“The Best of The Iowa Review Web“: 2002/03 features new media work by artists Talan Memmott, Stuart Moulthrop, and Motomichi Nakamura; criticism by Heidi Bean, Matthew Purdy and Anthony Enns; and interviews with Scanner, John Cayley, and Stephanie Strickland.


The January 2004 issue of Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts is now available. This month’s anthology issue includes works by: Jack Wesdorp, Trevor Landers, Lark Beltran, Apryl Fox, Michael Raffaelli, Ben Passikoff, cathy hodsdon, Raghab Nepal, Rochelle Hope Mehr, Michael Levy, Alisdaire O’Caoimph, and Michael Estabrook.

Alice in the Wonderland

Brazilian web artist/teacher Guto Nóbrega and his students at Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro have created a digital narrative based on the Lewis Carrol story, “Alice in the Wonderland.” The first few chapters are written, and they are inviting all those interested to collaborate. Contact gutonobrega at pobox dot com for more information.


The Iowa Review Web features the work of Brian Kim Stefans and an interview with Stefans by Giselle Beiguelman; Tal Halpern’s Digital Nature: the Case Collection version 2.0 and an interview with Tal Halpern by Patrick F. Walter; new work by Paul A. Toth and Bob Thurber; writings by Nick Moudry, Ilan Stavans, and Lance Olsen; and Gábor Szantó’s “Letters to King Laios from Oedipus.”