CFP: “Lyric and Media”

“Lyric and Media,” a MLA discussion group on Media and Literature, asks the questions: How do theories of lyric expression, interpretation, and experience intersect with theories of media? Does a focus on the lyric compel us to rethink the narrative orientations of many discussions of the literature-media nexus? Possibile topics for papers include: lyric poetry in its media ecologies, from the alphabet or ideogram to the Internet; lyric, song, and sound recording; lyric and electric or electronic media; lyric and film/video; lyric and the dynamic generation of the page. Please send abstracts, along with requests for any audiovisual equipment needed for the presentation, to Richard Menke at rmenke at uga dot edu by March 25.

Hello World

Hello World: travels in virtuality is a new book from trAce’s Artistic Director, Sue Thomas. Part travelogue, part memoir, Thomas draws on her online travels as well as her physical journeys in the USA, Australia and England. Go to trAce to purchase the book online. Visit the Hello World blog and win a signed copy of the book for the most insightful blog comment.


“The Best of The Iowa Review Web“: 2002/03 features new media work by artists Talan Memmott, Stuart Moulthrop, and Motomichi Nakamura; criticism by Heidi Bean, Matthew Purdy and Anthony Enns; and interviews with Scanner, John Cayley, and Stephanie Strickland.

Geniwate Wins 2004 Mayne Award for Multimedia

Geniwate, an Australian eliterature author who appeared at the ELO HyperText reading series in February, has received the Mayne Award for creative writing in multimedia. The award recognizes Geniwate’s work concatenation, which a judge called “an experiment in ‘Shockwave’ which is both aesthetically and intellectually compelling.” To experience concatenation, visit the website, then click on concatenation.

CFP: Material Electronic Text

Material Electronic Text, a MLA panel sponsored by the Association for Computers in the Humanities, seeks papers that re-consider the materiality of the electronic text in various ways. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • electronic archives
  • archiving electronics
  • digital representation of textual artifacts
  • textual representation of digital artifacts
  • materialities specific to digital texts
  • access to and preservation of electronic texts
  • data formats and obsolescence

Discussion of particular projects is welcome, as are papers proposing a more theoretical or historical focus. Please send 200 word abstracts (in the body of an email) by March 15, 2004 to Aimée Morrison at aimee.morrison at ualberta dot ca.

CFP: New Research for New Media

The New Research for New Media Symposium, to be held September 30 – October 2 at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Catalonia, will bring together researchers who use new media technologies to further their existing research methodologies, or those who use innovative research methodologies to further their research into any aspect of new media. The Symposium is seeking papers on research methodology and new media. The deadline for submissions is April 15.

Digital Preservation & Management Workshop

Archivists, librarians, museum staff and records management personnel are recognizing the need to develop policies and procedures that address what digital content to preserve and how to preserve it. On April 13 at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing, Michigan, the Michigan Library Consortium will be offering a special program on Digital Preservation and Management, taught by noted preservation expert Tom Clareson. Participants will learn the concepts of content, context, structure, reliability, and authenticity of digital materials and how they relate to preservation.

CFP: Performing Ethnicity

Performing Ethnicity, a conference marking the centennial of the St.Louis World’s Exposition, will take place October 15-17, 2004 at City College of the City, University of New York. The conference examines how the St. Louis World’s Fair represented racial and ethnic categories and what impact it has made. “Performing Ethnicity” seeks papers from diverse disciplines, including performance, visual, media and cultural studies, anthropology, political science, etc., in an effort to bring together scholars, artists and writers from diverse ethnic communities and cultures. The deadline to submit abstracts is April 30. The conference will coincide with a two-week arts festival. To find out more information and to participate, contact the Ma-Yi Theater Company at ralph.pena at ma-yitheatre dot org.