Hello World and Cyborg Lives?

Visit Raw Nerve Books to pre-order your copy of Hello World: Travels in Virtuality by Sue
Thomas, to be published in March 2004. Raw Nerve is having a special offer in which you may pre-order Hello World and buy Cyborg Lives?: Women’s Technobiographies edited by Flis Henwood, Helen Kennedy and Nod Miller, at a discounted price.

ArtScience – Call for Paper

ArtScience: The Essential Connection will be published as a series of special sections over the next 3 years for the purpose of exploring the intersections of art and science. If interested, contact rootbern at msu dot edu for more information and to submit proposals.

Fictional Worlds, Virtual Experiences

“Fictional Worlds, Virtual Experiences” (archive url: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/ccva/) is an exhibition that presents the historical and cultural significance of interactive simulations, computer games, and video games. There is an emphasis on virtual gaming as forms of storytelling and communication. The exhibition opens November 12 at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. A free conference related to the exhibition will be held Friday, February 6 at the Cantor Arts Center Auditorium. The conference will allow scholars and game developers to discuss the role of narrative in computer games.

SIGGRAPH 2004 Ary Gallery

The SIGGRAPH 2004 Art Gallery: Synaesthesia will showcase original digital art that explores new connections between the senses. Synaesthesia seeks works that enable us to re-experience, re-examine, and make sense of our bodies, our technologies, and our culture. If you work in any field of digital art and would like to participate, visit the website for further information. The deadline for submissions is January 28, 2004.