Chat Transcript: September 9, 2000

Celebrate ELO's new features:

You can reach both of these from the main ELO page at

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-- Start log: Saturday, September 9, 2000 2:31:44 p.m. CDT

Deena says, "Hi Arun, glad you could join us."

Arun says, "Hi Deena""

Arun says, "Yes, I am glad too..""

Lugh says, "Hello Arun - 'sup?"

Arun says, "Are you also waiting to participate in the *Narratives* Chat with Prof. Janet Murray"

Lugh says, "Yup - I like these chats and don't have enough opportunity to get to them. BTW, Ms. Murray was detained - we'll be chatting about boards and such."

Arun says, "Oh no"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Deena off to bed.

Salmon breezes in.

Lugh says, "Well, we might be... Deena appears to've dropped off the face of the Earth."

Salmon smiles and waves to all

Arun says, "I dunno what is happening..?"

Arun says, "Btw, I have distributed the chat announcement of Prof. Janet Murray to millions, if in case --the chat will not occur --it is not good!"

Lugh says, "Her connection is shaky at best, as are her systems. I do what I can, but her 'phone line stinks on dry ice. Deena sent out a retraction. On Ms. Murray's head be it."

Salmon says, "A retraction? is the chat not happening then?"

Arun says, "Yes, it looks so.."

Deena arrives again.

Deena says, "Ok, no one is to share the ELO URL..."

Lugh says, "Well... it is, but the star's a no show. The subject is tentatively the elit message boards, but I'd say we're free form."

Deena says, "URLs with frames boot people off this MOO .."

Deena says, "Right, actually, Janet Murray can't come this week, so we are chatting and looking at the ELO new features."

Lugh says, "Noted. Mayhap *you* should telnet in... ;)"

Salmon says, "it's early yet, though, no?"

Salmon says, "Ahh.."

Deena says, "Yep, we aren't really rolling for a while."

Nick ducks in.

Deena says, "Hi Salmon! Glad you could make it! How is your teaching going""

Lugh says, "Two mites, no?"

Lugh says, "Minutes, rather."

Nick waves hi

Deena gives Nick a hug

Salmon says, "Hey Deena =) I'm actually going back to school myself this year"

Lugh says, "Where's mine...?"

Deena gives everyone a hug

Lugh says, "Ahhh."

RobKendall arrives.

Nick says, "Hi, Rob"

Deena says, "Hi all, I have the list of ELO links up in the general chat links"

Lugh says, "I've never been to the elit bulletin boards, so I'm not sure I'll be all that useful..."

Deena says, "Well, we are introducing the elit bulletin boards. This will be a place to post announcements, questions, etc. So you can help us launch it"

RobKendall says, "Hi, Nick"

Lugh says, "Oh. Right, then."

Salmon says, "Whee =)"

Deena says, "Hi all, it is great to see you!"

Helen quietly enters.

Helen arrives, like a train from Platform 9 and three-quarters

RobKendall says, "Hi, Deena"

Deena passes around smiles and trays heaped with glowing electronic shimmery Jell-O type snacks and great cauldrons of coffee.

Deena says, "Hi Helen"

Helen produces a large jug of margaritas and winks.

Lugh says, "When I drive to IBM in Boulder, I pass a county road "3 " - that's no less weird than Potter's platform..."

Helen says, "Hello folks"

Deena says, "Today we are looking at ELO features, shooting the breeze, and generally figuring out what is up in hypertext :)"

Helen says, "So it's okay to sup margaritas then? Got addicted in San Antonio."

Deena says, "We have Nick Monfort and Rob Kendall here, who have slaved tirelessly over the ELO Directory and have done incredible things..."

Nick greets Helen

Deena says, "Sure"

Rilke_Guest and TomBell quietly enter.

Deena passes around the great big straws for the margaritas and slurps

Halden quietly enters.

Helen applauds the ELO directory

Deena says, "Hi all, we are celebrating the ELO features this week."

Salmon is wowed by the directory.

Helen says, "Hi Nick, Hi Rob!!!!"

Rilke_Guest says, "Hi Arun. Hi Helen, everybody"

Deena passes around more margaritas, some whisky, and other alcoholic things that it is better not to ask about before you drink them.

Arun says, "Hi, everybody.."

TomBell says, "Hi all"

Rilke_Guest says, "Deena you lush"

Deena laughs at Rilke and tries to peer behind the mask name

Arun says, "ELO is doing a great job, applaud to recent ELO directory"

Lugh says, "I've some 195 proof cherry brandy."

Helen says, "I think everyone should do themselves a proper description....."

TomBell says, "The directory is great, Rob"

Halden leaves for General Elit chat links

Deena says, "Yes, lets introduce ourselves. I'm Deena Larsen, your supposed host --and I have been addicted to hypertexts and cherry brandies for over a decade..."

>> Rilke_Guest is now known as Scott.

Arun says, "Hey guys, I'll stay here for 30 minutes..real time here in Germany is 22:10 hours"

Deena says, "Oh ouch, Arun."

Helen says, "Hi Scott"

Arun says, "Hi Scott!"

Deena says, "Let's start with the bulletin boards then, because I think you could really help get some announcements out."

Scott says, "Hi Helen"

Arun says, "No problem, actually I was eagerly waiting for Janet Murray"

Deena says, "You can go to them by opening a new window and "

Nick says, "You'll be waiting a while, Arun"

Deena says, "Yes, Janet will join us on Sept 27."

Cheryl quietly enters.

Deena says, "Anyway, you can see the bulletin by typing in a new window and going to"

Arun says, "Yes, nick!"

Deena says, "I have these links in the general chat links"

Nick says, "Maybe we should share those?"

Deena says, "The bulletin boards are at"

Lugh says, "Wow! Good Stuff."

Tzen arrives from Tzen's Office

Deena says, "Please don't share these--I keep trying and then I throw everyone off the system. The ELO frames and dynamic html disagree with the MOO..."

Nick scribbles a bug report...

Deena says, "We have four areas to talk in: you can share announcements, tools submissions, and ELO chats"

Deena says, "I like the last one, myself :)"

Scott says, "And we can add other forums as well"

Deena says, "So, if you read anything in the chat archives, or want to keep covering a subject, now you can post a comment and we can all get together in asynchronous time to talk about it further..."

Deena hands out asynchronous watches

Lugh says, "Hmmm... mine smells loud, but tastes distinctly purple."

Scott says, "A good use of the chat forum might be to follow up/continue conversations. "

Deena says, "It would be great if you guys would start posting stuff here--just as you get it from your email so we can all see what is going on..."

