New Partnership: EBR & ELO

Announcing a new partnership of electronic book review (ebr) ( and the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) ( to facilitate co-publication of scholarly work in the field of born digital literary arts. The collaboration marks the confluence of the largest international organization dedicated to electronic literature and the longest continuously running journal of scholarship in the field.

“We are excited about this new collaboration, which will be a boon for the field in that it leads the way in the integration of digital and print publishing,” said ELO President Dene Grigar.

With the publication in September of John Cayley’s Grammalepsy, ELO launches a series with Bloomsbury Press, entitled Electronic Literature, devoted specifically to born digital literary arts. Portions of each book in the series will also be published in advance by electronic book review. The co-publication is meant to extend the reach of the ELO series to ebr‘s peer-to-peer network of literary authors who are reading with, and writing for, other authors.

“ELO and ebr are natural partners,” said ebr-founder Joseph Tabbi. “They are sister organizations sharing one goal, the advancement of digitally born literary art.”

The collaboration will help increase scholarly production across media and among living archives. ebr will contribute to the peer review of encyclopedic entries for the Electronic Literature Directory (, a massive online reference. In return ELO will publish selected papers from its annual conference in ebr, along with ripostes and blog entries that bring conference themes to a wider public.

The collaboration of these two organizations promises to enrich and extend scholarship in this rapidly evolving field.

For more information, contact ebr Managing Editor Will Luers,