Twisty Little Passages

December 10, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism

Nick Montfort’s new book, Twisty Little Passages, is now available from MIT Press. For more details and to order the book, visit

Hello World and Cyborg Lives?

November 26, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism

Visit Raw Nerve Books to pre-order your copy of Hello World: Travels in Virtuality by Sue
Thomas, to be published in March 2004. Raw Nerve is having a special offer in which you may pre-order Hello World and buy Cyborg Lives?: Women’s Technobiographies edited by Flis Henwood, Helen Kennedy and Nod Miller, at a discounted price.

Women, Art, and Technology

November 10, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism

MIT Press and Leonardo/ISAST announces the publication of Women, Art, and Technology, a book featuring the work of female artists who have played a central role in the development of new media practice. More information about Women, Art, and Technology is available at Judy Malloy’s site, and you may purchase the book at Amazon.

Postcolonialism and Digital Culture

October 20, 2003 in Calls, E-Lit Criticism

Postcolonial studies is affected by the spread of networked computing and digital culture, such as email, websites, newsgroups, online games, digital art, and blogs. Postcolonialism and Digital Culture is seeking papers for its September 2004 issue, which focuses on the consequences of the digital culture for the postcolonial condition.


September 24, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism, New E-Lit

The Iowa Review Web features the work of Brian Kim Stefans and an interview with Stefans by Giselle Beiguelman; Tal Halpern’s Digital Nature: the Case Collection version 2.0 and an interview with Tal Halpern by Patrick F. Walter; new work by Paul A. Toth and Bob Thurber; writings by Nick Moudry, Ilan Stavans, and Lance Olsen; and Gábor Szantó’s “Letters to King Laios from Oedipus.”

electronic book review

July 1, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism

Visit electronic book review to read “Histories of the Future” by Steve Shaviro, “Contour of a Contour” by Dave Ciccoricco, “Histories of the Present” by Darren Tofts, and “Words and Syllables” by Sven Philipp.

The Iowa Review Web

April 1, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism, New E-Lit

Vol. 5, No. 2 of The Iowa Review Web features: “A Media Theory of Consciousness” by Anthony Enns, a review of Joseph Tabbi’s Cognitive Fictions; an interview with Tabbi, and Tabbi’s “Overwriting”; “The nEARness/t of [IrOny] U’s” an interview with Talan Memmott by M.D. Coverley, and Memmott’s “Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)]; The Very Essence of Poetry”: Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley’s My Name is Captain, Captain by Jessica Pressman, and Flying Blind: An Interview with Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley by Jessica Pressman; “Relics and Kindling: An Autobiography “by Eric Pankey; and “American Mammals” by Ina Grigorova.

Culture Machine 5

March 21, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism

The latest issue of the e-journal, Culture Machine, features articles written by N. Katherine Hayles, Mark Amerika, Ted Striphas, Andy Miah, Gary Hall, Alan Clinton, Charlie Gere, Anna Munster, Cathryn Vasseleu, Chris Chesher, Gregory L. Ulmer, and Bernard Stiegler. Culture Machine accepts submissions written about any facet of culture and theory.

Culture Machine is accepting contributions for its February 2004 issue, Culture Machine 6: Deconstruction is/in Cultural Studies. The contributions may address any aspect of cultural studies in relation to deconstruction, or between “old” and “new” cultural studies. The deadline for submissions is October 2003. For more information, visit the Culture Machine website.

Writing Machines Web Supplement now online

February 11, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism

Writing Machines, written by N. Katherine Hayles, and designed by Anne Burdick, is the latest in the Mediawork Pamphlet series. Writing Machines has already been hailed for its exploration of how literature has transformed itself from inscriptions rendered as the flat durable marks of print to the dynamic images of CRT screens, from verbal texts to the diverse sensory modalities of multimedia works, from books to technotexts.

The Supplement includes an interactive lexicon linkmap, index, bibliography, notes, and errata, and offers alternative mappings of the book’s conceptual terrain with functionalities unavailable in print. Completing the cycle of remediation, the Supplement gives the user the ability to customize his or her own copy of the book by providing Adobe Acrobat .pdf files for each section, some of which are formatted in “printer’s spreads” that can be printed out, folded, and inserted into the body of the book itself. The site also includes information on ordering the book and a comprehensive interview with the author and designer.

Writing Machines and Its Website Are Now Available

January 6, 2003 in E-Lit Criticism

Katherine Hayles’s new Writing Machines, superbly designed by Anne Burdick (of ebr) was published at the end of 2002. The supplemental website, which contains all bibliographic material as well as other works of interest, is now online. Check the site soon for an interview with Hayles and Burdick, forthcoming.

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