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By Paul Chan


Alternumerics explores the intimate relationship between language and interactivity by transforming the simple computer font into an art form that explores the fissure between what we type and what we mean.

By replacing the individual letters and numbers (known as alphanumerics) with textual and graphic fragments that signify what is typed in radically different ways, Alternumerics transforms the act of typing into a digital performance and any computer connected to a standard printer into an interactive artmaking installation.

Alternumeric fonts are Macintosh and Windows compatible and work with any application that uses fonts. Each font is accompanied by an art-piece that uses the font to explore the relationship between what is typed, what is translated—and fundamentally—what is communicated when we use language to describe the slipperiness of the self, the friction of desire, the pleasures of utopia, or the poetry of silence.



This work is readable on the web at nationalphilistine.com/alternumerics, and requires the Flash 5 plug-in to be fully experienced.

Paul Chan lives in New York City.


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