Women in Action

Women in Action, a magazine that covers many issues affecting women internationally, particularly in the Global South, is seeking articles related to “Corporatised Media and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) structures and systems.” For more information, contact Irene R. Chia (irene at isiswomen dot org).

New RCCS reviews

This month’s new books reviews at RCCS include: Gitte Stald & Thomas Tufte’s Global Encounters: Media and Cultural Transformation reviewed by Charles Ess, Kevin Douglas Kuswa, and Radhika Seth; Stewart M. Hoover & Lynn Schofield Clark’s Practicing Religion in the Age of the Media: Explorations in Media, Religion, and Culture reviewed by Christopher Helland; and Phillip Thurtle & Robert Mitchell’s Semiotic Flesh: Information and the Human Body reviewed by Anne Beaulieu, Simone Seym, and Sarah Stein, with a response from authors Phillip Thurtle and Robert Mitchell.

Reviews at ebr

Visit the electronic book review to read two new reviews: “What Remains in Liam’s Going” by Dave Ciccoricco, a review of Michael Joyce’s novel Liam’s Going; and “Bataille’s Project: Atheology, Non-Knowledge” by Marc LaFountain, a review of Georges Bataille’s The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge. Also, be sure to read “Teaching the Cyborg,” the final installment of the Technocapitalism thread of The Politics of Information.


The International Conference within CIBER@RT BILBAO 2004 is seeking papers relating to Computational Sociology, Televirtuality and Telepresence, Body and Nets, Synaptic Cartography, Planetary Art, and The Museum of the Ubiquitous Art. The Conference and CIBER@RT Festival will take place April 26 – 29, 2004, in Bilboa, Spain.

Hello World and Cyborg Lives?

Visit Raw Nerve Books to pre-order your copy of Hello World: Travels in Virtuality by Sue
Thomas, to be published in March 2004. Raw Nerve is having a special offer in which you may pre-order Hello World and buy Cyborg Lives?: Women’s Technobiographies edited by Flis Henwood, Helen Kennedy and Nod Miller, at a discounted price.