Visionary Lanscapes Gallery of New Electronic Literature

The Visionary Landscapes Conference features a gallery of exciting works of electronic literature in three venues. See the site for more information about these works.

North Bank Artists Gallery—Electronic Literature Exhibits

Mark Amerika
Alan Bigelow
Serge Bouchardon
Jay Bushman
Roderick Coover
Brian Evans
Rob Kendall
Deena Larsen
Marjorie Luesebrink
Judy Malloy
Mark Marino
Talan Memmott
Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph
Stephanie Strickland
Joel Weishaus
Gail Scott White

Clark College—Fireside Room—Net Art and Video Screenings
Jamie Allen
Jim Bizzocchi
J. R. Carpenter
Blake Carrington
Mark Cooley
Martha Cruz Gabriel
Ian Hatcher
David Kasdorf
Donna Leishman
Erik Loyer
Will Luers
Ethan Miller
Judd Morrissey
Alexander Mouton
Kenneth Sherwood
Sam Smiley
Victoria Welby
Nanette Wylde

Washington State University Vancouver—Firstenberg Student Commons—Early Authors of Electronic Literature: The Eastgate School, Voyager Artists, and Independent Productions—Special Collection on loan from N. Katherine Hayles
M.D. Coverley
J. Yellowlees Douglas
Edward Falco
William Gillespie, Frank Marquardt, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton
Richard Holeton
Shelley Jackson
Michael Joyce
Rob Kendall
David Kolb
George Landow
Deena Larsen
Judy Malloy
Maze, Inc.
John McDaid
Monica Moran
Stuart Moulthrop
James Petrillo
Jim Rosenberg

SoftWhere: Software Studies Worksop 2008 (5/21-5/22)

Software Studies Gets Underway at UC San Diego!

Wednesday, May 21st, from 12:30-5:00pm, ELO board member Noah Wardrip-Fruin and the Software Studies Initiative at UC San Diego invite you to attend a public event:

SoftWhere: Software Studies Workshop 2008
Time: Wed. May 21 – Thu. May 22
Place: Calit2, University of California, San Diego
Format: Open public session (Wed May 21, short presentations of research in “Pecha Kucha” format)
Closed workshop session (Thu May 22)

Software studies is a research field that examines software and cyberinfrastructure using approaches from humanities, cultural criticism, and social sciences. Following on the first Software Studies Workshop organized by Matthew Fuller (Rotterdam, 2006, the SoftWhere @ University of California, San Diego is a foundational event bringing together key figures in this emerging area to inaugurate the field. The event aims to coalesce a high-level conversation about what it means to study software cultures, and the direction and goals of Software Studies as an emerging movement. It will take place at Calit2, a pre-eminant research center for future computing and telecommunication (, where the Software Studies Initiative @ UCSD is located and currently collaborating with researchers on several exciting projects. SoftWhere has has also been timed to precede (and co-ordinate with) the the HASTAC II conference ( which will begin in nearby U. California Irvine on Thursday evening.
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