Arun says, "Hi--check out this interesting happenings at Singapore, under the great leadership of Prof. George Landow see at <>"

Scott says, "Also a good place suggest chat topics you're interested in. "

Deena thinks about the 500 unread email messages she needs to go through and shudders.

Salmon says, "Or to anticipate chats.. post questions to a guest if you cannot attend a real time chat.."

Deena hands Lugh a melting watch.

Deena says, "Yes, Arun, please post that announcement."

Deena says, "All you have to do is log in and become a member. Then you can post all these tidbits"

Halden says, "Anyone know where is Janet Murray?"

Arun says, "Deena & Scott and everybody, this ereignis was about *Moving E-Text in Space*.."

Deena says, "Yes, that would be great. Also, post chat questions, such as for Janet Murray"

Helen says, "...who can't make it tonight"

Deena says, "I deeply apologize, but she couldn't make this chat, so we have her rescheduled for Wed Sept 27 21:00 Eastern, 19:00 Mountain, 12:00 Sydney (Thursday Sept 28)"

Scott says, "Janet has left the building"

Halden says, "That 's what I was wondering about. Thanks."

Salmon grins.

Lugh says, "What's ereignis?"

Arun says, "Ereignis is a German word, means _Happenings_"

Lugh says, "Grazi"

Arun says, "Ereignis is Heideggerian word.."

Arun says, "In that conference, Katherine Hayles and Janet Murray participated with other great hypertext philosophers and writers.."

Deena says, "Arun, the Moving Etext in space sounds interesting. You could post a message about it on the forum."

Arun says, "Okay, Deena!"

Arun says, "Yes, that was an interesting conference.."

TomBell says, Is there a place for visual poetry?"

Scott says, "Tom -- do you mean in the bulletin boards?"

TomBell says, "Yes."

Scott says, "We're hoping that when people want to announce a new site (visual poetry, sure), they'll post in the announcements section.

Deena says, "Nick, what is the category for visual poetry in the directory?"

Nick says, "Animated Text"

Nick says, "Incidentally, I can't log in to post a message"

Deena says, "Has anyone else tried to log in right now? Arun and Lugh, could you try?"

Scott says, "Nick -- where can't you log in?""

Nick says, "Scott, DCForum login window"

Deena says, "Also, we are working to merge chats with trAce, so chats will be every Sunday...We are still working out the details on times, but I will let everyone know. Twice a month, we'll do program chats, and twice we''ll do social chats."

Arun says, "great Deena, that is great to show and express about _social tele-embodiment phenomenon_"

Lugh says, "Certainly - I'll be right back."

Arun says, "Deena, where to log-in?"

Nick says, "Scott & Rob, also, the <> is still linked to by a few pages, and it's written as if the Directory hasn't launched - go to demo screen, etc."

Nick says, "Yep, I can login to the directory just fine, but not the boards."

Scott says, "Nick, I don't see you on the account list -- have you created one for the BBS?"

RobKendall quietly enters.

RobKendall says, "@who"

Helen says, "Talking of the ELO pages: the index page left hand side -- moving news.... it's missing the right edge of the text"

Nick says, "Scott, aha. I don't know that I have. I assumed people who were directory contributors would have a BBS account, too"

RobKendall says, "I seem to have been talking to myself in a different room for some reason"

Deena says, ""Hi Rob, welcome back!"

RobKendall says, "Am I in the right place now?"

Scott says, "I believe it simply registers your email address -- currently the BBS resides on a different system than the directory."

Deena says, "Yes, Rob, you are in the right place now."

Nick says, "Or perhaps it's because I was trying to post the DAC call for proposals to the "Calls for Submissions" board, which is protected."

Deena says, "If you click on the eliterature links in the chatroom, you have to click to get back into the conversation. Sorry about that"

Scott says, "Protected simply means that you register your email address"

Nick says, "Aha."

Scott says, "Not that messages are subject to approval or anything"

Deena says, "Scott, are all the boards protected, requiring your email address?"

Scott says, "Yes -- that's just in case someone were to go nuts, we want a way to be in touch with them."

Helen says, "Seems a sensible precaution."

Deena passes around sensible precautions...

Helen says, "Deena, did you know you are now Nick Traenkner? His biog on the site has your name on it!!"

Deena is proud and honored to be Nick

Helen grins

RobKendall says, "Helen I think that has been fixed now"

Deena says, "Helen, what has trAce been up to?"

RobKendall says, "Or at least it was supposed to have been fixed"

Deena says, ""We would like to post all the events at trAce, particular the new stuff!"

Scott says, "Part of the reason for putting up the boards is so that we can be sure announcements, news etc. make it to the community in a timely manner. "

Lugh arrives.

Lugh says, "Aarghhh! I hate power failures! BTW, I couldn't log in..."

Deena says, "Yes, I've been having problems"

Helen says, "Got another announcement soon... call for submissions for the next frAme..."

theProf arrives.

Helen says, "Digital Labour -- for love or money.... that should hit a few nerves!"

Arun says, "Deena & Scott ..please make a correction on the chat page of Janet Murray.."

Deena says, "Lugh, are you into the bulletin boards?"

Scott says, "Deena and Nick are in fact one person, but he/she does so much that we don't want everyone else to be walking around with an insecurity complex."

Lugh says, "I couldn't log in. Not certain *what* was wrong, but I'm on another machine right now, so I'll try again. Back in a sec..."

Helen says, "We have people like that too...."

Nick says, "Ideally, it would be good to have directory contributors automatically registered as authorized to post on the BBS. For others, it might be best if you actually verified their email addresses (rather than just asking for one) before allowing them to post."

Scott says, "Arun, we are correcting the dates-- just wanted to verify-- we were expecting Janet until a couple of days ago."

Nick feels generous with suggestions for changes he will not have to implement.

Scott says, "Nick -- we need you on the team"

Helen winks at Nick

Scott says, "I hope that eventually we'll integrate all the pass-protected stuff -- it's true that we all already have plenty of them to remember."

Lugh says, "Hmmm... it works now. I thought repeatability was a key feature of digital technology."

Scott says, "Helen, how are submissions coming in for the trAce/AltX competition?"

theProf says, "What is the purpose of this room?"

Helen says, "Oh, they're coming in, but we could do with more!!! The deadline is soon......""

Arun says, "Bye bye everybody"

Helen says, "Tell everyone you know... we want some really good stuff to choose from! Nick have you submitted anything yet?"

