Graduate Program in Literary Arts at Brown University

John Cayley reminds interested potential candidates that Brown’s prestigious Graduate Program in Literary Arts – two years (usually all-found) leading to an MFA – is currently accepting one applicant per year as an Electronic Writer (one of c. 14 per annum; the others apply for 5 fiction, 5 poetry and 3 play-writing places; past ‘electronic’ incumbents are: Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Talan Memmott, William Gillespie, Brian Kim Stefans, Daniel Howe; Aya Karpinska is in her second year, and Justin Katko started this Fall). This is a great opportunity for a practitioner to develop and to achieve a widely-recognised academic qualification (a ‘terminal degree’ they sometimes call it here: taken to be a Good Thing). The application deadline for next Fall’s intake is December 15. Full details on the Literary Arts Programs web site: