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_the data][h!][bleeding texts_
by Mez

"_the data][h!][bleeding t.ex][e][ts" are remnants from email performances devoted to the dispersal of writing that has been inspired and mutated according to the dynamics of an active network. The texts make use of the polysemic language system termed mezangelle, which evolved/s from multifarious email exchanges, computer code flavored language, and net iconographs.

This work is accesible on the web at netwurkerz.de/mez/datableed/complete. It employs DHTML and animations, and therefore a current web browser is recommended for reading the site.

(Mary-Anne Breeze)

The author Mez (also known as Mary-Anne Breeze) describes herself as...
".+. a professional net.wurka/artist <since the early 90's>
   [e.g see CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, Digitarts '96,
   ISEA_97, ARS Electronica_97, trAce, BeeHive Hypermedia,
   SIGGRAPH_99,d>Art 00 and _hybrid<life>forms 01_]
.+. an avataristic authoress of the net.wurked "mezangelle"
   language system
.+. the 2001 Resident Artist @ the WCG
.+. currently working on her "Fantazee Genderator" IFU-Awarded
   project @ Berlin's Humboldt-University."

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