Arun says, "I have to quit, going to take last bus to my nest"

JimMorrison quietly enters.

Deena has connected.

Nick says, "Helen, not yet but I'm going to."

Arun says, "Wow, welcome Prof. James Morrison"

theProf says, "Thanks Arun"

Helen says, "Oh good. Everyone enter! (I know some people here have!)"

Deena shakes herself off to see if she is still here

Scott says, "It should be exciting to see the shortlist -- will you be announcing that prior to the winners again this year?"

theProf says, "interesting test for the existence of matter Deena"

JimMorrison says, "Hi, Arun--what's been happening?"

Deena says, "Hello Prof. James Morrison, I am glad to welcome you here. We are looking at the new ELO features, particular the directory of electronic literature."

theProf says, "And where is Janet Murray?"

Arun says, "Why not invite some media philosophers and hypertext philosophers here to talk on hypertext.."

theProf says, "Yeah, just make sure that you have at least as many women as men pleeeeeease"

Deena says, "I deeply apologize, but we had to reschedule Janet Murray. She will be able to join us Sept 27 "

Helen says, "Scott, I should think we will have a shortlist first."

Scott says, "A media philosophy chat would be great."

theProf says, "And no George Landow clones or think-alikes."

Arun says, "I am sorry Prof. Morrison --Janet Murray is not coming today.."

RobKendall says, "Did anyone introduce the ELO Directory while I was disconnected?"

theProf says, "Thanks Arun"

Deena says, "Rob, now is a good time to introduce the directory."

RobKendall says, "Ok, let me say a few words about ELO's most ambitious project."

Scott cracks open a bottle of champagne.

Deena says, "TheProf, it would be great if you would contribute names to our directory that should be there."

theProf says, "how do I do that Deena?"

Arun says, "Has anyone read Hamlet on the Holodeck?"

Helen says, "We don't have trouble finding women who are strong in hypertext, do you Deena?"

RobKendall says, "We just went public with the Electronic Literature Directory this week"

JimMorrison says, "Sorry that she couldn't make it, but I'll check back on the 27th. Now I have to write a couple of syllabi for next week. See you all later."

Deena says, "Rob, and Nick, could you give instructions on entering information into the Directory?"

Helen applauds the directory.

RobKendall says, "Thanks Helen"

Deena says, "Theprof, have you seen Marjorie Luesebrink's Progressive Dinner Party, which features women in hypertext?"

Arun says, "bye, Prof. Morrison"

Deena nudges Helen back and winks broadly

Deena says, "Yes, it is pretty late for Arun right now."

theProf says, "No Deena, sounds interesting, where would I find it?"

JimMorrison says, "'Bye, Arun, et al.!"

Scott says, ""

Myles arrives.

Deena says, "Helen, do you have the Riding the Meridian URL handy"

Lugh says, "The Progressive Dinner Party (once it stopped killing browsers) was incredible. Wow..."

Arun says, "Bye all, got to fly.."

Deena says, "Hi again Myles, we are talking about the ELO directory, how to run it, and women in hypertext at the same time"

Helen says, "And Assemblage is a gallery of women's hypertext (from Carolyn Guertin)"

Deena says, "Right, they are both great sources"

The housekeeper arrives to remove Arun.

RobKendall says, "Authors and publishers listed in the directory have their own accounts that lets them log in and edit their listings or add new ones"

Deena says, "The ELO directory will bring a lot of this information in one place"

The housekeeper arrives to remove JimMorrison.

RobKendall says, "Anyone who wants access to their account should contact me at and send them the password and user name."

Helen says, "Yes, and not just women!...."

theProf says, "not just women????? as if!!!!!"

Deena says, "I have these links on my website at""

RobKendall says, "Currently the directory lists 397 authors, 652 works, and 83 publishers"

Deena hands theProf another stein of margaritas.

Deena says, "Right, that is why we need the directory to list ALL works"

theProf says, "Thanks Deena, don't drink though."

Scott says, "One of the uses that I'm hoping people will put the directory to is helping teachers to find works of electronic literature for their courses."

Deena says, "Marjorie is also doing Jumping at the Diner, which features men."

Lugh says, "So drink, but don't swallow..."

theProf hands Deena the stein back and grabs an iced tea

Deena hands theProf some wonderful teacakes and ices to go with the tea

theProf says, "WOW, thanks Deena, here, try one of my macaroons."

Deena only indulges in virtual life, so...

theProf hands Deena a plate of macaroons

Deena loves the macaroons and smiles broadly

theProf smiles back, such a social butterfly in V space

Helen says, "Whoops, real life intrudes, it's late. Anyway, good luck with the directory and I'll be in touch! BYE!"

Deena says, "Actually, Helen, trAce is hosting the assemblage at"

theProf says, "Bye Helen"

Deena says, "Thanks for joining us!"

RobKendall says, "We intend the directory to be a very community-driven project, so we are hoping to get lots of contributions from authors and publishers"

Helen says, "Bye for now!"

Helen has disconnected.

RobKendall says, "So far the response has been very encouraging."

theProf says, "I still don't know the purpose of this room, and I know I could just read about it somewhere, but could some kind soul just give me the thumbnail version"

Deena says, "Rob, can anyone who likes the directory enter a name?"

Deena says, "Sure, the room we are in right now is a room fin a MOO, which can let us chat through typing and share URLs"

RobKendall says, "Currently you can only enter info if you have an account. if you don't have an account, I have to set one up for you."

Deena says, "We aren't sharing the ELO URLs because of technical difficulties, which plague even the best of cyberspaces"

theProf says, "Ok, I figured that much out Deena, but what is the focus of the room, its unique purpose/s"

Deena says, "Ahh, so theProf could get an account and list all the works he uses"

Scott says, "We can post the URLs though."

Deena says, "This is the Elit chat room, where we meet twice a month to talk with literary people and art people and talk about specific issues in eliterature."

theProf laughs, cuz theProf's dick comes off at will, and s/he is not a he

Deena says, "The chat archives are up at"

Scott says, "TheProf -- This is a chat of the Electronic Literature Organization -- about electronic lit."

Lugh says, "Prof, it's like any other IRC or such, but the focus is eliterature and so we avoid those who hawk porn and such."

theProf says, "Thanks Lugh"

Deena says, "At is a schedule of upcoming chats, and an archive of chats."

Lugh says, "Not a worry."

theProf says, "hey Deena, did you like Hamlet on the h? I am using it in a course next semester"

Deena says, "The fun bit about this is you can't see who you are talking to, so it becomes a bit of blind mans/womans bluff..."

