Call for ELO Research Fellows (April 1)

The ELO is currently expanding its scholarly activity and curatorial operations with the appointment of five graduate and early career Research Fellows, each of whom will be awarded a $500 stipend along with a one year ELO membership. Awards will be announced at the yearly banquet. In the coming months, we’ll be welcoming scholars who will draft entries for the Electronic Literature Directory, with a particular emphasis on works in the archives newly acquired by the ELO and also on works listed at our network of affiliated databases ( We are also open to descriptions of works that the Fellows have discovered in the course of their research, and in databases with which the Fellows themselves are affiliated. In particular, we look forward to filling out our new ELD category of “Glossary” entries, which will be gathered into a digital Thesaurus of Electronic Literary Terms.  Because entries are being gathered across our CELL member databases,  we are interested in appointing one Fellow who can help in implementing metadata standards and linked open data for the Thesaurus and Cell project.

One page letters of application, and short cv’s can be sent to the ELD project director, Joseph Tabbi (

Deadline: April 1