CFP/New Media Texts: Reading (and Writing) New Media

Editors Jim Kalmbach and Cheryl Ball invite submissions of essays and new media texts for a collection entitled Reading (and Writing) New Media. The anthology seeks to interrogate the act of reading in the context of digital new media texts. The selected new media texts, as well as selections from texts discussed in essays, will be published in an accompanying CD.

Topics to be addressed may include:

–What does it mean to read new media?
–How have digital spaces changed the act of reading?
–How does reading digital texts–including games, instant messaging, digital art and music, etc.–enlarge our conception of what a text is?
–Is there a digital canon forming, and what are the consequences of such a move?
–What happens when writing morphs into composition or design?
–What sorts of composing processes inform the creation and reading of new media texts?
–What teaching possibilities lie at the intersection between reading and composing new media texts?

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500-word abstracts are due October 1, 2005. Send inquiries to Jim Kalmbach or Cheryl Ball.