Lugh says, "Are we all even human...?"

Deena says, "Yes, she is doing a great job of introducing the new medium.... I like the bits about give it time to get its act together..."

Deena says, "But there are so many wonderful hypertext works right now..."

theProf says, "And did you read/like Sadie Plants Zeros and Ones?"

Deena says, "Rob, getting back to the directory, can anyone register to input information?"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Helen off to bed.

Deena says, "How do people register?"

Deena says, "I haven't read that one--I'll make a note of it"

theProf says, "Ok, off to my next stop, bye all"

Scott says, "One thing I notice as I surf the directory is that though there are works from all over the map, our coverage is still best in works that are in English. Do any of you have ideas on where we could find more works in other languages -- what's going on in Spanish and German, for instance."

RobKendall says, "Anyone who has created work that belongs in the directory can contact me at and I'll give them log-in information."

Deena says, "Ahh, so it has to be the creator. Good call."

theProf says, "Oops, what is the code for exiting? Been a while since I last Moo'd."

Lugh says, "Folks, my notebook's beeping its starvation and the power's still out in the house, so I must bid a hasty farewell. Thanx!"

Deena says, "TheProf, it was great to see you. just type @quit. Hope to see you Wed 27"

RobKendall says, "Jean-Hugues Rety may start entering some works in French for us soon."

Scott says, "good luck with the power"

The housekeeper arrives to remove theProf and Lugh.

RobKendall says, "I think gradually we'll come into contact with other Europeans who will help us enter works in other languages."

Deena says, "Clarisse can do it in German, but she is not the author of the works..."

RobKendall says, "Milorad Pavic has contacted me and helped me create entries for his interactive works in Serbian"

RobKendall says, "We can set up maintainer accounts so that people can enter works they haven't written or published"

Deena says, "Rob, can the directory handle nonroman alphabets like cyrillic, japanese?"

JamesBiz quietly enters.

Deena says, "That would help. Particularly for people who want to register works they are teaching..."

RobKendall says, "No I believe it can only handle the roman alphabet -- this is a web limitation"

Deena says, "Hi James, we are talking about the ELO directory"

Scott says, "That's a good question, Deena. I have a feeling that the Japanese would be tough, at least in Katakana"

Deena hands James a celebratory glass of champagne, then rushes around to hand everyone else one, too

RobKendall says, "People can enter English transliterations of Japanese or Chinese titles and names"

Deena says, "Transliterations will work..."

JamesBiz says, "Thanks"

Deena says, "There are web softwares to translate the characters, but it depends on the computer, etc"

Deena says, "James, ELO is launching a new directory for listing electronic lit works"

RobKendall says, "Even some European characters (accents, umlauts, etc.) seem to pose a problem for the data-entry forms"

Deena says, "Rob, have a lot of folks signed p to list entr4ies?"

Deena says, "Can we import lists like Carolyn's Assemblage?"

JamesBiz [to Deena]: - I appreciate your help. I'm a klutz at this stuff.

RobKendall says, "Well probably more than a dozen have contacted me during the last week asking for account info."

Scott says, "We'll probably be able to work out the special characters issues soon enough."

mday arrives.

Deena says, "Yes, it is hard to transliterate special characters..."

RobKendall says, "On top of this, a number of people already listed in the directory were automatically sent their account info and logged in "

Deena says, "Hi Mday, we are celebrating the new features in the ELO web site"

Deena hands Mday some great cookies and punch

Scott says, "We'll eventually automate the registration process"

mday says, "Hmm, I should check them out, eh?"

Deena says, "You are teaching, right Mday? This would be a good resource for new works"

JamesBiz [to Deena]: Is Janet Murray in the room, or did I blunder into another party?

Deena says, "Also, you could enter works"

RobKendall says, "We've been getting a very good response and I think the response will increase as word gets out and people start using the directory."

Deena says, "Ahh, unfortunately Janet couldn't come today, so we rescheduled her chat for Wed 27"

mday is teaching, yeah. I linked the site from our class web page

Deena says, "Please join us then for her chat :)"

Deena says, "Also, please ask some preliminary questions at ELOs new feature, the bulletin boards."

The housekeeper arrives to remove Myles.

Deena says, "You can access these at"

Deena says, "And log in with your email address. We have a forum just for ELO chat questions"

Deena says, "This is a great place to put announcements!"

RobKendall says, "Deena, have you had a chance to play with the directory a little? Any feedback for us?"

JamesBiz [to Deena]: no problem - thanks for the hints and the protocol. What time does Janet's start on the 27th?

Deena says, "And to ask questions before guests show up on chats, and after they leave so we can continue to discuss issues"

Scott says, "It's already a very useful resource. One of the biggest challenges facing the widespread distrib. of electronic lit has been that it was difficult for people who were new to the field to locate much of the work. There are many excellent collections, but most are quite specialized, topical. The ELO directory is place where people can get to a broad sweep of the content quickly."

Salmon says, "I must run.. but the directory & discussion forum both look spiffy! sure I'll wear out the links there quite soon.""

Salmon waves.

mday says, "Ooh, I think the directory is a great feature!"

Deena says, "That chat will start Wed Sept 27 21:00 Eastern, 19:00 Mountain, 12:00 Sydney (Thursday Sept 28)""

Salmon has disconnected.

Deena says, "Thanks for coming Salmon, and I look forward to your notes on both features!"

Deena says, "Rob, I confess, I have been traveling nonstop since San Antonio. I have not entered anything more into the Directory other than the berates versions"

Deena says, "But I am looking forward to entering lots of stuff!"

Deena says, "JamesBiz, what are your interests in hypertexts?"

RobKendall says, "Nick M., you've used it a little, yes? any comments?"

Deena says, "Have any of you used the directory?"

mday is looking at it now.

Deena says, "You can find the directory at"

mday says, "Lots of great works entered into it. Good work!"

RobKendall says, "Thanks, mday"

Nick says, "Rob, I'm quite pleased with the Directory"

RobKendall says, "That's good to hear, nick"

Nick says, "I've been recommend it to friends, both authors and readers"

Deena says, "The more works we have, the more useful this will be, so please help us by entering works you know about"

Nick says, "recommend -> recommending"

RobKendall says, "We're still working on patching up some problems and smoothing out rough edges"

Scott says, "I'd especially like to get the word out on the directory to the academic world. I think a lot of people could use if for courses their teaching that brush on electronic lit"

JamesBiz says, "I am a graduate student in the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT. My research interests will include New Media craft and esthetics. "

Nick says, "Hi James, I'm just across the river from you."

