New Reviews

New reviews at RCCS include: William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition reviewed by Tama Leaver, Frank Schaap’s The Words That Took Us There: Ethnography in a Virtual Reality reviewed by Stephanie Bennett, and Siva Vaidhyanathan’s Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How It Threatens Creativity reviewed by Laura Kertz.


The Iowa Review Web features the work of Brian Kim Stefans and an interview with Stefans by Giselle Beiguelman; Tal Halpern’s Digital Nature: the Case Collection version 2.0 and an interview with Tal Halpern by Patrick F. Walter; new work by Paul A. Toth and Bob Thurber; writings by Nick Moudry, Ilan Stavans, and Lance Olsen; and Gábor Szantó’s “Letters to King Laios from Oedipus.”

New Book Reviews in Cyberculture Studie

This month’s book reviews at RCCS include Marc Smith & Peter Kollock’s Communities in Cyberspace reviewed by Janet Armentor, and Chris Werry & Miranda Mowbray’s Online Communities: Commerce, Community Action, and the Virtual University reviewed by Gloria Gannaway.

New Reviews in Cyberculture Studies

New book reviews at RCCS for August 2003 are: Elaine Lally’s At Home With Computers, reviewed by
Deborah J. Smith; Geoff King & Tanya Krzywinska’s ScreenPlay: Cinema/Videogames/Interfaces reviewed by Bob Rehak; and John Seely Brown & Paul Duguid’s The Social Life of Information reviewed by G.C. Gupta.

Reviews in Cyberculture Studies

New book reviews at RCCS include: Paul Dourish’s Where the Action Is: The Foundations of Embodied Interaction reviewed by Tom Bell; Ollivier Dyens’s Metal and Flesh: The Evolution of Man: Technology Takes Over reviewed by Bryan Alexander; Colette Nicolle and Julio Abascal’s Inclusive Design Guidelines for HCI reviewed by Rita Lauria; and Donald A. Schon, Bish Sanyal, and William J. Mitchell’s High Technology and Low-Income Communities: Prospects for the Positive Use of Advanced Information Technology reviewed by Gracie Lawson-Borders.


The Iowa Review Web features Stuart Moulthrop’s new piece, “Pax” and an interview with Moulthrop by Noah Wardrip-Fruin; the work of Margaret Stratton and an interview with Stratton by Leslie Roberts; and new work and reviews by Deena Larson, geniwate, Seth Thompson, Heidi Bean, and Pamela Gay.

ACH Trip Report

Written by Marjorie Luesebrink, ELO’s President, the trip report details the 2 ELO panels at ACH: an academic session titled “PAD: Preservation, Archiving, and Dissemination of Electronic Literature” and a
creative reading titled “Writers Reading Electronic Literature”

New RCCS Reviews

New book reviews in Cyberculture Studies include: Dani Cavallaro’s Cyberpunk and Cyberculture: Science Fiction and the Work of William Gibson reviewed by Samir Chopra; Peter Ludlow’s Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias reviewed by Atara Frenkel-Faran & Merav Katz; Greg M. Smith’s On a Silver Platter: CD-ROMs and the Promises of a New Technology reviewed by David Prater; and Arne Tangherlini’s reviewed by Michael Filas.

RCCS Book Reviews

RCCS’s book reviews for April include: Frank Webster’s Culture and Politics in the Information Age: A New Politics? reviewed by Joseph Savirimuthu; Henry C. Lucas, Jr.’s Strategies for Electronic Commerce and the Internet reviewed by Edward Castronova; Sally Wyatt, Flis Henwood, Nod Miller & Peter Senker’s Technology and In/equality: Questioning the Information Society reviewed by Dougie Bicket and Yu-hua Chang; and Arthur Asa Berger’s Video Games: A Popular Culture Phenomenon reviewed by W. Bradford Mello.

The Iowa Review Web

Vol. 5, No. 2 of The Iowa Review Web features: “A Media Theory of Consciousness” by Anthony Enns, a review of Joseph Tabbi’s Cognitive Fictions; an interview with Tabbi, and Tabbi’s “Overwriting”; “The nEARness/t of [IrOny] U’s” an interview with Talan Memmott by M.D. Coverley, and Memmott’s “Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)]; The Very Essence of Poetry”: Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley’s My Name is Captain, Captain by Jessica Pressman, and Flying Blind: An Interview with Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley by Jessica Pressman; “Relics and Kindling: An Autobiography “by Eric Pankey; and “American Mammals” by Ina Grigorova.