(dIS)jUNCTIONS: Romancing Heteroglossia

This graduate conference, to be held April 9-10, 2004 at UC Riverside, seeks analytical papers and artistic works that probe the question of multivocality or heteroglossia, either in the design of their narratives, or in the nature of their use of electronic media. Critical readings of electronic texts and works are welcome, along with creative experiments with new media. Abstracts/papers/links due March 1, 2004 to cfpenglish at hotmail dot com (no attachments, please).

Digital Visions

Digital Visions is an online exhibition created by artists and curators at the University of British Columbia, Canada. The Digital Vision committee would like to invite artists to submit work for review by February 28, 2004, and late submissions may be accepted until March 5.

CFP: Digital Literatures and Theoretical Approaches

Hermeneia, based at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, is an international group conducting research in literary studies and digital technologies. Hermeneia is organizing an international conference titled ‘Under Construction: Digital Literatures and Theoretical Approaches,’ to be held April 14-16, 2004 in Barcelona. Confirmed participants include George Landow, Raine Koskimaa, Jean-Pierre Balpe, Markku Eskelinen, Xavier Malbreil, Roberto Simanowski and Alain Vuillemin. The conference is seeking papers in areas such as: Internet and Literary Studies, Digital Technologies and Poetry, Narrative Hyperfiction, New Literary Genres, and more.

Call for Entries

JavaMuseum will be launching an Asia & Pacific feature at the Thailand New Media Festival on March 20-28, 2004. All artists who work netbased and are from or currently living in the Asia/Pacific region are encouraged to participate. The deadline for submissions is March 10. If interested, contact asianfeature at javamuseum dot org.

CFP: Hypertext 2004

The early submission deadline for full papers for Hypertext 2004 is February 4, 2004. The conference invites submissions about all aspects of hypertext and hypermedia, including adaptive hypermedia, literary hypertext, systems and structures, Spatial hypertext, and ubiquitous hypermedia.

Digital Cultures Institutions Project: Summer 2004 Awards Competition

The Social Science Research Council is pleased to announce a 2004 summer awards competition to support research on digital cultural institutions. The project will offer up to 10 awards of $5,000 to fund research over the summer. The fellowship competition is open to advanced graduate and professional-degree students in any field, and to post-doctoral and practitioner candidates within 7 years of their terminal degree. For further information about the fellowship program, please contact dcip at ssrc dot org.

Call for Works

Caterina Davinio is curator for an experimental project that consists of a visual poetry exhibition, a new media poetry exhibition, and a video & performance event related with net-art project Gates. If you are interested in submitting Visual poetry, graphics, or unique pieces and objects, email davinio at tin dot it. The deadline is February 28.

Call for Proposals

The 2004 Museum Computer Network (MCN) Conference will take place November 10 – 13 in Minneapolis, and the theme is Great Technology for Collections, Confluence and Community. The Program Committee is seeking presentations that focus on: Collaboration & Confluence Management, Collection Information Management Membership, Cyber Communities Multimedia & Streaming Technologies, Digital Rights Management Preservation, Exhibition Technologies Point of Sale & eCommerce, Imaging Technologies Research & Evaluation, or Intellectual Property Standards & Interoperability. Proposals are due February 6.