Nick says, "And a former student of Henry Jenkins's"

mday nods. I'll project it on the screen next class on Tues.

Deena says, "it is great that we are doing comparative media studies now.. How long has he program been going?"

JamesBiz [to Nick]: Cool. My name is Jim Bizzocchi <>

Deena says, "Also, we have announcements such as the Flash workshop in Boston Nov 11-"

Deena says, "So James and Nick could go to that..."

Deena says, "Jim, are you on the eliterature mailing list for announcements such as this chat and these features?"

Scott says, "Nick -- your futon's got my name on it that weekend btw if you're in town"

Wilcox arrives.

Nick says, "The directory does have a few issues and little glitches -- or at least, I'd be surprised if it didn't -- but it is in pretty good shape and definitely ready for use. I'd certainly suggest those here start using it, and telling others about it."

The housekeeper arrives to cart Salmon off to bed.

JamesBiz says, "You mean the Eastgate event, right -I am going to try to attend"

Nick attaches the "Reserved" sign to his futon

RobKendall says, "One great feature of the directory is that it can let you select things by very specific categories -- you can find all the fiction that uses animated text or all the poetry that involves reader collaboration, for example"

Deena says, "Yep. I am angling for a business trip in Washington that week, so will try to attend as well.."

TomBell says, "Great job on the directory Rob. are you still working on the connection system? "

Deena says, "Rob, that helps a great deal, particularly as most works blend medias and genres"

mday is using it as we speak. Look at all my old Eastgate favorites!

Nick says, "Rob, I should ask about the 'Open Workshop' feature. What does this get me? (I logged a work in that is in that category.)"

Deena says, "Can you put a work in two places?"

RobKendall says, "We'll be gradually beefing up the search and selection features, which will make it even more useful for researchers and students"

Wilcox says, "Hullo all - professor Murray here?"

Nick says, "Rob, I understand the point of 'Open Workshop,' by the way, but am wondering how it's actually going to function"

Deena says, "Hi Wilcox, Janet couldn't join us this week, but she will be here Wed 27 "

Scott says, "I just ran across a pretty cool reader collaboration/ interactive narrative piece this morning"

JamesBiz [to Deena]: - nope, not on the list, at least I don't think so....

RobKendall says, "Nick, we haven't yet created the script for browsing the open workshop"

Deena says, "Times are Wed Sept 27 21:00 Eastern, 19:00 Mountain, 12:00 Sydney (Thursday Sept 28)"

Deena says, "I'll add you, if you like:)"

TomBell says, "I must leave. bye all"

RobKendall says, "The workshop will ultimately let people list works there for comment. then we'll have a section of the discussion forum where people can post comments about the things in the workshop"

Wilcox says, "Ah, I see. She's anacademic. Sheesh! Thanks Anyway, Deena."

Deena says, "Scott, we can also announce great works in the forum,"

Nick says, "OK Rob, I'll look forward to that feature getting in place. I guess I'll have a head start."

Deena says, "Wait Wilcox, wait. I wanna know why being an academic is sheesh."

Scott says, "We might eventually have open workshop meetings -- where people would post their works in progress -- and we can do little virtual peer review type jam sessions"

Nick plays a little drum solo

Wilcox says, "Oh, I'm sure you know, really. So, Wednesday the 27th, eh?"

RobKendall says, "Deena, works can be listed under some multiple categories -- such as under Hypertext or under Animated Text at the same time"

Nick says, "I love that word, 'anacademic.'"

Deena says, "Great. what about poetry and fiction at the same time?"

JamesBiz [to Deena]: That would be nice: <> My real name is Jim Bizzocchi. I used JamesBiz cuz I'm having trouble getting in as my registered LinguaMoo name, also <jimbiz>. The Frames don't work when I use my registered name, but seem to work when I'm a guest.

RobKendall says, "currently they can't be listed under poetry and fiction at the same time. we're probably going to add a new "multigenre" category to cover this"

TomBell says, "Scott, I've started posting my works in progress and webartery does that kind of review already"

Deena says, "Weird. I'll forward your comment on to the MOO wizards, and they can figure it out in their spare time..."

Deena says, "this would be a great place to list those works too, it is hard to keep up with webartery..."

Wilcox says, "Well, perhaps the Greeks might have put it that way, NICK."

Deena hides her head because she has not been able to do that...

Scott says, "Web artery's a great resource."

Deena passes around anacademic snacks and drinks

Wilcox says, "So what time on the 27th? Think she's really going to show up?"

JamesBiz says, "Thanks to Deena and all for a nice chat. Lingua later...."

Nick says, "See you around, James."

Deena says, "She will really show on the 27th. We had scheduling conflicts today."

Deena says, "That will be Wed Sept 27 21:00 Eastern, 19:00 Mountain, 12:00 Sydney (Thursday Sept 28)""

RobKendall says, "People can list works in webartery, wr-eye-tings, and other places as well as the directory's open workshop. Should get them more feedback"

Deena says, "We are also going to move chats to Sundays to merge with the trAce chats."

Nick says, "Convergence."

TomBell says, "Rob and Scott, have you thought of adding a noncategory for web stuff that fits no where?"

Deena says, "Right, some people read webartery, some will come to the open workshop"

Wilcox says, "Ah - how graciously euphemistic. Will try to be here."

Deena says, "The webartery really depends on if you have opened the right email..."

Deena thinks about scheduling conflicts and nods. it covers a lot of ground

RobKendall says, "The nice thing about the ELO workshop is that you'll be able to search for authors or types of work. Then when the work is published, the author can just make a change to the record and it will automatically appear in the main Directory"

Scott says, "Tom -- yes, we're bouncing that around -- the trouble is how exactly to categorize that stuff -- fits in nowhere is too ambiguous"

Deena says, "Great Wilcox, I look forward to seeing you there:)"

Deena says, "Yes, that way I can look at just poetry or visual poetry in the workshop."

Wilcox says, "See you later then folks, thanks for trying."

TomBell has disconnected.

The housekeeper arrives to remove TomBell.

JamesBiz has disconnected.

The housekeeper arrives to remove JamesBiz.

Deena says, "Also, will the workshop have dates--I posted this and need comments back by..."

Deena says, "So that we are commenting on real works in progress..."

Deena says, "rather than earlier versions?"

Wilcox has disconnected.

The housekeeper arrives to remove Wilcox.

