Whalelane #8

Issue #8 of Whalelane (archive URL: http://www.whalelane.com) has been published and is available online. This issue has writing by Christopher Barnes, R.T. Castleberry, Melanie Faith, Alan Girling, Brandon Shiimoda, and John Sweet; new media works by Esselia Ferron, Dorothee Lang and Garret Lynch; books by Janet Goldner; and landscape paintings by Nina Kuriloff.


The Iowa Review Web features Stuart Moulthrop’s new piece, “Pax” and an interview with Moulthrop by Noah Wardrip-Fruin; the work of Margaret Stratton and an interview with Stratton by Leslie Roberts; and new work and reviews by Deena Larson, geniwate, Seth Thompson, Heidi Bean, and Pamela Gay.

Slope Hyperliterature Feature

Visit the Slope Hyperliterature Feature to view works by Adrienne Eisen, Brandon Barr, Carrie McMillan, Giselle Beiguelman, Gloria Monaghan/John Landry, Jason Nelson, Jorge Luiz Antonio, Lewis Lacook, mez, and an introductory essay written by Edward Picot titled “Hyperliterature – The Apotheosis of Self-Publishing?”.

The Iowa Review Web

Vol. 5, No. 2 of The Iowa Review Web features: “A Media Theory of Consciousness” by Anthony Enns, a review of Joseph Tabbi’s Cognitive Fictions; an interview with Tabbi, and Tabbi’s “Overwriting”; “The nEARness/t of [IrOny] U’s” an interview with Talan Memmott by M.D. Coverley, and Memmott’s “Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)]; The Very Essence of Poetry”: Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley’s My Name is Captain, Captain by Jessica Pressman, and Flying Blind: An Interview with Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley by Jessica Pressman; “Relics and Kindling: An Autobiography “by Eric Pankey; and “American Mammals” by Ina Grigorova.

Whalelane – Issue No. 6

Whalelane, an online journal of writing, the visual arts, and experimental formats, is celebrating its first anniversary online with Issue No. 6. The March 15th issue features poetry and fiction from Kevin Minh Allen, Ace Boggess, Dave Earnhardt, Carrie Heimer, Linden Ontjes and a lost haiku from Carl Harte as recollected by David Kozubei. Visual artists Sheila Ernst-Bifano, Claudio Parentela, and Josh Rickenbach will be presented, as well as an interactive work by Mez and animation by Crankbunny.

InfLect Journal Now Online

Volume One of InfLect is officially launched! InfLect is a journal of multimedia writing based at the University of Canberra Centre for Writing. The journal showcases creative work which brings together text, visual images and sound into a reciprocal relationship, and also writing which combines critical and creative content. Volume One contains new work by Jim Andrews, geniwate, komninos, Ana Marie Uribe, Jason Nelson, Thomas Swiss, Motomichi Nakamura and Robot Friend, Hazel Smith and Roger Dean, and Brian Kim Stefans.