ELO Welcomes 3 New Board Members

The Electronic Literature Organization is happy to announce the addition of three new board members, Stuart Moulthrop, John Cayley, and Mark Marino.

Full bios follow:

Stuart Moulthrop (ELO Board of Directors)

Stuart Moulthrop is an acclaimed author and critic, best known for his “Victory Garden” and “Reagan Library,” which appeared in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1. More recently, Moulthrop has been awarded the international Vinaros Prize for 2007 in two categories: “Deep Surface” in the Narrative category and “Under Language” in Poetry.

In accordance with competition rules, neither work has been published yet. “Deep Surface” began its descent at Brown last March. A late beta of “Under Language” made its debut in Bergen last August. Both pieces can be played at Stuart’s new Web home, most of which is still under construction.

His portfolio of literary work is now www.smoulthrop.com/lit. (Non-literary and scholarly pieces remain on the IAT server at University of Baltimore.) Moultrhop currently teaches at University of Balitmore in the School of Information Arts and Technology.

John Cayley (ELO Literary Advisory Board)

John Cayley has practiced as a poet, translator, publisher, and bookdealer, and all these activities have often intersected with his training in Chinese culture and language. Links to his internationally recognized writing in networked and programmable media are at www.shadoof.net/in/. His last printed book of poems, adaptations and translations was ‘Ink Bamboo’ (London: Agenda & Belew, 1996). Cayley was the winner of the Electronic Literature Organization’s Award for Poetry 2001. Cayley’s windsound (1999) and wotclock (2002) have also been included in the ELC, v.1.

Cayley has taught at a number of universities in the United Kingdom, and was an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of English, Royal Holloway College, University of London. In the United States, he has previously taught or directed research at the University of California San Diego and at Brown (2003 and 2005). His most recent work explores ambient poetics in programmable media and writing in immersive VR, with parallel theoretical interventions concerning the role of code in writing and the temporal properties of textuality. (Related links are also available at the shadoof site.)

Cayley teaches at Brown University in the Literary Arts Program.

Mark C. Marino (ELO Board of Directors)

Mark Marino is an author and critic, working on chatbots and other new media. His writings include Stravinsky’s Muse, Labyrinth, 12 Easy Lessons To Better Time Travel (PC, MAC). He blogs about elit on Writer Response Theory and Critical Code Studies. He is also the editor of Bunk Magazine, an online new media humor magazine. His works-in-progress include the adaptive hypertext novel “a show of hands” (using the Literatronica system) and his web-annotation metafiction, “Marginalia in the Library of Babel.” Excerpted adaptations of these works are forthcoming work in New River and Hyperrhizome.

Marino teaches writing at the University of Southern California. He has recently been exploring techniques for using Web 2.0 technologies in the writing classroom, where he also uses his 22 Short Films about Grammar. He is also a co-founde of the Southern California Institute for Writing Technology Education (SCIWRITER) In addition to his creative works, Mark has forthcoming critical works in the James Joyce Quarterly and Explorations. (His complete portfolio can be found here.)

Mark has assumed the duties of Director of Communication and Secretary, promoting the latest endeavors of ELO. For press inquiries or ELO publicity, please contact him at mark + c + marino {at} g + mail dotted com.