New on the Electronic Book Review: Electropoetics

November 11, 2007 in E-Lit Criticism, Other News, Reviews

In the latest selection from the Electronic Book Review, Associate Editor Lori Emerson brings together both critics and creators of electronic poetry, some of whom established themselves at the very start and many more who are recent entrants in the field of electronic literature. Essays on print poetry as well as born digital poetry help to situate the field in both a trans-disciplinary and trans-national context.

The collection (more than twenty essays in all) includes three review-essays on the Electronic Literature Collection (volume 1), published by the ELO: “How to Think (with) Thinkertoys” by Adalaide Morris; “Letters That Matter” by John Zuern; and “Electronic Literature circa WWW (and Before)” by Chris Funkhouser. New essays on and by Douglas Barbour, Michael Barrett, Greg Betts, Christof Bruno, Charles Bernstein, Stephen Cain, Robert Creeley, Clayton Eshleman, Alan Fisher, Eduardo Kac, Hugh Kenner, Walter Benn Michaels, Jay Murphy, Janet Neigh, Soren Pold, Christopher Nolan, Jaishree Odin, Tom Raworth, Maggie O’Sullivan, Stephanie Strickland, Angela Szczepaniak, Steve Tomasula, and Eugene Thacker.

The Aesthetics of Net Literature

September 30, 2007 in E-Lit Criticism

In The Aesthetics of Net Literature: Writing, Reading and Playing in Programmable Media editors Peter Gendolla and Jörgen Schäfer have put together a broad table of contents — including contributions from Jean-Pierre Balpe, Philippe Bootz, Laura Borrà s Castanyer (a member of ELO’s Literary Advisory Board), Markku Eskelinen, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Marie-Laure Ryan, Roberto Simanowski, and ELO Vice-President Noah Wardrip-Fruin. The volume is now available in the U.S.

Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media

January 25, 2007 in E-Lit Criticism

MIT Press has just published Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media. Edited by Pat Harrigan and ELO VP Noah Wardrip-Fruin, the book includes contributions by ELO board members Helen Thorington, Talan Memmott, and Nick Montfort — as well as a diverse collection of writers, game designers, computer scientists, improv actors, media artists, and more. The book’s introduction and table of contents are available online.


May 30, 2006 in E-Lit Criticism

The frAme: Online Journal of Culture & Technology which published new media writing, art, interviews and essays from 1995-2004, has stopped actively publishing new work, but it’s going out with a bang rather than a whimper. Simon Mills is editing a project, framed including retrospective interviews with many of the writers and artists whose works were published in frAme. The first installment of framed includes provacative interviews with Mark Amerika, Matthew Fuller, Christy Sheffield Sanford, and Alan Sondheim. More interviews are coming soon.

New Issue of ebr: Electronic Book Review

May 9, 2006 in E-Lit Criticism, Reviews

In this issue of ebr, the “waves” thread features essays on “Feminisms: Post, Past, and Present,” introduced by Elizabeth Joyce.

The “critical ecologies” thread includes a review of Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture and Our Public Needs.

In “end construction,” another response to Lori Emerson’s November 2005 review of Walter Benn Michaels.

“electropoetics” offers Luc Herman and Bart Vervaeck on “Marie Laure-Ryan, Narrative as Virtual Reality”.

Plus reviews of new electronic fictions “Man in the Stretcher,” by Kenneth Bernard, and “Charlie P” by Dick Kalich.

Back Issue Archive of horizon zero: digital art + culture in canada

November 9, 2005 in E-Lit Criticism, Other News

Although the Banff New Media Institute’s journal horizon zero: digital art + culture in canada ceased publication in December 2004, its 18 back issues are very much available in its web archive. horizon zero was a multimedia and bilingual “virtual space dedicated to creativity and critical ideas in the new media canon.” Its 18 issues include web-based interactives, essays and journalistic writings, fiction and poetry, video, animation, games, and other digital artworks.

Launch of Redesigned ebr: Electronic Book Review

November 7, 2005 in E-Lit Criticism, Other News

ebr: Electronic Book Review, has been redesigned. The rebuilt site promises greater “power to gather text, gloss and cross-reference, spool threads” and “fly high and see the weave.

The current issue features Brian Kim Stefans on “Privileging Language: The Text in Electronic Writing,” Scott Rettberg on “First Person, Games, and the Place of Electronic Literature,” John Cayley on “Bass Resonance,” and Lori Emerson’s review of Walter Benn Michaels’ The Shape of the Signifier, “On Materialities, Meanings, and the Shape of Things.”

Katherine Hayles on My Mother Was a Computer at University of Umea, Sweden

October 20, 2005 in E-Lit Criticism, Events

Watch the archived video of UCLA Department of English Professor N. Katherine Hayles speaking about her new book, My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts, at a recent event at the University of Umea, Sweden’s HUMlab. The talk is also available via podcast.

Ashbaugh and Gibson’s AGRIPPA: New Description of Book Available

June 7, 2005 in E-Lit Criticism

Matt Kirschenbaum has posted a detailed physical description of Dennis Ashbaugh and William Gibson’s 1992 artist’s book/e-literature collaboration AGRIPPA: A Book of the Dead (published by Kevin Begos), based on his close examination of the copy now owned by the New York Public Library. There is a great deal of internet lore and misinformation surrounding this project, including statements that the work does not in fact exist. This description puts those misconceptions to rest–even as it raises new questions.

Dichtung Digital “Netzliteratur” Issue

May 18, 2005 in E-Lit Criticism

In November 2004 the University of Siegen hosted an all-star gathering of electronic literature critics and authors. Now the presentations from “Netzliteratur – Umbrüche in der literarischen Kommunikation” are online as a special issue of Dichtung Digital. Contributors include ELO board member Noah Wardrip-Fruin and literary advisory board member Loss Pequeno Glazier, as well as Marie-Laure Ryan, Markku Eskelinen, Frank Furtwängler, Mela Kocher, Roberto Simanowski, Philippe Bootz, Jean-Pierre Balpe, Laura Borras Castanyer, Susanne Berkenheger, and conference organizers Peter Gendolla and Jörgen Schäfer.

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