Electronic Literature Archives

In an effort to preserve works of electronic literature, the ELO has developed a repository, called the Electronic Literature Archives (ELA)  for online journals, works of electronic literature, community archives, and other digital materials. Partnering with us in this endeavor is the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab at the University of Victoria and Compute Canada. One of the first archives we have been given to manage is Turbulence.org and its archival site Archive.turbulence.org. Access to Turbulence’s hundreds of commissioned works will become available at its new home in January 2017. The ELO has been given is  the trAce Online Writing Centre digital files dating from 1995-2005. Access to trAce’s many resources will be available in the spring 2018.

Also included in the ELA is the Electronic Literature Organization Collection of videos and audio tapes from performances/readings and conference presentations from the 1990s onward, recorded on VHS, cassettes, and mini-cassette by members of the Electronic Literature Organization. ELL staff have digitalized the materials, making videos available on Vimeo and YouTube and audio files available on SoundCloud. Also part of this collection are works of electronic literature produced on diskette and CD-ROM from two main sources: entries to the 2001 Electronic Literature Awards and works to show at the State of the Arts conference in 2002.