“Visual Narrative of the Desktop” at CAA

If you are going to CAA06 in Boston February 22-26, consider attending this New Media Caucus panel: “The Visual Narrative of the Desktop”. Chaired by Alec McLeod of the California Institute of Integral Studies, the panel will include presentations on a varieties of approaches to the desktop interface:

–Juliet Davis, “Fractured Cybertales: Interface Mythologies of Feminine Choice and Control”

–Craig L. Warner, “What We May Want May Not Be What We Need–An Interface Should Face the Inner Need”

–Craig Saper, “Interface as/on Art”

–Sylvia Grace Borda, “The Social Implications of New Media: An Overview of Trends”

–Mary Agnes Krell & Petra Gemeinboeck, “Investigating Imaginary Evidence”

The panel will take place Saturday, February 25, from 9L30 a.m. to noon, in Room 311 of the Hynes Convention Center. For information on all the New Media Caucus’ events at CAA, visit NMC’s website.