Mainframe Experimentalism Anthology

July 12, 2005 in Other News

Douglas Kahn and Hannah Higgins are putting together an interdisciplinary collection on “the encounter of artists, musicians, poets and writers, and filmmakers working within avant-garde, experimental, and artistically innovative traditions with mainframe computers and institutionally-bound digital technologies during the 1960s and 1970s.” Mainframe Experimentalism: Early Digital Computing and the Experimental Arts will include papers by Benjamin Buchloh (Columbia University) on Alison Knowles’ “House of Dust” poem; Hannah Higgins (University of Illinois-Chicago) on the intermedia aspects of “House of Dust”; Douglas Kahn (UC Davis) on James Tenney at Bell Labs; Christoph Cox (Hampshire University) on Alvin Lucier’s “North American Time Capsule”; and Owen Smith (University of Maine) on Dick Higgins’ “Computers for the Arts”. Stay tuned for publication information.