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The Minotaur Project
by Kim White

The Minotaur Project is a cluster of four poems fused with image, movement and sound. It is part of a hypermedia novel in verse that explores contemporary issues of identity using the framework of classical myth. Minotaur appears as a fragmented persona confined in the computer's labyrinth. It attempts to understand self and others (specifically Kore, the main character in this verse novel) without that primary means of connection to the sensate world, the body.

Readers can view this title online at home.earthlink.net/~theminotaurproject. It requires the current Flash plug-in to be read.

Kim White
Kim White

Kim White's collection of prose poems, Scratching for Something, was published in 1998 by A Quarto Book (Columbia University Creative Writing Center.) The Minotaur Project is excerpted from her work in progress: a hypermedia novel in verse which explores identity using the classical myth as framework. She's received awards from the Academy of American Poets and The Forbes Foundation.


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