Scott says, "Deena -- that's a good idea"

Nick says, "Deena, that's a good point. "

RobKendall says, "Tom, we can't have a completely catch-all category because there is some stuff we want to exclude -- such as artwork that you couldn't call writing, or online manuals or ads."

Deena passes around miscellaneous baskets

Deena which hold everything possible

Deena says, "Making these cuts is still really hard and ambiguous, though."

Deena says, "The lines are pretty fuzzy"

RobKendall says, "Deena, yes there is a date field for workshop entries, but maybe we should add a "last updated" field"

Nick says, "There really should be an even better way to somehow indicate what Open Workshop items are truly 'active' and which ones have been placed out to pasture there for a while, maybe the author will check back, maybe not."

Deena says, "Rob, a last updated field would really help in the workshop stuff."

Deena says, "Can we do it as a forum? open comments? But then would we be sure the author would check back?"

Scott says, "Or even e-books -- though we're trying to be as supportive as possible of the general revolution in electronic publishing, we want to stay focused on literary-type work that uses the medium to do things which could not be done in print"

RobKendall says, "Also, keep in mind that when an author is done with the work, they can tag it as published and it we be removed from the workshop and put in the main directory listings"

Nick says, "Here's another thought. The open workshop items could be sorted by how many workshop comments the author has contributed. So the ones on the top of the list (most likely to get commented upon) are by authors who participate the most heavily in the workshop."

Nick says, "That could be bad. Maybe not, though."

Deena says, "Right, but if I comment on it 30 seconds before it is 'published'..."

Deena says, "Nick, I like that idea a lot. That would provide a "competition" in a way"

Nick says, "Deena, right, but it wouldn't actually make it harder to comment on other people's works, further down the list. It would just sort them in that order."

RobKendall says, "Nick, that's an interesting idea. It would be hard to program though."

Deena says, "Hmmm...maybe we can just add a field on how many times the author has responded and how recent his last response was?"

Nick says, "True, Rob. And of course having posted a message isn't a great indicator of a contribution to the workshop. Someone might post 10 lame replies and someone else might offer one great one."

Nick says, "Ultimately, reputation does this sort of sorting in the head, I think."

Scott says, "I wonder how hard it would be -- certainly integrating a BBS will be easy enough "

RobKendall says, "Instead of having comments take place in the discussion forum we might actually just store them in the database. then we could also have comments automatically e-mailed to the author as they are posted."

Deena says, "That would be wonderful!"

Nick says, "Are you sure that won't drag down the DB's performance, Rob? That could be a lot of large text items, even compared to the descriptive text you have in there already."

Deena says, "That way people will know when their work has comments and respond quickly. Like the feature to check to get email when notes have been posted to the forum"

Deena says, "Could you have the comments elsewhere and just do a link to the comments "

RobKendall says, "No nick, I don't think that would be a problem. The text items would be stored in a separate table just related to the main database tables"

Scott says, "It will be good to have a distinct section though, so that everyone can see all the comments -- it will help us to drive the community to participate"

Nick says, "I wonder if (to think of another enormous programming task) there is some way to modify the Slashdot system to award 'karma' points to those who contribute to the workshop?"

Deena says, "Again Nick, this will reward quantity, not quality."

RobKendall says, "I guess how fancy we make the workshop features will depend upon how many users we get. the more users, the more development effort we'll put into it"

Scott says, "What are karma points"

Deena says, "But there should be someway of showing who has contributed how many comments..."

Nick says, "But this sort of speculation is a bit silly, as Rob has been running online workshops for a while. The difference in ELO is that it will be a potentially much larger group, and no one will have invested (a course fee) in order to participate. So there should be some way to build a workshop community, I think."

Deena passes around sweaters made from karma wool points

RobKendall says, "We could easily show a numeric count that appears beside each participant's name showing how many comments he/she has posted about other people's work"

Deena says, "How does ebay do this with their frequent bidder and bidder profiles?"

Scott says, "There may be something to this though -- people on all levels seem to respond well to a token economy"

Deena says, "Rob, that sounds good. "

Scott says, "I guess that's how Zoetrope works, sort of, right?"

Deena says, "Scott, will people need a token economy to participate in writing and reading? the two have always seemed to be at odds"

Nick says, "I think we should probably rely on Rob's expertise more than eBay and Slashdot, although there might be an insight or two to be picked up from random sites like those."

Deena says, "Scott, can you give a URL for Zoetrope?"

Deena says, "Yep. Rob, in your workshops, you do show who has commented on what work, or it is easy to track comments, at any rate. Does that seem to make a difference in getting people to comment?"

Deena says, "Would it be enough just to have a field by that person's name with comments?"

RobKendall says, "Once the workshop is up and running we'll have a better idea of what people need in terms of features."

Nick says, "It's just going to be a question of scale. 120 authors who post occasionally are going to be my 'writers workshop'? Hmm."

Nick says, "One might also wonder about the difference between workshopping and publication in a case like that."

Nick says, "Maybe the ability to form smaller groups is something worthwhile."

RobKendall says, "Deena, I've found that generally the protocol in workshops is that people feel compelled to comment on the works of people who have offered comments on their own works. the number of comments made in general doesn't seem to matter."

Deena says, "Even in Rob's courses and on the writers workshop list, only 3 or 4 people contribute 80 to 90 percent of the content."

Scott says, "Probably making something like fail or succeed depends on whether it's tied to a regular event. I'd imagine you'd get different kinds of responses to it than you would with a class, which has its own systems of commitment"

Deena says, "I tink that will happen here, too."

Deena says, "Yes, there is no commitment here, and it is hard to carve out the time to do it."

Deena says, "We will need to get some active volunteers right away to comment."

Nick says, "Scott, I think the regular event is a good think. A MOO workshop, for instance. But having a manageable and probably therefore small group would also be good."

Deena says, "Could we offer a nonpaying internship to some student to look at these, comment, and get college credit or something?"

Scott says, "The same thing goes for the tool forum -- that's something that a lot people have said they need -- but we need to figure out the best way to jump start it"

RobKendall says, "Maybe we should think about a feature that tells participants who has commented on their work -- this would encourage them to return the favor and comment on the work of those people"

Deena says, "A workshop and regular event would be much better, because we can send out periodic reminders and announcements for the events."

Deena says, "Rob, wouldn't the participants already know that as they would get the emailed comments on their work?"

Scott says, "We can also do 'online events' -- dedicate chat forums for a particular period to a particular work, followed by wrap up chats"

Nick says, "I wonder if there's some way to help people get into online affinity groups (a la Firefly) for small-group workshop purposes? I mean, I could just go email a bunch of people, but we would want something that would work for people less familiar with the community."

