Eastgate To Release New Title by Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley

My Name is Captain, Captain. is the anticipated new work from Eastgate. Robert Coover says: “Using verbal and visual metaphors from the early days of flight in the hypermedia skies of these early days of electronic literature, My Name Is Captain, Captain. is already, even at the moment it is being published, a classic in its form. […] At times playful, at times somber, My Name Is Captain, Captain. is, at all points of the compass, a compelling and intriguing read.”
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The Alternative Museum

The Alternative Museum has launched Volume II of TAM Monitor, which features experimental radio, interviews, performative art, audio art, conceptual design pieces, and alternative web interfaces.
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Winter Break and Other Stories

Author Adrienne Eisen has released an online collection of erotic hypertexts. Mark Amerika, who calls Eisen the hypertext world’s Kathy Acker, says that “Adrienne Eisen’s avant-pop hypertexts are subversive narrative journeys into the mind of a contemporary twentysomething woman whose erotic encounters are charged with a post-feminist satirical edge that cuts deep into the American psyche.” (“Winter Break”)
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