Calls for Works: ELO 2012 Gallery (11/30; 6/13-23/12)

In addition to the call for presentations at the ELO 2012 conference Electrifying Literature: Affordances and Constraints, to be held in Morgantown, WV (June 20-23, 2011), the conference organizers have put out a call for works of electronic literature for a juried gallery show.

Organized by ELO Vice President, Dene Grigar, the show will run the 10 days through the end of the conference. Below is the call:

In conjunction with the Electronic Literature Organization 2012 Conference, a juried Media Arts Gallery Exhibit will be held from Wednesday, June 13 – Saturday, June 23, 2012 at The Monongalia Arts Center.

In particular, we are looking for works such as:

1. Electronic literary works, such as hypertext poetry and fiction, interactive fiction, flash poetry and fiction, as well as other forms of elit
2. Net art pieces
3. Video
4. Animations
5. Sonic art
6. Experimental or conceptual multimedia works
7. Locative Works

We are asking for works that can be presented in 20 minutes, though like most e-lit works might take much longer to fully explore. Because of the limitation of space, all works must be able to be exhibited via a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. We will not be able to accommodate live performances or installations.

Submission deadline for proposals: November, 30, 2011
Notification of acceptance: February 15, 2012

There are two methods of submissions:

CDs or DVDs should be mailed to: Dr. Dene Grigar, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, Washington State University Vancouver, 14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave., Vancouver, WA 98686.

URLs for websites should be emailed to Dr. Dene Grigar,