2023-2024 Fellows


Calvin Olsen is a newly-minted Senior Lecturer in the English department at Ohio State University, where he teaches courses on monsters, video games, and/or digital media. He holds a PhD in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media from NC State University, an MA in English & Comparative Literature from UNC-Chapel Hill, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Boston University. He moonlights as an internationally published poet and award-winning literary translator, and his work can be found at calvin-olsen.com.


Nathanael Moore is an independent scholar from New Zealand. He currently lives in Los Angeles. He studies the intersection of poetics, classical literary theory, and new media. His work has appeared in Digital Humanities Quarterly.


Samya Brata Roy is a PhD scholar at the School of Liberal Arts, IIT Jodhpur. He is associated as a Fellow with Digital Humanities Research Hub (School of Advanced Study, University of London) and the DAS|LAB (University of Regensburg). His interests and publications lie in and around Visual Culture, Electronic Literature, Videogame Studies and Digital Humanities. He has curated/peer-reviewed both digital/electronic art exhibits and scholarly outputs.
He co-founded Electronic Literature India and his other roles include being a member of the Intersectional Inclusion Task Force with the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations, Technical Advisory Member with Humanities Commons, a governing body member with Digital Humanities Alliance for Research and Teaching Innovations, and a liaison with The Association for Computers and the Humanities.


Shanmugapriya T is a Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Scholar at the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies (HCS). Her research and teaching take an interdisciplinary focus to the areas of digital humanities, digital environmental humanities, and digital literature and games, with a particular interest in building and applying digital tools and technologies for Humanities research. Shanmu holds her PhD in Digital Humanities and Indian English Literature at Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India. She was an AHRC Postdoctoral Research Associate at Lancaster University, UK from 2020 to 2021, where she was also previously a SPRAC Fellow in 2019. She has published papers in national and international avenues such as Oxford University Press, Digital Humanities Quarterly, Routledge and Electronic Book Review. Shanmu is a digital artist who works with other digital artists—past projects include the digital poem The Lost Water! Remainscape? and The Lost Oasis and The Water Cave, created with Andy Campbell.


Shweta Khilnani is a PhD scholar at the Department of English, University of Delhi. Her PhD dissertation focuses on the interactions between the literary, the affective, and the political with respect to digital narratives. She is especially interested in the rise of Instapoetry among other forms of digital literature. She is also as Assistant Professor in the department of English at SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi. Her recent publications include co-edited collections of essays titled Science Fiction in India: Parallel Worlds and Postcolonial Paradigms and Imagining Worlds, Mapping Possibilities: Select Science Fiction Stories.

2021-2022 Fellows

  • Hannah Ackermans
  • Laura Sánchez Gómez
  • Alexandra Martin
  • Shanmuga Priya
  • Zahra Rizvi

2020-2021 Fellows

  • Yohanna Waliya
  • Dani Spinosa
  • Margaret Rhee
  • Meredith Dabek
  • Malthe Stavning Erslev
  • Roberta Iadevaia
  • Keith Wilson
  • Sean Braune

2019-2020 Fellows

  • Jason Childs
  • Lai-Tze Fan
  • Dani Spinosa
  • Chelsea Miya
  • Justin Berner
  • Bruno Ministro
  • Julia Polyck-O’Neil
  • Amy Spencer