Slamdance seeks Interactive Fiction and Drama

Entries for the 2nd Annual Independent Games Competition at Slamdance are due October 24 and require a $40 fee (or submit by Sept 30 to save $10). The competition, held in January in Park City, Utah alongside the Slamdance and Sundance film festivals, includes a category for student work. Check out last year’s finalists and winners.

While a game competition may seem an unusual news item for the ELO website, this year’s rules make it clear that Slamdance is particularly interested in literary forms such as interactive fiction and drama. The rules also make clear what “independent” means in this context. To wit:

Developer(s) cannot have sponsorship money exceeding $25,000.

Games published or distributed for profit before the final deadline of October 24, 2005 are ineligible.

Innovative and unusual formats, such as interactive fiction and drama, are encouraged to apply. Games must display interactivity, and be in an electronic format to be considered for the competition.