Electronic Literature Panels at SLSA

This year’s conference of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, set for November 10-13 in Chicago, features numerous panels that focus on “etextuality and computation”. Many of the ELO’s board of directors will be presenting. See the conference program for details on the following panels:

+ Thursday, November 10:

“Narrative, Media and Technology”
“Viral and Distributed Narratives”

+ Friday, November 11:

“There is No Media?
“Narrative and Emergent Knowledge”
“Dirty Code”
“The Error Engine: Writing and Creative Evolutionary Systems”

+ Saturday, November 12

“Cybernetics, Autopoiesis, Literature”
“Digital Cognition”
“Text/Image/Structure: Literary Hypertext 2005”

+ Sunday, November 13:

“Rhetoric and Image in Science and Literature”
“Emergence and Convergence in New Media Narratives”

ELO members will receive a discount of US $40 off the regular registration rate of US $120. Download the registration form here, and add a note on the form indicating that you are a member of the ELO.