In Search of Oldton

Contribute to Tim Wright’s online project, In Search of Oldton, either by visiting the website or completing and returning an Oldton postcard. Using your contributions and his own memories, Tim is piecing together the mystery of what happened to his childhood town of Oldton. Find out more about Oldton and how to contribute by visiting the website.

New Media Article Writing Competition Winners

trAce and Writers for the Future are pleased to announce the winners of New Media Article Writing Competition: Review category – “A Bad Machine Made of Words” by Nick Montfort; Opinion category – “Are cell phones new media? Hybrid communities and collective authorship” by Adriana de Souza e Silva; Process category – “Writing 4 Cyberformance” by Karla Ptacek & Helen Varley Jamieson; Editor’s Choice Award – “Show Me Your Context, Baby: My Love Affair with Blogs” by Kate Baggott; Honourable Mention – “Postcards From Writing” by Sally Pryor.