Deena says, "Scott, so we should get a student or so to jumpstart the tools forum, too?"

RobKendall says, "Yes, they would know, but they might tend to forget who the senders of the comments were."

Nick says, "Speaking of Firefly..."

Deena says, "Nick, what is Firefly?"

Nick says, "Perhaps I shouldn't go there, I think I've suggested enough grandiose programming feats."

Deena says, "Rob, could you set up the database so they could go back and see who has commented on the work""

Deena says, "Right, let's keep this simple :0"

Scott says, "Well, a student intern could help, but without the real tool wonks, the content won't be as relevant"

RobKendall says, "Deena, yes we could do that"

Nick says, "Deena, Firefly created a system where people rank the books/CD/something else (e.g., electronic lit) that they like and disklike. Then the system gives them recommendations, based on other individuals' likes and dislikes -- not on some built-in guess, but based on what other people with similar taste liked, that you don't yet know about"

Deena says, "Rob, I think if it is not too difficult, lets start with fields that sow who has commented, how many times they have commented, and dates that the work was put up"

RobKendall says, "One feature we have talked about is allowing small password-protected subsections of the workshop for smaller groups. teachers could even use this for classes"

Nick says, "Rob, I vote for that."

Deena says, "Nick, what is the firefly URL?"

Deena says, "Scott, can we get real tool wonks?"

Nick says, "Deena, I'm sure it's but they were bought by Microsoft a while back and maybe eaten. Pattie Maes at the Media Lab was their founder."

Scott says, "Yeah, that would be ideal. The trouble is with the programming there, and also with the maintenance -- unless maybe we could get one of those ap developers to get involved as an inkind sponsor"

Deena says, "I think down the line we will need to do smaller password groups, but let's keep it open until we get some momentum"

RobKendall says, "Nick, this is collaborative filtering you're talking about. it's used on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites"

Nick says, "Right Rob, they use it."

Deena says, "Scott, maybe we could attach the tool wonks with the CyberFlats in Denmark next year?"

Scott says, "Nick, do you know anything about the companies that do the back-end on it"

Nick says, "Those are closer-to-home examples, probably. It was a Firefly invention."

Deena shares a URL...


Scott says, "We've got some tool wonks w/in the ht community, and I'm sure we could enlist people from the tool developer side too"

Nick says, "Scott, I know some people involved at Firefly back in the day and of course I have Media Lab connections, maybe Pattie's group would give the code out to a nonprofit, I don't know?"

Nick says, "The code = the old, pre-corporate code"

Nick shares a URL...


Deena says, "At first, we can just have the tool folks list the tools they have available, or in research."

Deena says, "We should talk to Noah about listing the tools from the NYUI Media lab"

Deena shares a URL...


RobKendall says, "collaborative filtering would be very difficult to implement. it's something we've already talked about and agree would be great to have, but it would be a ways in the future, even if someone donated the technology"

Nick says, "That's unrelated. I think the company was eaten by MS."

Scott says, "Yeah we should have as much of the nyu/mit stuff that's publicly accessible as possible."

Deena sighs and thinks everything has been eaten by ms

RobKendall says, "burp"

Deena says, "right, Rob, let's keep this simple"

Deena hands Rob a napkin and congratulates him on eating the whole ms

Deena says, "We should probably do this one step at a time..."

RobKendall says, "Thanks, Deena"

Nick says, "Rob, you might see about how separate of a project you could make it, if there's interest. It could just run off a dump of the DB without actually interacting with it, on a separate machine. There might be some way to plug in the stuff easily to the Media Lab code. The bigger problem would be bootstrapping ti with user data until it was actually useful, I think."

Scott says, "Yeah, I'm sure collaborative. filtering will involve some tricks welding the source code to the DB lingo Nick T's working in, though I'll bet Nick T will have fun w/ it. Doesn't hurt to think ahead a couple steps on it"

Deena says, "Plan big, keep it small and able to grow in that direction for now"

Deena says, "But do put those fields in for now to track participation and dates, ."

Nick says, "Anyway. I think the issue of creating small workshops somehow is a more important (and more reasonable to implement!) goal."

Deena says, "Also, maybe we can use the elit room and just announce a monthly MOO workshop. We could have a person volunteer their work and then comment on it in real time."

Scott says, "Right now, of course, the big thing is getting out the crunchy bugs we're still running across, and publicizing the hell out of it."

Deena sends out crunchy bug eaters that ms has not seen

RobKendall says, "Sure, nick, you could look into it. we've got a lot of other things that it pretty crucial we get finished up within the next few months though, as far as the directory goes, so this would have to be a back-burner thing"

Deena says, "Scott is right. We need to publicize the hell out f the directory."

Nick says, "If I have the chance to talk to someone at the Media Lab about it, I will. If not, it can simmer."

Deena says, "So our immediate actions are to???"

Nick says, "How about just posting a message saying 'Workshop!' and having people respond with the works they want to discuss on the MOO?"

Nick says, "That seems like a two-birds one-stone thing there."

Deena says, "That would work. We can just set up the workshop along the lines of the chat for right now..."

Nick says, "You get people to use the BBS (they have a reason to) and you get some ethnographic data about how they'd like to do MOO workshops."

RobKendall says, "Well, let's not publicize the workshop too much until we've actually written the code for viewing the works there. let's publicize the directory"

Nick says, "That can inform the Open Workshop design & implementation."

Deena says, "Ahhh. so maybe we can do the workshop in Nov, Dec when we have the chat moved over to Sundays with trAce?"

Scott says, "That'd certainly be a way to start. And we could put in instructions on entering work in the directory. Once, as Rob says, the code's done"

Nick says, "Rob, I'm talking about calling a MOO Workshop as a sort of prelude to whatever is going to officially happen later on with Open workshop."

Deena passes out code writers and code talkers who will do the work while we sleep...

RobKendall says, "Ok, Nick, that would make sense"

Deena says, "Then we would be able to preload the workshop feature in the directory?"

Nick says, "I don't think so"

Scott says, "It would be nice to time it to hit with the launch of the basic function of the open workshop though"

Deena says, "Nick, don't think so what?"

Deena says, "Do we have stuff listed in the workshop now?"

