Turbulence Comp_05 Winners

The five winners of Comp_05 (the juried international net art competition of New Radio and Performing Arts | Turbulence) are quite interesting from the perspective of electronic literature.

Gothamberg (by Marek Walczak, et al.) “is a place to read, interact and exchange stories of lives in apartment buildings” that will enable “travel using various strategies to different parts of the structure, the stories unfolding between public, private and personal spaces.” Meanwhile Peripheral n°2 KEYBOARD (by Marika Dermineur, Khalil Bennis, et al.) “will explore writing and language by reflecting anew on the keyboard” and SWM05 (by Troy Innocent, Ollie Olson, et al) will create a “distributed embodiment” of a fictional(?) group “as musical-visual forms performed on mobile phones and other wireless communication devices.”

Finally, meme.garden (by Mary Flanagan and Daniel C. Howe) will use textual analysis to “introduce the concepts of temporality, space, and empathy into a computer-based search tool” while mimoSa (by Ricardo Ruiz, Alexandre Freire, Etienne Delacroix, et al.) will “record public stories (audio and film) using mobile phones and microphones and store them in a database, broadcast them in FM, and record them to CD; print telephone numbers and instructions on the streets and walls so that people passing by will be able to access the stories via their mobile phones; and make a web portal … to access both audio and video.”