Howard Besser

Howard Besser is an Associate Professor at UCLA's School of Education & Information Studies where he teaches courses and does research on digital longevity, multimedia, image databases, digital libraries, intellectual property, instructional technology, and the social and cultural impact of new information technologies.

For several years he has been working with the Electronic Café International on preserving their pioneering electronic art. Nationally and internationally, Besser has been in the forefront of issues of digital longevity for cultural heritage materials. He served on the 1995
"Commission on Preservation and Access Task Force on Preservation of Digital Information", and wrote the background paper on digital longevity for the Getty's 1998 "Time & Bits" Digital Longevity Conference. More recently he has run a series of workshops on digital longevity for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and has authored 3 pieces on digital longevity.

Dr. Besser has been in charge of information technology for two art museums, is involved in the creation of a film preservation program at UCLA, and has participated in recent digital preservation meetings of the film industry Studios.

This speaker appears in Archiving Digital Culture panel.