ELO Fellowship Call for Applications


The ELO is continuing its expansion of scholarly activity, creative, and curatorial practices with the appointment of four graduate and early career Research & Creative Fellows for 2023, each of whom will be awarded a $500 stipend along with a one-year ELO membership. The awards will be announced at the ELO2023 Conference in Coimbra. In the coming month, we’ll be welcoming applicants who will be working with established ELO scholars and practitioners on a variety of ELO projects, such as the Electronic Literature Directory (http://directory.eliterature.org), CELL (www.cellproject.net), The Digital Review (http://www.thedigitalreview.com), the electronic book review (https://electronicbookreview.com ), and The NEXT (https://the-next.eliterature.org/). Each of the Fellows will be expected to complete a minimum of two encyclopedic ELD entries during the term of their appointment. Fellows can also work with their supervisors to develop metadata for works in collections, creating content for the works’ exhibition spaces, writing descriptions of works in the collections or the collections themselves. 

The ELO celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for the benefit of our whole community. Therefore, we actively encourage applications from individuals who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and come from broad geographic, ethnic, and language backgrounds. We ask all applicants to consult our ELO Code of Conduct: https://eliterature.org/about/code-of-conduct/. Linguistic diversity will be particularly useful as our Fellows translate works in many languages from our growing consortium of e-lit databases. 

Applications should include a cv and one-page description of the candidate’s qualifications and approach to e-Lit scholarship. These can be sent to joseph.tabbi@uib.no.