New Beehive Online

The latest edition of the hypermedia journal Beehive includes work by Bill Marsh, Joseph Nechvatal, Millie Niss, Jon Fried, Juliet Ann Martin, Miranda F. Mellis, Marianne Shaneen, and Alan Sondheim.

New Media Art Project Network Presents New Work

Fundamental Patterns- Peripheral Basics” is a new online show that includes the solo presentation of Calin Man, who received the “JavaArtist of the Year Award.” “Actual Positions of Italian Netart” features 26 artists. “Focus:x? – {self}_representation” includes “Mirror at the Bottom – artists portraiting themselves” with work by Coco Gordon (New York), Melissa Ulto (New York), Valerie Rose (Tampa,USA).

Cauldron & Net

Editor Claire Dinsmore released the new version of the journal of the arts & new media, Cauldron & Net. The current issue features author Kathleen Fraser and book artist Inge Bruggeman. Alongside of these features is a choice selection poetry, essays, fiction, visual art, hypermedia work and sound.

New Work at Wordcircuits

About Time by Rob Swigart is an interactive multimedia novella in which two tales unfold 40,000 years apart with richly thought-provoking and entertaining results. And The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh by Millie Niss. A combinatorial excursion into the textual possibilities of rhinoceri and other matters.

Preview of Stephanie Strickland’s New Work in Latest The Iowa Review Web

The latest TIR Web contains a great diversity of work, including a preview of its featured artist’s, Stephanie Strickland, new poem V (Penguin 2002), featuring V’s Web section, V: VNIVERSE, an interview with Strickland by Jaishree K. Odin, and a critical essay by Odin on “Image and Text: The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot.” Also included are works by Eloy Fernández Porta, William Gillespie, Mark Marino, Aida Nasrallah, Peter Walpole, and Margaret Gibson.

trAce’s Incubation 2002 Gallery is Online

The self-titled “netwurker” Mez curates trAce’s online galllery for Incubation 2002 (July 15-17). About the artists selected for inclusion, Mez writes: “These _artists_ [or net/code.workers] revel in the fabric of connection modes and core elements that represent the actualities of the net in all its functional glory. The code/net.workers selected for inclusion here engage in production of [artistic] output that employs and mirrors the very blueprinted mechanisms of the net itself.”