Deena -- I have here your Samplers hypertext -- you are pretty into textiles yourself!"

Deena_Larsen says, "Yes, Thanks again so much for coming through with this Helen... If you send me the log, I will archive it."

Jean_Smith has quit IRC (QUIT: )

Deena_Larsen says, "Yes, each of those short stories is a quilt, with links doing the overquilting pattern.."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Typical that not many people here... and mostly women.... it's like that with this project, mostly women!"

Deena_Larsen says, "The textile pattern is so wonderful as a metaphor for this work.."

Deena_Larsen says, "Yep. Men don't see this well... but that is for another day..."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Maybe I should ask you about it Deena -- I'll think up some particular questions...."

Helen_Whitehead says, "Sleep well and recover soon!"

Helen_Whitehead says, "Bye now

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