Mainframe Experimentalism Anthology

Douglas Kahn and Hannah Higgins are putting together an interdisciplinary collection on “the encounter of artists, musicians, poets and writers, and filmmakers working within avant-garde, experimental, and artistically innovative traditions with mainframe computers and institutionally-bound digital technologies during the 1960s and 1970s.” Mainframe Experimentalism: Early Digital Computing and the Experimental Arts will include papers by Benjamin Buchloh (Columbia University) on Alison Knowles’ “House of Dust” poem; Hannah Higgins (University of Illinois-Chicago) on the intermedia aspects of “House of Dust”; Douglas Kahn (UC Davis) on James Tenney at Bell Labs; Christoph Cox (Hampshire University) on Alvin Lucier’s “North American Time Capsule”; and Owen Smith (University of Maine) on Dick Higgins’ “Computers for the Arts”. Stay tuned for publication information.