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2001 Awards Ceremony


2001 Poetry Award Winner!

by John Cayley

The author describes 'windsound' as a 'text movie' animated by transliteral morphs (textual morphing based on letter replacements) through a sequence of nodal texts.

'windsound' is based on original texts by Cayley, plus his own translation of a Song period lyric, 'Cadence: Like a Dream' by Qin Guan (1049-1100). It is designed to be viewed as an all-but-linear movie. Once started, it plays through a sequence taking about 20 minutes. While it plays continuously, the text which you read (where not composed) is algorithmically generated. (In later, still unfinished pieces such text movies are navigable, becoming similar to so-called 'object movies'.)

John Cayley
John Cayley


While the piece has narrative and fictional qualities, it is submitted as poetry since Cayley writes out of a tradition of innovative poetry, and because the piece addresses linguistic structures at a granular level: as literal art.

London-based Anglo-Canadian poet John Cayley is a bookseller and the founding editor of the Wellsweep Press. He is widely known for his writing in networked and programmable media. He has lectured on the writing program at the University of California, San Diego and is now an Honorary Research Associate of Royal Holloway College, University of London, and an Honorary Fellow of Dartington College of Arts, associated with their degree-level course on Performance Writing.

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