ELO Elects New President and Secretary

In last week’s Board meeting Jeff Ballowe, who has served as ELO’s Board of Directors President since the beginning of the organization, passed the baton to Marjorie Luesebrink, who will begin her role as President on January 1. Board member Rob Swigart will become the new ELO Secretary.

The Board expressed a deep appreciation for Jeff’s dedication, guidance, and foresight throughout his service as President. Marjorie Luesebrink writes: “Jeff’s talent and inspiration have guided our organization from the first glimmerings and will continue to inform our direction and success. Jeff was central to the initial process of incubating, defining, and forming the original ELO….. He brought the dreams we had for ELO into realization. …Jeff has been a trusted navigator through the changes. At each turning point, Jeff has helped us re-shape our ability to thrive and keep our goals clear.

“….As we conclude 2002, we are particularly grateful to Jeff for his legacy…. This year our conference, “State of the Arts,” brought together many of the most engaged people in our field. In the thoughtful discussion at this event, the question of preserving e-literature occasioned interest, controversy, and a need to address the issue further. The result was the creation of PAD, dedicated to the Preservation, Archiving, and Dissemination of e-literature. Jeff has taken the helm of PAD from the beginning, and, as he eases out of the demands of the ELO presidency (while remaining chief consultant and guru as Past President), he will be increasingly involved with building the infrastructure and engine for PAD.”

Luckily for all involved in ELO, Jeff will remain active and pivotal in the ELO. He will continue to oversee the PAD project, guiding this important, centerpiece effort.

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