ELO’s PAD Members Meet in Santa Fe

ELO’s PAD (Preservation, Archiving, Dissemination) Project is off and running! Members of the PAD committees met in Santa Fe over the weekend to discuss the project and its range, planned future steps and shared information.

In attendence were Jeff Ballowe (Chair of the Operations Committee), Scott Rettberg (Chair of the Archiving/Exhibition Committee), Marjorie Luesebrink (Archiving/Exhibition Committee), Howard Besser (Archiving/Exhibition Committee), Alan Divack (Archiving/Exhibition Committee), Alan Liu (Chair of the Technology/Software Design Committee), Nick Montfort (Technology/Software Design Committee), Bill Warner (Chair of the Copyright/Open Source Committee), Rob Swigart (Copyright/Open Source Committee), Rob Kendall (Director of the ELO Directory), Melissa Stevenson, and Jessica Pressman. Matt Kirschenbaum (Chair of Academic Dissemination Committee) phoned in to participate.

PAD will soon have a presence on the web, accessible from the ELO website. The PAD webpages will be available by the end of November. Check back soon!

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