Nick says, "I was just thinking of organizing a workshop by posting a message, having anyone respond who wanted to with the URLs of their work, and then meet and talk. No reference to the 'Open Directory' thing, particularly, but having the workshop would be useful for both participants and 'Open Workshop' design"

RobKendall says, "it should be easy to activate the workshop listing in the directory sometime next week on a simple level"

Deena says, "Nick, I think that would be a good start. then we can ease into the directory when we've debugged it"

Nick says, "Deena, oh I see. Yes, people could put their works in the Directory and check off 'Open Workshop' if they wanted to. But it wouldn't particularly matter if they didn't."

Deena passes out debugging sprays

Nick says, "I didn't want to put more work onto Rob and Nick."

Scott says, "But they might as well whew it's hot in here"

Deena opens the window for fresh breaths of air and logic

RobKendall says, "There were a handful of things in the workshop last week but I haven't checked during the last few days"

Nick says, "Rather, to help them by having a sort of run-through of what ELO people wanted from a workshop. And help them see who those people might be, etc."

Deena says, "Nick, we could launch an open workshop MOO chat type thing in parallel with the directory. Concentrate as you say, first on getting folks together with a certain work."

Nick says, "But sure, we'll say in the message that they should enter their work in the Directory and check 'Open Workshop,' and if they can get some listing of those works implemented, good."

Nick says, "If not, no biggie. You can just look at the BBS and see what's going to be discussed."

RobKendall says, "Another advantage of the open workshop will that there could also be available there links to the "published" works by the participants. Useful for putting the work in context"

Scott says, "Sure -- and we could also use them as occasions to find out what other people wanted -- for instance, a new publisher of interactive work is going to post a call for submissions on the ELO BBS next week -- a sort of workshop MOO with their acquisitions editor might be useful -- likewise at some point a chat with Diane Greco on where Eastgate's going truffle hunting "

Nick says, "That way Rob and Nick will have some DB data to work with, but if they don't get the 'Open Workshop' listing ready in time we'll just pretend that they weren't going to, and it won't matter."

Nick says, "Rob, yes, there would still be some tie-in to the directory because of that ability to look at previously published work."

Tzen has disconnected.

RobKendall says, "Another feature of the directory that isn't yet fully implemented is that publishers can place calls for submissions, which will all be viewable from a single screen"

Nick says, "Nice."

Deena says, "That will be good. will that correspond to the calls for submissions in the bulletin board forum?"

RobKendall says, "These will be active until the specified deadline date, when the call will automatically be removed"

Deena says, "Also, publishing is an odd concept in elit. But this way, people can decide whether their work is open tot he public and published on their own site or still in draft on the workshop site"

Scott says, "Right now, we're encouraging people to do that from our BBS -- if/when we implement that feature, we will have to make that correspond with calls from the bbs"

RobKendall says, "Actually, we may want to replace the calls for submissions in the BBS with the calls for submissions in the database"

Nick says, "So, before we leave the topic, is one of you Authorities going to post the MOO Workshop message we'd talked about? Deena, MOO-chieftain? Or Rob, famed of workshops?"

Scott says, "Let's see how it goes in the BBS "

Deena says, "Um...I'll be happy to host the MOO workshop, but Nick, do you have time to write the message?"

Scott says, "Deena -- do you think November is the right time for that"

Deena says, "I think November would be best, because we are transitioning to trAce/ELO chats in October."

Deena says, "Then we can have the MOO chat on Saturday--like the first Saturday of the month or something. It is important to keep it regular"

Scott says, "We might also want to do workshop leaders -- maybe they could be rotating "

Deena says, "We can just add the archive and a page to the community, to post when the workshop will be. I'm assuming for right now it is open to the public and later when we get momentum, we can close the doors to a select active few"

Deena says, "(or keep an open workshop and split off closed workshops)"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Tzen off to bed.

Deena says, "I would like to announce this early Oct so that people have time to prepare. People will need to read the work, etc."

Deena says, "In fact, we should do a preliminary announcement asap, to get works to be workshopped. then we should announce the workshop"

Deena thinks of all the work this workshop will be :)

Scott says, "Depending on how developed we got, it might be a membership thing."

Scott says, "W/ paid workshop leaders"

Deena says, "Scott, do you want to limit the initial announcements, etc to members? or just say you have to be a member to participate?"

Deena says, "How much is membership, Anyway?"

Scott says, "Fifty bucks"

Deena says, "Fifty sounds reasonable to join a workshop..."

Deena says, "And we have the chat room set up, etc."

Scott says, "Nick's a member"

Deena says, "Ok. So the plan is for Nick M and I to work on the letter for the workshop, get additional fields for the database to show daters, comments, etc, and have two parallel efforts?"

Deena loves volunteering people other than herself :)

Deena shares the swirling rye bread she is eating in real life...

Nick says, "OWEL: Online Workshop for Electronic Literature?"

Deena says, "Ok, ok Scott, I'll become a member..."

Scott says, "Right. Don't count on the added DB functionality immediately, though, Rob and Nick have gone way above and beyond the last couple weeks. "

Scott says, "Deena you rock"

RobKendall says, "Deena, realistically it won't be any time soon that the database will be able to store workshop comments. for now the comments will have to go in the discussion forum"

Deena says, "Sure, we can have an owl as a mascot..."

Deena says, "With the ELO eyes.."

Nick says, "Ah, yes!"

Scott says, "Hey yeah that'd be cool"

Deena says, "Ahh, so just do the workshop chat room for now and have stuff listed in the Open workshop directory but not plan to do too much wit h That right now."

Scott says, "Maybe we'll do a little flash animation"

Deena says, "BTW Rob, I will be in SF Friday through Monday next week. I'll be at Rob Swigart's to do fractal closures on Sunday.,.."

Deena says, "Maybe we can hook up?"

Deena says, "Scott, that would be great!"

RobKendall says, "Yes definitely, Deena. Let's talk via email"

Scott says, "We're going to have a busy couple of months. The workshop announcement could go nicely with another long-anticipated ELO announcement."

Deena says, "Do a flash with the owl eyes going off and on.."

Deena says, "What is the other announcement?"

Scott says, "That will get a lot of people excited. I gotta go now, time to shave and grab a bite so I can get in here tomorrow to finish the work I didn't do today."

Deena says, "Right. I think we have a bit of a plan and that will work.""

Deena says, "Thanks you guys :)"

Deena says, "Nick, could you write a draft announcement?"

Nick says, "I'm doing it right now."

RobKendall says, "Thanks Deena and everyone else"

Scott says, "goodnight."

RobKendall says, "bye Scott"

Nick says, "Seeya, everybody. Deena, email soon."

Deena says, "Great. See you soon!""

-- End log: Saturday, September 9, 2000 4:57:58 p.m. CDT


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