Chris Joseph on “The State of the Art”

October 26, 2005 in Press

Chris Joseph, author of Babel and editor of the online magazine 391.0rg, surveyed a group of digital writers, including Deena Larsen, Michael Joyce, Alan Sondheim, Kate Pullinger, and Marcus Bastos, about the current state and possible future of digital writing. Read his article on trAce.

Interview with’s Co-Director Helen Thorington

July 6, 2005 in Other News, Press

Read Domenico Quaranta’s recent interview with Helen Thorington, a founding organizer and current co-director of, at Turbulence. Also forthcoming in Cluster #5. Thorington discusses the origin and development of Turbulence, which has produced over 300 projects over the last 15 years and currently has approximately 80 net art projects running.

Trópico on Computer Games and/as Literature

June 16, 2005 in Press

Today in Trópico — the Brazilian online magazine of Art, New Technologies, Cinema, and Culture — there’s an interview with ELO board member Noah Wardrip-Fruin by Cícero Inácio da Silva. A broad range of perspectives on digital media (literary, ludic, and simulation-oriented perhaps chief among them) are employed for discussing computer games.

NYTimes on Interactive Drama and Game AI

June 8, 2005 in Press

At the top of the Arts section of yesterday’s The New York Times readers found an image of Grace and Trip, characters from the eagerly-awaited interactive drama Façade. The story, “Redefining the Power of the Gamer,” covers a number of projects and points of view from the recent Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment conference (AIIDE) in Los Angeles.

ELO Board Members Quoted in New York Times Article

May 7, 2004 in Press

Adam Baer’s New York Times article “Call Me E-Mail: The Novel Unfolds Digitally” features comments by ELO board members Thom Swiss and Noah Wardrip-Fruin. To read the entire article, you must register with the NY Times online, a free service.

“The Uncertain Future of the Past”

February 17, 2004 in Press

Deena Larsen is one of the people interviewed in “The Uncertain Future of the Past,” Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan 30, 2004. The article describes the threatened loss of electronic documents as their formats become obsolete and newer machines cannot read them.

Talk time: Noah Wardrip-Fruin

June 5, 2003 in Press

In an interview with the UK’s The Guardian about The New Media Reader, editor Noah Wardrip-Fruin mentions PAD’s efforts to preserve digital media.

UCLA Daily Bruin Covers E-Lit Reading

October 22, 2002 in Events, Press

The UCLA school paper ran a story on the electronic literature reading held on October 19 at Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles. M.D. Coverley and Stephanie Strickland read to a full audience. The event was sponsored by the ELO.

Coverage of the State of the Arts Symposium in Poets and Writers

April 15, 2002 in ELO, Press

Ravi Shankar, the editor of Drunken Boat, attended the 2002 State of the Arts symposium in Los Angeles and filed a brief “DOMO ARIGATO, E.L.O.: POSTCARD FROM LOS ANGELES” for Poets and Writers online, summarizing his experience of the symposium.

Coverage of the State of the Arts Symposium in the LA Times

April 14, 2002 in ELO, Press

This Sunday’s Living section of the Los Angeles Times featured an article about the recent 2002 ELO State of the Arts Symposium at UCLA. Aside from a couple of factual inaccuracies (while the mention of Michael Joyce’s Aftermath brought a smile to some of our faces, the actual title of Eastgate’s classic hypertext is afternoon: a story) the article is a fine bit of journalism that captures the spirit of what many are already calling the most important gathering in the history of the nascent field of electronic literature. (Abstract available, article can be purchased for $2.95)
[Link updated April 2005; the article was removed from the Web]

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